With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


7. 👾home is where the heart is👾


|__________| A WEEK LATER|______|

A week has passed since the date at Olive Garden featuring Michael and Calum and things have been sort of busy. After Calum got that girl'a number, they have been texting her name is Heidi and she is super nice. I think it might work out for them, even though they live in different states. It's only a 2 hour drive. She and I have been texting too, me and Kylie have befriended her. Super cool girl, she reminds me of Bethany Mota. Anyways, we are on our way back home. I am so happy to see my family, I really miss them.

We are about 2 minutes away from our neighborhood. We are all going to stop at my house first. So, we will see how that goes.

"Ally, are you excited?" Calum asks me.

"Yeah, I missed them a lot. Even Henry." I said.

" yeah, even though he was evil he was sort of funny." He said.

"Yeah. Are you excited to see Mali?" I asked, Mali Koa was Calum's sister.

"Of course. She's my bestfriend." He said.

Soon we arrived to my house. I was so happy. We all ran out of the car. I don't like running, I'm not good at it but at that moment I ran like I have never ran before. My mom was waiting by the door. When I approached her I attacked her with a hug. Then,Kylie and the boys hugged her. My dad was still at work, but he would be home for dinner.

"MOM! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" I said hugging her again.

"Aw Shit! They're back!" Henry said walking down the stairs.

I rushed over to him and gave him a hug. Then I scruffed his red hair.

"HENRY I MISSED YOU!" I yelled and then Kylie and the boys came over to surround him. I think they were to scared to hug the kid.

"Of course you did. I missed you too." He said.

We all laughed.

"So what's new little guy?" Ashton said.

"I have know that I'm not little anymore. I'm eight now, so I'm practically a man." Henry said.

"That's right! You turned eight!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah I know, now where's my present?" He asked.

"Our present to you is going to the new arcade downtown! With us!" I said.

"That's sounds like fun!" He says.

"That's right buddy, a full 5 hours of arcade play!" Kylie said.

"Sweet!" He yelled

"We are going Tomorrow." Michael added.

"Coolness!" Henry said.

"Look Kids, I'm making dinner. It should be done in an hour but your parents are coming so just a heads up." My mom said.

"Ok cool." We all said in unison.

"Cool. You guys can go do whatever teenagers do. Oh and Michael Honey, I invited Anya as well." My mom said.

A smile appeared on Mikey's face. "Wonderful."

My mom laughed and so did we.

Me, Kylie, Henry and the boys all went to my room. It was cute because Ashton gave Henry a piggy back ride up the stairs.

We entered my room. Ashton, Kylie, Luke and I sat on the floor while Cal an Michael said on my pink chairs and Henry sat on my bed.

"So Henry, did you miss us?" Luke asked.

"Actually yes. I didn't know who to make fun of." Henry said.

We laughed.

"Nice. Now, Anya's coming tonight. How do you feel about that lad." Luke said.

"Great. I feel awesome. I'm great. Life is good my friends." Michael says

This won't be great.

-An hour later-

Soon, everyone started showing up and we were at the dining room table now. Anya wasn't here yet which was good. But, everyone else was.

I was sitting I the middle of Ashton and Henry. Next to Henry was Harry, Ashton's little brother. Next to Harry was Lauren, Ashton's sister. You get the jist. People are sitting next to people. My mom cooked amazing burgers. They were so good. Everyone was talking about things that happened on the tour so far.

My dad had arrived and I hugged him and said hi and we talked for a bit. Now, EVERYONE But Anya was here.

"Where is she! If she doesn't come in ten minutes I'm calling her!" Kylie shouted from across the table.

"I don't know were she is but when she comes I swear I'm gonna kick her- " I said getting cut of by the sound of the door bell. Me and Kylie got up and ran to the door. She opened it.

"Hey Guys. I am so excited to see you guys it's been a while! Where's Michael?" Anya said.

"Oh hi Anya. It's defiantly been a while. We should catch up before you go talk to Michael!" Kylie said. She meant business.

"Ok then." Anya said.

" good. Let's go up stairs." She said grabbing Anya's hand and we ran up stairs to my room and slammed the door.

"Tell us. Who's the shirtless dude you've been seeing." I said.

"My brothers friend." She looked worried.

"Yeah right. Tell us." Kylie said.

"His name is is Greg." She starts crying.

"Why are you crying?" I ask trying to make her spill.

"He's not my brother'a friend. It's true I'm cheating on Michael." She covered her face.

The door opened, a head peeked through. "ANYA ITS YOU!" Michael ran in and gave her a hug. "Why are you crying?" He asked

"Michael, I have been cheating on you. I'm so-" she said and then Michael budded in.

"Get out. I don't ever want to see you again. It's over." Michael said pointing to the door.

She ran out crying.

Michael hugged the two of us. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you guys. " he said starting to cry. I felt so bad he really loved Anya. It was his first real girlfriend.

"Michael, it'll be ok, she's a terrible person. I'm so sorry." Kylie said.

"Can I stay here." He said.

"Sure." I said.

"We have to go back down, will be back soon." Kylie said.

"Ok." He sniffled.

Me and Kylie left him and went back downstairs to the dinner table. My mom and Mrs. Clifford looked confused. I mouthed to them what happened. Mrs. Clifford gasped and Luke, Ashton and Calum turned towards me. I mouthed to them what happened too. We felt terrible.

"What are we going to do?" Ashton asked when I got back to my seat.

"I don't know." I said.

Kylie looked across the table. "He isn't going to talk to us. He is very upset."

"Ya I know. How about we all have a sleepover tonight, you know cheer him up." I said

We agreed and soon the parents have left. We went back upstairs to see Michael. He was still crying.

"Hey Michael." Kylie sari as we walked in.

"Hi." He said.

"Do want to stay here for the sleepover or go home?" Kylie said.

"I can stay here for the sleepover. Maybe it will cheer me up." He said.

"Great. I said.


At the sleepover, we basically just talked and watched movies. It wasn't as fun though. Michael was just upset. He barely talked. He is still coming to the arcade so that's good. It is now morning and we are getting ready to go. We all had to take showers, we smelled like fish. With 6 teenagers, it took a while.

I just have to finish my hair and them we can go. We already had breakfast, so one less thing we didn't have to worry about.

Soon we left. We took my mom's car, so we can all fit in it. It seats 7 which works out nice.

"Ready to have fun buddy?" Calum asked.

"You bet I am Jail bird!" Henry said.

Calum turned towards me and made a face. "Who told you?" He said.

"The same person who told your mother. It was Luke." Henry said

"Whoops." Luke said.

"LUKE YOU TOLD MY MOM! Ah shit. You suck." Calum yelled.

Luke started yelling. Everyone right there just started fighting.




"Guys stop!" Ashton yelled.

" you're the one who got arrested!" Luke yelled.

The stupid fight continued all the way to the arcade, a thirty minute drive. We arrived and everyone was still arguing. Henry looked so embarrassed as we walked in.

Even after we got the coins we were still fighting.

" You know Calum, you make such stupid decision. You got in a fight, got arrested. Oh and remember how you kissed my girlfriend!" Luke yelled.

Kylie. Started to yell "Ok! Let's not bring that up. Guys, stop. We are here for Henry! Let's just have a good time. I know some of you are pissed or angry or sad but we are here for Henry. Now, Henry were should we start?" She said, looking down at nothing.

"Guys! Where's Henry?"

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