Natalie grew up in a small town. She had everything she ever wanted. Family, friends, and an amazing boyfriend. None of that was meant to last when Germany launched its attack on Canada, and the Untied Stares launching WW3. They experimented on her, and changed her. Making her a soldier, using her against her own country.


2. Injection

I watched Liam try to break free from his restraints for what must of been an hour. He tried everything, and used every once of energy his body had reserved, but it was no use. You could here the panic in the room grow louder, and more worrisome with every passing minute.

I was trying to expect the worst. Whatever was coming through that door was not going to be good. Then the door opened, and everyone in the room fell silent. They were all carefully watching as people wheeling carts wearing medical gear came through the door wheeling carts. There was a person, and cart for every person that was laying strapped into a bed. Then you heard whispered words, and screaming start. The first scream was gut wrenching, I could tell it was a girl, and from the sounds of it the girl couldn't have been any older than 12.

Then minutes later she stopped, and was wheeled out of the room. It didn't take long of the next scream to start, this time it was a man. I could hear the bed he was on slide across the ground as he tried to break free from the grips.

They were more than half way through the patients in the room, and I knew what was to come for me. "They are killing us off, this is how they are killing us. They are going to make us suffer first." I said whispering to Liam.

"You are meant for great things." The man beside my bed said. But he never looked at me, he acted as if he was talking to himself.

Liam broke out from his calm state, and started lashing out. Trying to break free from his grips again, but I knew there was no use.

"I am going to get us out Nat, I promise." He said screaming at the top of his lungs. His nurse just injected him with a needle, that seemed to calm him down. It didn't take a long time to kick in either, he was laying there limp on the bed in seconds. I wanted to help him, I wanted to help all of the people, but I couldn't move. Then the final scream came in. I knew that it was close, it was coming from the other side of Liam. He was next, this was it.

He looked at me like he had let me down, and I could see the tears that had fallen down his face shimmering. "I'm sorry." He whispered. I was panicked, I couldn't get my mouth open, it felt like I couldn't breathe.

"Please don't do this, I will do anything." I said. I could feel my body start to get all worked up, and my emotions flying all over. They just ignored me, and then the screaming started. The sedative that they had given him didn't seem to do anything now. He was trying to claw at his skin, and it was turning bright red as if he were burning up. I could see the steam pouring off of his body. He never stopped screaming, or squirming the entire time.

Then it slowly stopped, I couldn't force myself to watch anymore. Tears were falling uncontrollably down my face.

"Please don't do this." I mouthed, I couldn't make any sound come out of my mouth. The Nurse grabbed my head with one hand, and turned it to the side. I knew the sting of the needle was going to come any seconds, but I couldn't prepare myself for the pain that was bound to come.

The needle hit my skin. The moment he started to inject it into my skin, it felt like my skin was on fire. I could see it going red, and the steam like I had saw on Liam. But the pain didn't lessen. With every second that went by I could feel it latching onto my body, and feel it start to take over. The burning, and the pain consuming every inch of my body.  It felt like lava was running through my veins, and I couldn't control any part of my body. It was violently shaking, and then everything started to slow down. The pain never went away, my body just grew weaker by the second. I was now fading in and our of consciousness, and then everything went black.

I woke up, and there were a dozen pairs of eyes watching my every move. Then a light was shined into my eyes, and I was asked to follow it. My skin was still hot, but it wasn't burning anymore.

"Her temperature is dropping to normal levels with every second that goes by." I heard a voice say, but I really couldn't focus in on anything. I could hear so many voices saying to many different things to focus on.

"Vitals are good." Another said.

I was no longer strapped down to the bed, but there were four men standing at every corner of the bed.

I heard a door open, and boots, only one set of boots hit the floor.

"He wants to see her now." The man said in a sharp firm voice.

"Can you stand?" A women asked helping me sit up. I still couldn't find my voice, or the courage to say anything.

I felt different light almost, like gravity wasn't pushing down on me as hard. I got to my feet, and the tall man grabbed onto my arm. He was handsome, he had the classic good looks. He had dark brown hair, that was just long enough, and blue eyes that could make a woman melt. He didn't wait for me to catch my balance, he just started to pull me towards the door he once came through.

"Slow down." I said trying to get back to my feet.

He slowed down, but barely. He didn't say one word to me the entire walk, and then he pushed me through a door. It was a thick door, it looked like it took a lot of effort to even open.

I tried to run back out but he slammed the door shut before I could get my balance.

"Magnificent. Extraordinary. Impossible." I heard a voice say from behind me. I whipped around quickly, and I could see a chair turned away from me sitting behind a large wooden desk.

"Pardon me?" I asked walking over to the desk. The chair slowly turned around, and exposed a man. He wasn't anything really. Nothing about him stood out more than others, he wasn't tall, and wasn't short. He was a little on the pale side, and he had a thin line of hair above his upper lip.

"You are incredible." He said standing up, and inching his eyes up and down my body. He grabbed a little folder, and opened it.

"Natalie Wallace. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5 feet 7 inches, played on the lacrosse team, rugby team, and basketball team. Ran track for three year, and quit due to knee injuries. Impressive student, very talented girl." He said reading from the little folder, and then looking back up at me. I just nodded, and took a deep breath.

"Who are you?" I asked in a quiet voice.

"That is not important to you. All you need to know is that I am the man in charge of this camp. I am in charge of all of the men, and now in charge of you, our greatest asset." He said smirking at me. Something about him gave me the chills, it made me sick.

"You killed them." I said looking him dead in the eye.

"Unfortunately yes I am sorry. We wanted minimum casualties, but thanks to you there doesn't have to be anymore." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I had no idea what was going on.

"You are the one." He said smirking again. I hated his little smirk, I just wanted to slap it off of his face.

"You killed Liam." I said in a more aggressive tone, slamming my fist against the wall. I heard a loud crack, and looked over to the wall to see a huge dent in it. I then waited for the pain to kick in to my hand, but there was nothing, there wasn't even a scratch or cut on my hand. 

"What did you do?" I asked looking at my hand in amazement. 

I could see the little flicker of fear in his eyes from when I had hit the wall, but he quickly hid it. "Enhanced you." He said.

"Pardon?" I asked giving him a confused look.

"You are out greatest invention. You are smarter, strong, faster. We have increased your senses, you will be able to see, and hear things that weren't possible before. You are perfectly build for the cold winter conditions in this country, your body can withstand freezing temperatures." He said. I knew that he had more to tell me, but I already had to many questions.

"Why me?" I asked. "Why use all of those people?" I said taking a seat in the chair in front of his desk, I knew that we would be here for a while.

"We had to test this on people with weakened immune systems, otherwise your body would of tried to fight off the injection, and you would have died. We saved you." He said with a fake smile, like he actually believed that he saved me.

"Here is the deal sweetheart." He said walking around, and placing a hand on my shoulder.

"You are going to train, and fight with us, you are going to help us win the war." He said calmly. It seemed to almost be an act of his.

"Why would I do that?" I asked standing up, forcing him to let go of my shoulder. 

"You don't and I will kill someone from this camp everyday until you change your mind, and I will start with your family." He said. He was still so calm, not a sound of anger or aggravation in his voice. He gave me a little smile like he had already won the argument, and he had. I had no choice.














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