Natalie grew up in a small town. She had everything she ever wanted. Family, friends, and an amazing boyfriend. None of that was meant to last when Germany launched its attack on Canada, and the Untied Stares launching WW3. They experimented on her, and changed her. Making her a soldier, using her against her own country.


6. Traitor

I couldn't wait to see my family, my friends, they most likely thought that I was dead. I mean no one who went for the tests I went for has ever came back from it.

We were there, I could see the fence that held the towns people in. It was heavily guarded at the front gate, we got in easily.

I could see everyone from town lining up in the center. The truck stopped right in front of all the people. A general was standing there when I got out.

"So this is our secret weapon?" He asked looked at me. "She doesn't look special." He continued, looking at Jayce.

He helped me out of the truck, and then stepped aside. "Don't leave my side." I said looking at Brandon. He didn't say anything, but he gave me a slight nod.

I smiled.

"Natalie?" One of the people in the crowd said.

"we thought you were dead." Another said.

I just hung my head down low, I knew I wasn't to talk unless spoken to.

"Natalie?" The little boy Braxton said walking out of the crowd up to me. He started to run up to me.

"Brax." I said holding my arms out for him.

Before he could get to me a guard had pushed him to the ground, and started to carry him back to the crowd. Braxton just kept on trying to run to me, finally the guard started to beat him on the ground.

"Hey, leave him alone." I said running up to him, throwing him five feet through the air.

"Don't touch him." I said helping Brax up, and picking him up. He had a bloody nose, and he was crying.

"Natalie put him down now." Jayce said looking at me seriously.

"He is part of my deal, you hurt him and our deal is off." I said. Braxton was rested into my shoulder now.

"Alright." Jayce said walking over to me. "Take him to the nurses station and get him checked out." He said handing Braxton to a guard. Braxton held onto me for dear life, but I knew that I needed to behave to keep the deal.

"Good afternoon people of Kerreville." The General yelled looking a the crowd of people. They had all spoken back. Most of them looking at me with confusion. I knew it wouldn't be too long before he announced what was happening.

"What deal?" People started to yell, getting more and more angry.

"Subject 117 here has succefully bonded with our toxin. She is better in every way, stronger, faster, smarter, better in combat. Every sense that she has was enhanced. She will be your officer for the next day. There will be no changes, she will not treat any of you different than other officers." The General said looking at all of the people and me. They looked at me with such disgust, and betrayal, looking at them was almost unbearable.




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