I Should Have Known

It was once just once we were together and that's when everything changed. I thought we were meant to be but he clearly saw it differently. When ever he smiled I smiled it was an automatic click for me. But clearly not for him.


9. Forgiven or UnForgiven

Jade's POV

I couldnt believe that my friends would slap me,wait sorry let me correct that 'my old friends'.

I never thought that perrie would take it so hard anya i understand but perrie

I feel so bad for doing this to elicia i feel like i should say im sorry,but im not sure if i will be forgiven or unforgiven.

Anya's POV

Man right now i can just feel the adrenaline after i slapped liam and especially jade i felt proud of myself,i can totally tell you im not afraid of does punks i think..but i went back to trying to find elicia

Elicia's POV

i ran back to me and anyas secret place i felt like letting it all out right when i got there i broke down,it just broke me seeing how they holded hands and were hugging.

But i knew sooner or later i would have to stand up to them and face jade and NIALL.

I know that i dont show it but i am really sad that jade my best friend would just betray me like that,i couldnt believe her iwas mad at her.

But i knew that anya and the rest of the girls will be searching for me but i knew they would find me here

I decided that i would do it cut again but this time on my thighs,but i wont be able to wear shorts or dresses

I look down at my thighs and the razor in my hand i take the razor and slide it against my soft smooth skin


Thats when i stopped looked down at all the blood i grabbed a towel wiped it off i felt dizzy but i still pit on my pants.

I decided to hide the razor and blood covered towel under the pillow of the bed then i collapsed on top of the bed.

Anya's POV

I was still on the run trying to find elicia with the girls behind of me then i remebered....THE MANSION...Why didnt i think of that before stupid anya stupid anya

"Come on girls i remember where she will be" i said to the girls

We ran for what seemed like hours when we finally arrived

I steped into the door ran to one of the bedroom but she wasnt in there

We took separate ways and split up we went door to door

Then i stopped at one of the doors and opened it


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