I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.


13. Scared

Anyas POV

I think i really am falling for liam,No im not i cant be falling for him his my enemy no this cant happen,i wont allow it.

I got up from the lunch table at the hospital and starting walking to elicia's door and i saw jade and niall entering the room.

"Hey what do you two think your doing"i yelled after them they turned around

"Cant you see we're going to see my friend" jade said

"No shes not your friend,and neither am i and im not scared of your little boufriend and his little tattooed killers" i said then i punched jade right in the jaw and then kicked her in her stomach she dropped to the floor

"Paybacks A bitch Huh" i said and walked away

I saw liam walking up to me i turned away but i felt someone holding my waist

I felt someones hot breath on my neck

"Sweetheart you shouldnt have hit her Now your in deep shit and i wont protect you i promise that if niall wants to beat you up he wont be the one to do it" it was liam now im scared

The next three words scared me the most

"I Will,Sweetheart" he said while nibbling on my ear he let go and i ran when i got to the locker room i dropped questions were everywhere in my head

'Why would he want to hurt me' 'He wouldnt hurt me would he' 'I thought he liked me,well i was wrong' 'could my day get any worse'

I heard the locker door open then close real fast

"Hello is a-a-anyone t-there" i said scared, what the fuck i never get scared

A hand went over my mouth i turned aroun "Liam" it came out muffled

"Rag..please" be said

"What are you doing" i asked scared out of my mind i felt something on my mouth i guess mu day could get worse

My eyes felt heavy But all i could see was darkness

Liam's POV (Surprise)

Niall and the gang told me to kidnap anya.

I totally agreed because i knew this was gonna be fun,niall told me to not be gentle so i wasnt.

"Its okay love just breathe it in" i said to anya when she fell back i caught her i walked out and saw the gang

"Hey guys im gonna take her to the house,okay" i said

"Yeah sure and make sure not to go gentle" niall said

I went put her in the car we drove to the house i went in the house went upstairs in the Guest bedroom i laid her down on the bed got chains and tied her hands and feet to the bed posts.

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