With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


4. 👾 bitch fit, best friends and boyfriends👾


After that we went to the back bedroom, where Mrs.Hemmings was. And if you know what a B.F is, me and Kylie where gonna have one. Ok if you don't know what a B.F is, it stands for bitch fit.

"What is it girls?" Mrs. Hemmings said. "We think Anya is Cheating on Michael with some buff." Kylie complained. "Wow, wait what?" Mrs.Hemmings said, getting up from her bed. " well Michael was on Skype with her and there was this guy, shirtless." I said. "But, Anya is a sweetheart. Why would she cheat." She asked. "We don't know. And Mikey doesn't think anything of it." Kylie said. She meant business. We all did. We all meant business. "That Bitch! Who the hell does she think she is!" Mrs.Hemmings said. "I'm going to call her." Kylie said picking up her phone.

Luke walked in. "What's going on?"

"Luke, I love you but, we are busy." Kylie said. "Wait what's going on? Seriously guys." He said. "Luke, you don't want to be here right now." I said. "What? Kylie? Ally? Are you two having a bitch fit?" Luke said. "Luke. Leave. Now." I said throwing an empty water bottle at him. "Ok, ok I'll leave you two to complain about the new episode of pretty little liars or whatever." He said. "Shut up asshole!" I said. "Ok, ok I'm leaving. I think your brother picked up your language. Well I'm going to go to bed." He waved and kissed Kylie in the forehead then he left.

"It's ringing." Kylie said.

"Hello?" Anya said over the phone.

"Hey Anya." Kylie said.

"Hey Kylie. Anything wrong?" Anya said.

"Actually yes."

"What's that then?"

"Are you by any chance seeing anybody at home?"

"Like dating?"

"Yeah, or cheating."

"Oh I would never! What gives you that idea?"

"The shirtless guy in the middle of that Skype chat.

"Oh that, that was my brothers friends they were just goofing off. You know, wrestling."

" I thought you guys were swimming."

"Oh, well whatever i need to go." She said

"Wait who's that?" A male voice said over the phone.

The phone call ended.

" that bitch." I said, jumping into my bed. "Well I'm going to sleep." I said as I went to sleep.


The alarm clock went off and it was time to start the day. We were just going to all just have cereal together. Fruit Loops, I think yes 🌝.

I walked toward the front of bus where everyone was sitting. I got up late whoops.

"Hey Ally Cat." Calum said. "Hey." I said. I sat down next to Ashton. "Morning beautiful." Ashton said, kissing my cheek. "What were you girls doing last night, Anyway?" Luke said. "Talking to Anya." Kylie said. " that's amazing, I'm glad we are all friends." Michael said. "Friends isn't a word to describe us and Anya." Kylie said. "Do you really think she is cheating?" Michael asks. "Yes. And we will prove it to you when we go to chicago." Kylie said. Michael sighed. " We are trying to be good best friends. We will let nobody cheat on any of our bffs." I said. Is Michael seriously not believing his best friends over a girl he's been dating for about a month who might be cheating? What?

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