With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


3. 👾 trust no one 👾


The concert soon ended a couple hours later, the boys did great. You can tell, the crowd liked them. They played some original songs and some covers. Well, the other boys, one direction couldn't talk with the boys today. So they're going to hangout Tommorow, before the second show in St. Louis. So, we all were going to hang out in the tour bus.

We all entered the bus.

"Great job boys!" Mrs. Hemmings said "thank you." All the boys said in unison

They all took a seat somewhere.

"Look, boys I'm going go lay down." Mrs. Hemmings said. She walked to the back bedroom.

Me and Kylie took a seat. Well, she sat next to Luke and I sat next to Ash. Ashton wrapped his arms around me. There was just one problem. "Eww, your armpits are sweaty" I blurted out, making a yuck face, then I gave him a kiss on the check to cheer him up. "You know, the whole time, I was thinking about you." He said. "You're making me blush." I said, blushing "I have something for you." He said. "What's that?" I asked. He pulled out a small teddy bear. "A fan threw this onstage, it's for you." He said. "Ash, that's so sweet." I said.

"Cute as a button, the two of you. Now stop it you love birds, I'm trying to Skype Anya." Michael said pulling out his computer.

"How's long distance going?" Cal asked- "I hear those don't last to long." He said.

"Shut up. At least I'm in a relationship, and plus, my long distance relationship is going great." Mikey snapped. "Hey, single life is amazing." Cal said with a sassy face. "Yeah ok, being in a relationship is wonderful." Luke said Kissing Kylie. "I might as well date myself."Cal blurted out. "Yeah, have fun." Ashton said.

"GUYS SHUT UP, ITS RINGING THE SKPE IS WORKING." Michael practically screamed.

Anya appeared on the screen, but with a boy. I don't think Michael noticed yet.

"Hey Anya. Who's that?" He said looking at the boy who was shirtless, what a threat.

"This is my Brothers friend, they are going swimming and he wants to say hi" Anya said. The shirtless boy walked away.

"Oh,okay." Michael said. Really, are you serious Mikey.

I suspected something, I thought I could trust Anya.

Soon we all headed to bed. Me and Kylie were just putting our hair in ponytails in the bathroom. "I don't trust that bitch." She said. "Me either."

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