I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.


14. Kidnapped

Anya's POV

"You woke up!" I hear a voice said.

It sounds so familiar... Then I remember liam grabbing me by the waist and covering my mouth with a rag... I try it see something but everything is just darkness. I felt two hands on each of my cheeks tugging at a rag covering my face. Then I see him, I grin plastered on his face. Then I felt cold, a sudden breeze against me. Then I realized I was naked, completely naked... Every inch of my body uncovered. To this pig! 'But you like him' my mind told me. I don't fucking care if I like him! He probably touched me and... Shivers ran down my spine at the thought of what he might have done to me.

"Don't worry love..." He said leaning into me. His hot breath against my bare skin "I haven't touched you..." He said pecking my forehead "at least not yet". He chuckled and climbed on top of me.

He straddled me and started trailing kisses from my cheek, then my neck. He started nibbling behind my ear and I couldn't help but let out a little moan. With my mouth covered with a rag I couldn't scream for help. It'll be useless. He chuckled as more moans escaped my mouth. I felt a hard bulge against my wet clit. He started moving which only made me moan louder. I can't help it even though I think he's a pig, and I hate him, I still fell for him and hard! I just don't know why... He leaned down against my ear.

"Who got you so wet already baby?" He whispered and he kissed my septet spot behind my ear again.
But then he jumped off of me and walked towards the door. "See ya tonight babe!" He said a smirk playing on his lips. Wand with that he slammed the door shut. Now here I stay wet and whimpering for more.

Liam's POV

I think that's enough for the day... My mind went back to her sweet wet clit against my hard bulge. I should have just taken advantage! 'No but then you would have pleased her!' My mind told me. That's true niall told me 'no mercy' and that's what I will do! Anything for my best mate...

Perries POV

**3 days later**

"Bailey we are such bad friends! Ellie is going to chill us!" I whispered. It's been three days since Anya disappeared. Ellie already woke up but she is still not complete. But the doctor said at least one more week and then we could take her home.

"I know we suck!" Bailey said putting her hands on her chins. Suddenly everything went silent when niall and jade sat across form us in yeh waiting room.

"I heard that Anya has gone missing!" Niall said with a smirk. I turned to look at jade, she felt guilty I could tell she's one of my best friends! But everyone knows that Ellie is the most trustable person! So I would pick Ellie as a Bestfriend more than anyone! But of course we all know that Ellie is Anya's property and she already made it clear.


"Okay so we are all a little group alright but, with one condition!" Anya said.

"Ellie is my personal property!" Me, jade and bailey looked at Anya confused.

"What do you mean?" Jade asked.

"That she is my sister and my sister only alright?" We all nodded and since then we've been bestfriends.

-end of flashback-
Anya's POV

I wake up from my deep slumber at the sound of yelling. But there something different, I feel warm. I'm still tied down but, I have big shirt and boxers. I must be a heavy sleeper... I take a look at the clock 8:15 pm. I wonder what the fuck they are yelling about?! I pull on the hand cuffs and pain started spreading through my wrist and I felt a little bit of blood running down my arm. Couldn't he have at least used the plushy one?

What am I going to do?

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