With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


14. 👾don't ruin it.👾


"But, I think they are up to something." I said.

"There probably going on a date or something." He said sitting up.

"Yeah you're right, how bout you go back to bed, it's late."

"No, I wanna talk to you."

"Ok, talk away."

"So, I heard someone's birthday is coming." He said, playing with my hair.

"Yeah I know, Kylie's birthday is tomorrow. Stop touching my hair!" I said swatting his hand away.

"No, not Kylie's, someone else's." He said.

"You and Luke's birthdays are in July, it's may. You got some time dude." I said.

"I'm talking about your birthday." He said.

"What about it." I said.

"It's a big deal Ally! You are going to be 17! And I'm going to take you on a date."

"That's awesome Ash. Well, I'm going to go back to the back bedroom." I said.

"No, how bout you stay here. We can cuddle." He said.

"Ok." I said. I grabbed a blanket and sat next him.

"Love you." I said.

"Love you too."he said and we quickly fell asleep.


" Morning Love" I heard Aston say and then I felt him kiss my check, my eyes were like glued shut.

"Morning handsome." I said, finally opening my eyes and tiring to look at the alarm clock. It was 8:30 a.m, which was early for me.

"Is everyone else up?" I asked.

"Yep, you are the last one to wake up." Ash said.

I sat up and went to go get a granola bar from the cabinet and then went to go sit by Kylie this time.

"Hey! Why aren't you sitting by me?" Ashton asked.

"Your breath smells funky." I said.

"Oh." Ashton got up and ran to the bathroom and started to brush his teeth. Then he came back.

"Now can you sit with me?" He asked.

"Let me sit by Kylie. It's her birthday today!"

"Ok. Hey, speaking of Kylie's birthday. Me and the guys got gifts.Hey dirtbags get in here!!!" Ashton yelled to the guys.

The boys came out of the back bedroom followed by Mrs.H. And then there was Calum with Henry on his shoulders.

"You guys got me gifts?"Kylie asked.

"Well, it is your birthday." Michael said.

The boys and Mrs.H all sat down.

"Me first." Calum said, handing Kylie and bag.Kylie took it and started to take out a card. Then, she started to read it.

"Dear Kylie, Happy birthday. Just saying you're the worst. Have a good day.Love always, Cal." She read.

She pulled out the thing inside the bag. I started to laugh when I saw it.

It was a tee shirt with Calum's face on it and say "Calum is my fav!!". I looked over at Luke and he look angry but then he laughed it off. It was pretty funny.

"Gee, thanks Calum." She said.

"No problemo, there is actually another thing in there." Calum said.

Kylie dug through the bag and pulled out a small box. She opened it and took out a charmed bracelet. It also had her name on it.

"Oh Calum, it's beautiful! Thank you!" She said with a smile.

"Anything for my best friend. Oh, and this is from Heidi."Calum said handing her a small bag.

Kylie pulled out a box. Inside was a charm that had a crown on it.

"Tell her I said thank you." Kylie said.

"K, it was actually her idea to get you a charm bracelet. She got you a crown cause your queen." Cal said.

"I know."

"Me next!!" Michael said.

"Ok." Kylie said.

"Michael got the box from the closet and set it in Kylie's lap.

"Open it." Michael said.

"I will, hold on dude."

Kylie ripped the wrapper off and opened the box. Inside was some tee-shirts. 4 of them. One was a 5 seconds of summer one, the other one was from pink, one was a Green Day shirt (Both her and Michael absolutely loved them.) and also a converse shirt.

"Thank you!"she said to Michael.


We opened her gifts for thirty minutes and she got the following. Ashton had gotten her these cute slide on flats, that I picked out. Kylie loved them. Henry even made her a necklace made out of macaroni and yarn. Even Mrs.H got her a gift, gift card to Hot Topic. Luke got her a necklace with a L on it.so that people knew she was Luke's girlfriend. He also got her a locket with a picture of them inside.and last but not least, the present that I got her, the best present. I made this super cute collage on the cork board. It was filled with pictures of us and the boys, photos from when she was little, and more. She loves it. And plus we are also going to the spa today.

We are almost at the hotel and then me and her can go walk to the spa, but for now we are just all sitting down, chilling.

It was kind if weird because Luke and Kylie kept looking at each other. I mean, I know they are dating but,I could tell it wasn't a flirty thing. Maybe he told her or something. I decided to pull Luke aside and talk to him.i pulled him to the back bedroom.

"Alright Luke, time to fess, what's going on?" I said.

"Nothing, jeez Ally."

"Did you tell her?" I asked.

"No. It's her birthday."

"Well, if you don't tell her I will. She's like my sister."

"Please don't. It might ruin-"he said getting cut off by me.

"What? Ruin what?"


"Tell me!"


"You are gonna have to."


"TELL Me!!!"

He puffed. "Kylie told me since she was now 18, she wants to get married. So we are getting married today."


"Don't say anything to anyone."

"Am I allowed to go?"

"Well we were going to invite you but we thought you'd probably freak."

"I freak out about everything. Am I going or not."

"Sure, but don't ruin it. I'll tell her on my own."

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