Natalie grew up in a small town. She had everything she ever wanted. Family, friends, and an amazing boyfriend. None of that was meant to last when Germany launched its attack on Canada, and the Untied Stares launching WW3. They experimented on her, and changed her. Making her a soldier, using her against her own country.


3. Betray

He went over lots of details as we sat in that room. We must had been in that room for hours, and then a man, more of a boy walked in. He couldn't of been older than 14, and was carrying a gun.

"There has been a riot." He said trying to pull up his uniform that was clearly to big for him. I could tell he was scared, I could feel his heart pumping faster than the regular heart rate.

"You know how to handle it." He said. Not taking any of his attention away from me.

"So you have to give me your word that my family, and friends stay safe." I said looking him dead in the eye.

"I give you my word, I will not touch them, nor will anyone under my command. But they must stay inside the walls of the camp, or the deal is off." He said.

"That includes my blood family, and the three friends we discussed, and my boyfriend Jason." I said. I could hear a fraction of hesitation in his voice.

"What is it?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

"We have no record of the Jason Tyler you are talking about." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked, not I could feel my body start to panic, and tense.

"He is either dead, or has not been caught by our troops yet." He said. I could feel my heart sink, and a million questions start to come through my mind. I know Jason, he would rather die than be sent to one of these camps. He wouldn't let them take him alive, I need to find him if he is still alive before the Germans do.

"One more condition." I said.

"I will do whatever you want, but you need to let me find him." I said. There was no negotiation to this. "You either let me do this, or I will not cooperate." I said.

"You will be allowed to after you have completed your training, and must be escorted with my men." He said. I knew he was never going to trust me, he was going to keep me on a tight leash.

"I know that I don't know the limit to what you did to me. I don't know how strong, smart, or fast I will be, but neither do you." I said, and then stood up, and walked to the door. It opened almost immediately, and I was escorted to an army vehicle outside the facility.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked. But no one in the vehicle answered me, the two men sitting in the front just kept their heads facing forward. It was a half an hour drive, but we finally arrived at what looked like a training facility. I could see the running track, it looked like it had never even been run on. I got out of the car, and there was just one man standing out front waiting for me. He looked a little to excited to be here if you ask me.

As soon as I took a step out of the vehicle he was walking towards me with his hand out, waiting for me to shake it. I didn't bother, I didn't want to be here, and it wasn't going to be pleasant anyways. I just rolled my eyes, and walked right by him.

I turned around to see another three vehicles rolling up behind us. 20 men walked out of the vehicles, and started to position themselves. I seen the same boy hop out of the vehicle, he looked scared still.

"We have to head into the building." The boy said placing his hand on my back, and giving me a gentle push. Normally I wouldn't of put up with one of them touching me, but something about him reminded me of my younger brother. I just smiled at him, and started to walk to the door that was placed on the north side of the building. 

It looked like a gym, but a high tech one I had never seen anything on it. This was far more advanced than anything I had ever seen.

"Your living quarters are located in the far back corner, there is a bed, and bathroom back there. You do not have to worry about meals, we will prepare, and bring them to you." A different man said. He seemed about as excited to be here as I did. He was the same man that had brought me to the leader. Looking at him was something I liked to do. He was a very attractive man, his skin was flawless except for the cut that laid across his throat. I was so curious about it, but I knew that it would probably be better to not ask about it.

I just nodded, it was really late out, I turned around, and the boy was standing guard at the front door. I guess it was really the only door in and out of the building.

I made my way to the back room where there was a little single bed, that was perfectly folded. I looked over, and there was a shower, toilet, and sink right in the open. I could feel my body getting tired, but it was also late out. I crawled into the bed, it was far from comfy. The sheets were rough, and the blanket scratched my skin whenever I moved. The bed itself was stiff, and was almost like sleeping on a board lifted off of the ground.

I finally managed to get comfy, and relaxed. My heart was beating slower than it normally would, but it was almost calming to me. Within minutes I was out cold.

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