With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


20. 👾nasty cal👾


Nasty cal💜 ps. Sorry it's bold


*Ally's p.o.v.*


Okay, so the boys did great at the show! Amazing!!! The one direction lads even came on during Heartbreak Girl and joined them. Even Niall had his guitar. So now we are having pizza with them, the boys, Henry and Liz. And Henry is doing great, he is having such a great time. And the one direction boys are so cool around him. Right now, we ate sitting at a big table in the green room. A LOT of people were there. So, I'm going to name some. Me, Ashton, Calum, Michael, Luke, Kylie, Henry, Liz ,Liam ,Louis,Harry,Zayn and also both the 5sos and 1d team. So, around 30 people. Crazy! We had to order 10 pizzas dude. Its funny cause me, Kylie and Liz are all of course by the boys but, Henry is by the one direction boys 🙈 trader 😂. Me and the boys found that hurtful. 😂😔. And it's cool cause us and the one direction boys have become really good friends. After we ate, the 'adults' decided to just stay at the table and talk while me,Kylie, Henry, the boys and the 1d lads decided to go hang out by the couches and just chat. There was a t.v as well, we just watched the new episode of the walking dead, I wasn't into the show but all of the boys loved it. We walked over to the couches, there was three couches that could fit 4 people. Niall, Harry, Zayn and Calum sat on one. Louis, Liam, Michael and Henry sat on the other. It was cute cause little Henry thought that he was super cool sitting with them. And then Ash, Luke, Kylie and I sat on the other.

"Aww that's cute. See, the couples are sitting together and then the single people are just on a other couch." Harry said.

"Harold, you know I'm not single. Remember my girlfriend, Perrie?" Zayn said.

"Oh ya, whoops." Harry said.

"Actually, I'm not single." Michael said.

"Neither am I." Cal said.

"Oh? I didn't know. Tell me bout them." Harry said.

"My girlfriend'a name is Gia."Mikey said.

"And my girlfriend's name is Heidi."Cal said.

"That's cool." Zayn said.

"Heidi? My ex girlfriends name was Heidi.i miss her so much." Harry said, starting to frown.

"LET IT GO HARRY!" The one direction boys said.

"Did you know I have a girlfriend?" Henry said.

"Oh really?" All of us said.

"Henry?" I said.

"Yep, you're looking at the chic magnet. Learn from the master. Her name is Wendy Sackalakiss. She's such a babe." He said.

"Wendy Sackalakiss? The girl who is in your Sunday school class." I said.


"Okay then." I said trying not to laugh.

" hey I'm a chick magnet too." Ashton said elbowing my shoulder.

"Oh really? You better hope you're not." I said.

"ok sorry." He said, after that I kissed his forehead

"Dudes got skills." Niall said.

"I know! I'm 19 years old and I can't get a girlfriend! How is a dude less than half my age get one?" Harry said.

"Dude, he's the coolest kid in the 1st grade." Liam said reaching over to fist bump Henry.

"I'm in 2nd smart one." He snapped.

"Oh ok sorry, I didn't know you were sassy." Liam said backing away.

For the next hour we laughed and talked. We then decide to go back on the tour bus. Everyone went inside the tour bus while me and Ashton stayed out in the parking lot and talk and stuff.

"So...." I said.

"Come here Beautiful." He said.


After a good 2 hours of making out and stuff went inside the tour bus. We went to sat on the couch and 'Talked' for another 2 hours. But we didn't do a lot of talking 😏. We kept 'talking' until...

"HEY DUDES!" Calum said throwing a pillow at us.

We both looked up."dude we are busy." Ashton said.

"Look who came up for air. Guys I can't sleep when I hear kiss-y kiss-y all night long. Y'all are cute as a button but you need to stop Huns." Cal said.

"What are you gonna do bout it Cal?" Ashton said.

"I'll fart in your face." Cal said crossing his arms.

"I swear you're six years o-" Before you know it Calum's butt is in ash's face and he farted right there.

"CALUM YOUR'E NASty." I yelled, then I kicked his leg.

"Don't make me fart in your face sister." He sassed.

"K, night Calum. We will stay quiet." I said.

After that he left.

"Cuddle?" I asked Ashton.

"Of course." We cuddled up an fell asleep.

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