I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.


10. Get her in


"What the fuck?" I ran quickly to the side of the bed. I looked down at elicia she was pale as fuck.

"Dude call 911" perri said to Bailey.

"There's no service here!" She shrieked.

"I guess we have to pull her out our selves" I sighed

"Oh hell no!" Bailey screamed "I ain't pulling her out"

"Bailey just shut up and do it" I said frustrated. She walked over to elicia and pulled her by the arms

~20 min~

"Why did she fucking have to go unconscious on the second floor?" Bailey whined.

"There" I said is I sat her on the front seat of the car. I looked down at her wrist and it was red. "Tha fuck..." I said pulling up the sleeves. "Holy shit, get in the fucking car now"

"What happened" perrie asked worried.

"Just get inside the car" I said turning on the engine, they both nodded and jumped inside and I drove off.

"What's wrong" Bailey shrieked looking at elicia's wrist. "G-guys I don't do well with blood. I quickly gave
Bailey a look.

"Just sit back down! We can't have to people dying in my precious car" I said.
~10 min~

Perries POV.

"Let it all out bailey" I said rubbing circles on her back as she was bent over.

"I..(barf).." She spoke.

"Are you done?" I asked as she stood up cleaning her lips with the back of her hand. She nodded and I smiled.

"I'm sorry" she said cleaning her hand on her pants.

"It's okay" I said "now let's go see what's going on with elicia" she nodded and we stepped away from the puddle that was sitting right next to the car in the hospitals Parking lot.

"Let's go" she sighed and we walked in.

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