I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.



I woke up with a big headache i tried to sit up but i was still weak,i turned my head looked around the room and all i saw was white.White walls,chairs,floor,and bed.

I dont remember anything that happened only that i fell down hard on the floor,nothing else.

I took the sheets off, saw bandages all over my arms!What happened?
I put my feet on the side got up walked out still strugguling and i saw anya sleeping in the waiting room guess she stayed here for me.

"ANYA" i screamed at her she woke up in a shock

"What what happened?is it elicia,didshe wake up?" She said then turned her head to me at the door frame

"ELICIA"she screamed at me and ran up and pulled me onto a bone-crushing hug

"Anya.......I....cant........breathe......still.....hurt" i said but it came out as a squeak

"Oh im so sorry"she said to me

"Its okay...but i dont remember anything exept coming out of world history can you tell me please,and how did i end up in a hospital" i said wanting answers

"Um...i think we should wait till the rest of the girls get here okay" she said to me

"But why cant you tell me anya"i said whining

"Elicia if you dont stop whining i swear ill ban you from hugging me,EVER"she yelled at me annoyed

"Okay..okay but first i want a hug" i said with a smile

"NO GET YOUR ASS IN YOUR ROOM AND ILL CALL YOU OUT WHEN THEYRE HERE..."she yelled at me when i just standed there "NOW ELLIE" she yelled when i didnt move

I started walking back to my room feeling sad

2 hours later

Anya's POV

I Saw all the girls come in including freaking jade i cant believe that we called her a friend,well i can totally tell you shes not mine anymore i ran up to them

"She doesnt remember a thing" i said to them

"Thats a good thing" jade said trying to talk to me i just ignored her

"The only thing she remembers is going out of world history to see the betrayer" i said to them not even looking at jade

"Hey,why are you ignoring me Anya" jade said grabbing hold of my arm i got out of her grip

"Dont touch me" i said to her

"Why" she said to me sad

"Because of what you did to all us but mostly because of what you did to elicia,my poor poor ellie"I said with tears already coming down my face

"Please can we just get over it" she said trying to give me a hug

"NO YOUR NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE,SHE WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND ONCE SHE FINDS OUT WHAT YOU DID" i screamed at her with tears and a tear-stained face.

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