New Years Party

Isabella went to her cousin's New Year's Eve party what she didn't know about was the guest that were going to be the entertainment.

That's where the story all begins.........


5. Chapter 4.

Isabella's POV:

Omg!!!!Luke hemmings is staring at me while he was singing.I almost had a heartattack when he winked at me.They're song was so perfect exspecially Calum's part.I would go with him anyday.When i finally got the chance to get away from Sara i went inthe kitchen and saw Luke standing beside me.I think i died a little on the inside.Never had i thought it would happen.He asked me if i could have his number and i said sure.We chatted for a bit until the last couple minutes before New Year's was offically here.I did the final or first selfie of 2014.When we counted down he turned me around facing him.Sparks running throughout me.3,2,1 and he kissed me passionatley.I couldn't belive it!My first kiss was Luke Hemmings!When i went to go tell Sara she was going to a bedroom with a boy but they looked like they were stuck like glue.


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