I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.


12. I'm not afraid

She punched me right on the cheek. Okay now I'm mad!

"You wanna go bitch?" I asked putting my bag down.

"Anya-" perrie warned me

"Shut up perrie" I said looking at her.

"Let's go bitch" jade said.

"Jade-" now Bailey said

"I said shut up!" I screamed.

Jade was about to throw a punch at me but niall pulled her back and liam stepped towards me.

"You better shut up if you don't wanna get your ass kicked" he whispered in my ear. His hit breath sent shivers down my body. But I resisted I'm not turning back now!

"I'm not scared of you" I spat.

"You do know you look very attractive when your mad" he whispered again "now if you don't want that pretty face gone you better shut up" he said looking at me straight in the eye.

"I can beat you anytime any day!" I said challenging him.
"Haha I don't think so" he said inching closer to me. "Now keep your pretty face and shut up" he whispered. I giggled.

"We'll I don't think so" he ignored me and walked away. "I'm not afraid of you liam!" I screamed and he turned around.

"Excuse me?" He said walking over to me.

"What you heard" he leaned forward and kissed me. What?!? I tried pushing him away but he's far too strong. After a couple of seconds I gave up and fluttered my eyes closed. He then pulled away.

"Now you should be scared" he said and walked away. I was speechless.

"Anya did I saw what I think I did" I nodded not trusting my words.

"Wow" Bailey said " is he a good kisser?" I turned to her.


"What I'm just asking" I groaned and walked towards the hospitals cafeteria. I don't care if the food tastes
bad I'm hungry!


What should I be afraid of?....

Falling for him?

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