With Those Four Boys

In 'Those Four Boys' we saw relationships spark, drama, lots of drama. Join, Ally, Kylie, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton as they tour with One direction. They will face drama and Heart break. Anything will happen with those four boys.


12. 👾a different perspective👾


-next morning-

*Kylie's p.o.v*

After last night, I kind of stopped being mad at Luke. I mean he did cheat, but the past is in the past right? I mean it could of been worse, she could be pregnant with his baby or something. So, I'm glad that's over and all. It's was also so sweet what he did at the show yesterday! I really love him a lot. But sadly, I'm getting hate from the fans, which sucks, but don't hate the player, hate the game. Wait that makes no sense. Anyways, right now, Luke is getting a lip ring.

Yes, a lip ring. Why? He said it's like for a punk rock image, but his Instagram name is luke_is_a_penguin, punk rock huh?

But, lip ring or not, I love him. And besides, I don't think I would stay mad at him. And it's nice that he barely ever lies to me. He even tells me when my hair is messed up. Let's face it, he's the best. I think he's the one.

Also, when we do get to Las Vegas, me and Ally are having a girls night! I'm really excited cause the boys don't have to come with, just quality time with my main. And relax, we are not going to gamble or anything! We are going to go for a spa day!!!! Yay! Super excited and then after that we are going for dinner at subway. Swag to the max, right?

Oh and I have to tell you something! But, it's a secret. Me and the boys are planning a surprise birthday for Ally! I can't believe she's going to be 17! And plus I think she really deserves it. It's going to be so special! But, it's been super hard to keep it a secret, especially a secret from your best friend.

And in case you are wondering my birthday is in two days!!! I'll be eighteen. Then a week later, Ally will be 17. But, to tell you the truth, I'm not getting a surprise birthday party or anything. My birthday will be a day with my favs 😜.


*Luke's p.o.v.*

So, I think I can of fixed things between me and Kylie. I'm really happy I did that, back to normal. It made me happy that she was happy. I just hope she doesn't get mad when I tell her about Jenna and the baby, she probably will. I mean, if Ally got mad about it, Kylie is going to get 20 times madder. And actually a cool update for ya, I just got my lip ring! So punk rock!!! But that was sort of random. Also, me and Jenna have still been in touch, nothing is going on though. I just need to here about the baby. She already knows the gender, it's a girl!!!!!! I don't now if I should be scared or happy. I mean, I hope I get to be a good dad. I mean, I know I'm going to have to tell Kylie about this. But I can't now, big things are coming soon.


*Calum's p.o.v.*

So today, we are leaving to go to Las Vegas. I kind of want to stay home and be with my family, but this is so much fun, touring and all. But, things have been kind of crazy lately. The whole thing with Kylie and Luke. So drama filled. I'm just glad Michael isn't in a relationship, he would have drama, and Ally and Ash don't cause drama. And me and Heidi just made it official and we don't cause drama. And I hope we never do. I really like Heidi, and I think long distance will work. We have Skype, snapchat and more social media sites. I really like her. Ok, I'm going to tell you a little bit about her. Her middle name is Claire, she likes The Walking dead,Switched at Birth, Doctor Who and Adventure Time. Her Favorite color is baby Blue. She likes Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, fall out Boy and her new favorite, 5 seconds of summer 😏. She is also a college student, she skipped a grade of school, she's only 17. She loved bears and all of the other animals. She plays a lot of instruments, guitar, bass guitar, double bass, drums, trumpet, sax, violin ,piano, and the tuba. She wants to become a music teacher but, right now, she's working at her mom'a salon. She has blue eyes and black hair she is short, shorter than Ally and Ally is like 5'1. Heidi is also really tiny, not short tiny but small tiny. She also loves doing makeup. She even has a beauty channel on YouTube. Did I even mention she's perfect and absolutely beautiful? And I'm really glad her and the girls get along great.


* Michael p.o.v.*

Well Life has been interesting lately. After the breakup with Anya, I feel different. I mean I really loved her, and I was going to tell her that I did when I came back from tour. I was really pissed. So pissed, after that I made out with Luke's ex at the arcade. But trust me, there is nothing going on between us, she was just using me and I was using her too. And I bet if that happens again, Luke would kill me. But, I just think I need to be in a relationship. And In a matter of fact, I did. Yesterday after the concert ended, there was this girl who knocked into me as me and the boys were leaving, and I got her number. Her name is Gia. We've been texting ever since. She is so pretty. Anyways, we have been plaining Ally's seventh birthday party. It's going to be so cool. She loves the color pink so, we are requesting everyone to wear pink, even is boys. The party is going to be in Chicago (our home) , and pretty much all of her friends are coming. It will be great, we are even hiring a deejay. And I'm even inviting Gia. And if all goes as planned, we'll be Mia.


*Ashton p.o.v.*

So, right now, we are on the tour bus, Luke just got his lip ring. He explains it as 'punk rock' trust me, Luke you are not punk rock. I honestly think his girlfriend is more punk rock. Anyways, things between me and Ally are great. We are so happy together. I could never be happier, and I think she is the one.

And I cannot wait for her birthday party, I have a big surprise for her! It's something she's always wanted, and not just one surprise. Several, and I already talked to her parents about it. You'll understand later.


*Ally p.o.v.*

Hhhh, things have been crazy recently, I mean good crazy? Like, Luke and Kylie have been up and down, but now they're good. And let me just say yesterday was amazing! And now, we are just chilling on the tour bus, that we named Gus. Yep. Ashton is sitting next to me, next to ash is MichEal, next to him is Calum. Across from him is Kylie and Luke and next the them is Henry. WAIT WHAT! WHAT'S HENRY DOINF HERE?

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