I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.


15. Where is she?

Where is she?

Elicias POV

I was so worried about anya i havent seen her in 4 fucking days...


I think that im literally going to kill perrie and bailey i always tell them to make sure not to let anya do anything stupid...but noooo they dont listen to me

Im not sure what she did to get on nialls gangs bad side but im gonna find out

I saw niall walking with harry

"Where anya niall tell me now" i yelled at him

"Oh how much would you like to know" he said

"Do you know where she is"i asked

"Maybe i do maybe i dont you figure it out"he said tapping his chin with his finger

"What do want" i said

"What do you mean what do i want" he asked me smirking

"I'll do anything to get her back just tell me what to do" i said begging

"You know what i want,Harry"he said turning to harry

"Lets see harry what should we have her do" he said with a wide grin

"I think that we should have her to live with us" harry said with a smirk

"Oooh harry why didnt i think of that"niall said


"Meet us in the cliff off of death valley tommorrow at noon you got that"he said

"Wait,what!?" I asked her

"You'll see pretty little girl" niall said putting his hand on my cheek to my chin and gripping it..i was scared

"See you later,Sweetheart" Harry said to me carressing my cheek and giving a kiss on the cheek

"See ya" i said in a whisper

When they went out side the door i was struck out of shock

I remind myself that im doing this for anya

And that when i find her and i will i have to tell her what just happened

I cant believe niall did that i thought that for just a moment he was going to kiss me

And harry i cant believe that he kissed my cheek

Wow what a day ive had i hope tommorrows better then i remember i have to become a maid or live with Niall and his gang.

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