With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


19. 👾chipotle👾


*Kylie's p.o.v.*

Even though we were laughing, I was still a little upset. I still could not believe Jenna is prego, but she's a a slut. Honestly, saw it coming. But, it's Luke's too. 😔. I'm still a little upset that he hid it from me but you know whatever. I'm happy that Ally forced Luke to tell me. She's such a great best friend. And plus, her birthday is coming up soon! I'm so pumped for the surprise party. It'll be cool cause then she can celebrate her birthday at home. After this show in Vegas, we go to Wisconsin and then home. And after that we resume the tour for another month. Oh! And guess who's coming? The lads of one direction said the would love to come and play some songs. So this party will be off the hook! There is gonna be a lot of people there. And most of the people going already know about it. Everyone pretty much knows, except for Henry. Can't tell the little brat anything. I can wait till the day the rest of his face catches up to his big mouth.

Going back to the Jenna thing, I think I should invite her to the party. I know, sounds crazy but, I want to try and get to know her. If Luke is gonna be around her more, I should probably learn to like her. So, I decided, before the big party, Luke, her and I can go out for lunch or something.

Now, back to the part where I almost got married. Crazy 🙈. I can't believe I almost did. Looking back at it, what was I thinking? But all I can say is, the past is in the past.

So, enough of my pity talk. Today is gonna be slightly different. Liz, Ashton, Henry and Ally are going to see some museum together. I was gonna go, but they never told me about it. Luke and Calum are going to talk with some producer or whatever . Then there's me and Mikey. Mikey was not invited to neither of those things. So, today me and him are going out for lunch. We are going to chipotle. And, we are actually on our way. We are just walking there now.

"So, how are you and Luke?" He asked me.

"Great, he told me ya know."

"What are you talking about?"

"The baby"

"Oh. Are you mad?"

"I was, but I gotta except it."


"How's Gia?"

"Great! She's coming to the party!"

"That's awesome. Are we still having everyone wear pink right?"

"Yep, the theme is pink. Everything will be pink." He said.



Soon we arrived and got our chipotle. I got 2 tacos and Mikey got a burrito bowl. We took a seat at a booth.

"You only got two tacos!" Michael said.

"This is a lot for me!" I said to him.

"I can eat 6 tacos."

"I'm sure you can."

"So, 2 more shows here in Vegas and we are on break! Then after that we tour for a month and then it's over. I'm kinda sad about it but, I miss home. Oh! I need to tell you something."


"So, when we go home to stay, after the tour. Me and the boys are gonna look for apartments."


"Yep, but Luke might not move in."

"So you dudes are seriously going to get an apartment ?"

"That's the plan. But, Luke is saying he wants his own place. He says he wants to live in the apartment next to ours, he's even talking about a nursery room for the baby when it's his turn to watch her. And of course, you."

"Oh, that's cool. But, you guys are still young."

"Dude, I turned 17 a month ago. Calum turned 17 two months ago. Luke and Ashton will be 17 soon. But it doesn't matter. My uncle owns a really nice apartment building an he said we could live there no matter what."

"Oh, How are you gonna pay for it?"

"With the money we made on tour!"

"Oh yeah, so Luke is getting his own?"

"That's what he said, but I wasn't suppose to tell you. He was gonna surprise you."


"No problem boo."

"So wait? The one direction tour doesn't end till' October. Wouldn't we have to go with them?"

"No, they are having this other band do it for the second half. Some band called 'The Wanted.'"

"Oh, so wait what does Gia look like?"

"She has black hair with purple tips and she has green eyes. She's like 5'5". Taller than you boo. Ha! You're only like 5'2".lol. She is super cool. And she even plays guitar."

"Cool and don't make fun of my height! Ally's like 5 feet and and an inch. So, I'm not that short."

"Whatever. So let's talk Ally's party."

"So, Pink everything. Pink lemonade, pink cake, pink, pink,pink."

"I think we should have a pink bouncy house."


"Cause, there's gonna be a lot of little kids there dude."

"If you pay for it dude."

"What are you getting her?" He asked.

"It's a surprise dude."

"So, what do want to do."

"Wanna go prank people by the movie theater!"

"That's terrible, Kylie! Great idea."

"Come on, let's go!"

We rushed outside and ran across end the street to the movie theater. We went by the big plant that was in a pot and hid behind it.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked.

"Fart noses." He said.

It was so funny, we did that for a hour. There was this one really really old lady and Mikey mad a fart nose and then she ran away from the movie theater. But, then a manger came out and made us leave. So know we are walking to the tour bus.

"I'm thinking if getting pink tips."I said.

"That'd be cool. Hey do you know what we are doing after the show today?"

"Oh, I heard that we are having dinner with one direction. So that'll be cool."

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