With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


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Ally's pov.

Everything so far has been good. The tour is great, well we have only been on tour for a day and a half now. I miss home, but I couldn't be happier. I was traveling the world with my best friend, Kylie, my three best guy friends (Luke, Calum and Michael.) and my boyfriend, Ashton. Also, Mrs.Hemmings, Luke's mom, is touring with us to. To keep us in check. She was going to practically be our mother. In case you did not know some of the details, I'll spill. Michael is dating this girl named Anya, long distance and Luke and Kylie are dating. The only one not dating anyone is Calum. But remember, he kissed Kylie before. I just hope nothing happens between Cal and Kylie. But you never know . We are in our way to the first show, in St. Lois. Wish them Luck. Me, Kylie and Mrs.Hemmings are going to watch.

We arrived.

We all got out of the bus and followed the manager, Jason. "There, you guys will meet the one direction boys and their team, and you guys will meet your team. The 5sos team bus is actually over there." He said. We exited the parking lot and entered this building. They all said that we were actually

Under the stadium. Which was kind of cool. I'm honestly very excited for the boys. It was kind of weird because, every one was silent. I could tell the boys were nervous, they were going to perform in like an hour.

We walked into this room, like the dressing room. Super big. The boys all sat down on the sofa. "Ok, Luke I'll do your hair first." Kylie said, If you didn't know she is doing hair for the boys. I don't have a job, it gives me more time to hang out with Ashton on tour.

About a couple minutes later, some dudes walked in. Little did I know, they were the guys from one direction. I was kind of surprised to see them, even though it was a one direction tour. I was kind of happy too, I was kind of a fan. But, they were not here to see me. "Hello, you guys must be 5 second of summer."Niall said. Calum jumped up and walked over. He reached out his hand for a handshake. They shook hands. " wow, it's really you guys." Michael said walking up to them as Ashton followed. And then I followed.i looked back at Luke and Kylie. It was funny cause they didn't even notice them. "Yeah, I guess it is us. But, don't think of us as super humans or anything, treat us like friends, because we are all now officially friends." Harry said. "Sweet." Ashton said. "Wow, I didn't know you had girls in your band, that's cool, and 2 of them?" Zayn said looking at Kylie. " Oh no, we are not apart of the band, she's just in hair and I'm Ashton's girlfriend." I said sort of mumbling. "That's cool, wait who's who? Who are you guys. Introduce yourselfs." Liam said. "I'm Calum, I play the bass and sing. That's Luke over there, by the blonde. He plays Guitar and sings. The one doing his hair is Kylie, she is also his girlfriend. This guy, with the colored hair, is Michael he plays Guitar and Sings. The curly headed dude is Ashton, he is the drummer plus, sings a bit and his girlfriend, Allison, Ally. But, she's doesn't do anything." Calum said "nice meeting you guys! We can all hangout after the show if you want, but we're going to go so you can get ready." Louis said. They left. I could tell this was going to be fun and something I'll never forget.

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