With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


17. 👾ok👾


"WAKE UP DUDES!"I woke up to see Henry sCREAMING IN MY FACe. I looked across to see the boys sitting there laughing.

"What do you want?" I said, sitting up.

"It's morning, everyone's up except you two losers."Henry said.

Ashton sat up."We are not Losers."

"In my book, you are." Henry said.

"Rude." Me and Ash said.

"Morning sleepy head."Cal said.

"Morning Hun, what's chillin'." I said.

"Nothing much, just eating a pop tart and FaceTiming Heidi, say hi." He said, holding up the phone. I saw Heidi, she was just sitting in her bed. I assume.

"Hi Girly!" I said with a smile.

"Hi!! How are you? Where's the Kylie Bear?" I don't hear her perky little voice." She said.

I sighed. "She's sleeping, she had a Long day yesterday." I said and the. I turned my face toward Luke who still looked upset.

"I'm gonna go." Luke said and then left.

"Where's Luke going?" Heidi asked.

"I have know idea." I said.

"Oh! Where's Mikey? Put the camera on Michael." Heidi yelled at Cal. What can you say, Sassy girl for a sassy guy.

He put the camera in Michael and Michael smiled. "Sup."

"Hi. What's up? How's Gia?"she said.

"Nothing much. Gia's great. We have these cute little dates with the Skype. We both order pizza, then we pretend we eat it like lady and the tramp. Ya and since the tour is over in three weeks, I'll get to see her soon." Mikey said.

"Cool, well I have to go to work now, but I'll be home at 7:00. Bye Guys! Love you Cal.." She said.

"Love you too. Bye Heidi." He said, hanging up.

Kylie came in, "Luke and Ally, we should go talk really quick. Come on let's go outside." She said taking me and Luke's arms.she pulled us outside, or should I say dragged.

"Hello." She said, crossing her arms.

"Sweetheart, I'm sorry." Luke pleaded.

"Ya I know you are. I'm just kinda pissed you waited to tell me this. Luke, I thought I could trust you."

"I know, I'm really sorry. I don't want to lose you."he said.

"I love you Luke, how are we going to maintain a relationship if we don't tell each other the truth. I don't know if I can be with you."

"Kylie, I love you, and I'm sorry if I hurt you. I did not mean to, now if you just please give me a chance."

"I thought long and hard, Luke." She said looking down.

"And." Luke said with his puppy dog eyes.

"I love you Luke, and I don't know if I'll ever find someone like you. I know, I know that you a mistake and I'm still a little pissed about it. But I know that you love me, not her. You're on what I call probation. Love is about acceptance and I just to accept your stupid mistakes. I'm still your girlfriend, but don't blow it." She said, practically tearing up.

Luke gave her this big hug and then they started kissing and kissing and-

"Okay, okay guys. Kylie why am I here?" I blurted out.

" oh I wanted to talk to you. Luke leave." She said pointing to the bus door for Luke to leave and he did.

"What is it." I asked.

"Did you keep this from me. Did you know?"

"I did, but I didn't want to. I was trying to get Luke to tell you."


"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"It's cool. You're such a good best friend I don't know what if do without you." After she said that we hugged and went in the bus.

"Hey! It's almost time for for the show, Kylie I know what you can wear!" Calum said holding up the shirt he got her.

We all laughed and I think now everything is ok.

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