With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


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After getting kicked out we got i the car and started driving off. Once again everyone was angry.

"Girls, don't get in fights again." Calum said.

"Shut up." Kylie said, "Luke, I don't want you to talk to her ever again. I can't believe you cheated even if we were on a break." She said.

"Kylie, I'm sorry. I never wanted to. It just happened. I love you, you're the only one. Please Kylie, forgive me." Luke pleads.

"I'll have to think about it." She said.

We arrived home. The car ride was super awkward. We all just didn't talk at all. Hopefully, when we go resume the tour, all of the drama will stop. Good thing is, is that we leave Chicago tomorrow afternoon. We play the last show for chicago tonight and it's going to be pretty much everyone there. All of our parents and siblings. We are all I. Pretty much pissed, but not Calum. Heidi, the girl Calum started dating is coming to the concert tonight too, and me and Kylie are gonna hang out with her. Heidi is even coming over to my house tonight. We are all going to hang out, but Luke might not come.

We are actually on our way to the concert right now, but instead of sitting in like a far back stadium seat, we are on the stage! Like behind it.


Soon, we got to the concert and were behind it, hard to explain. I was sitting next to Heidi and Kylie. Heidi and Calum haven't really made it official but there are definitely sparks.

"I'm so excited to hear him play." Heidi said.

"Yep, he's got an amazing voice. So, how are you and Calum anyway?" I asked her.

"Uh good I guess, I mean I'm not his girlfriend yet." She said.

"I'm sure he will ask you, he really likes you." I said.

"Really?" She asked.

"When he beat up those guys for you, he did it cause he thought you were cute. He couldn't stop talking about it." Kylie said.

"Really?" She said as she giggled.

"Yep, now the shows about to start." I said.

The boys ran past us and on the the stage. They started playing Out of my Limit, there latest song.

The crowds energy was great! The boys were great, you couldn't even tell they were all mad.

Our parents loved the songs, and it was cute because Henry was dancing. Henry is a beast. They then played Don't stop, Try hard, some covers and Unpredictable. They had one last song. But, none of us knew what they were going to play.

Luke walked up to the microphone. "Hey Guys, it Luke." The crowd screamed after he said that." At this time we are going to bring two very very special girls up here. You guys don't know them. Kylie, Ally! Come here!" Luke screamed.

Me and Kylie were sort of Shocked, what did Luke want. We ran up to where Luke was standing.

"Hey girls, guys this is Ally and Kylie, Ally is my best friend and Ashton's girlfriend. And this girl is my Girlfriend! Her name is Kylie. Oh wait I already said that. Whoops. Now, Ally, you go by Ashton and Kylie you stay by me." He said.

I walked by Ashton and his drum kit.

"Hi Ally!" He whispered, covering his mic.

"Hello Ash." I said, giving him and kiss.

"Ok, well guys we are going to sing to our girlfriends! Uh so guys, I'm going to say I messed up, and I feel terrible, Kylie. I really do. This one is for you and I love you." Luke said.

They started playing Never Be. A new song. It was beautiful. When Luke wasn't playing or singing, he would dance with Kylie. I wis me and Ashton could dance but he's playing the drums. I think both me and Kylie felt like princesses. What was also cute was that Calum kept looking at Heidi. Isn't that just the most cutest thing. After they finished, Ashton ran up to me, picked me up and hugged me. After the hug, he put me down and whispered "I love you" in my ear. I said it and he put his arm around me. I looked over at Kylie and Luke and they were hugging as well. I think they were ok now. Thank god, they are the second cutest couple next to me and Ash 😏.

I looked over at Michael who was just looking at the fans, he seemed happy and Calum, Calum was just looking at Heidi. I saw his whisper "will you be my girlfriend.". She said yes of course and his smile grew larger. I'm really glad we are all happy. Tomorrow, we hit the road, leave home and head to Vegas. I know kind of weird we are going there, but I don't really know why. But, I'm kind of scares what will happen next.

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