New Years Party

Isabella went to her cousin's New Year's Eve party what she didn't know about was the guest that were going to be the entertainment.

That's where the story all begins.........


2. Chapter 2.

Luke's POV:

I was waiting for later so I can go to this party.I couldn't wait to sing "She Looks So Perfect" in front of everyone.We have rehersed this song so many times I think I am ready.I bet no one will not scream for us at the party.When we went on the "Take Me Home" tour with One Direction it was really fun opening for them.I loved it.Maybe tonight I will find the perfect girl. I got up to go grab my phone off the charger and texted Micheal....

 To:Mikey:p:Hey mate,wanna practice our song or do you think we are ready? -Luke the Penguin-

To Luke:I think we are down,Text Calum and Ashton to make sure though -Mikey-

To:Mikey:p:Ok thanks mate. -Luke the Penguin-

I went to a group chat for me, Ashton, and Calum:

Group chat with Ashton,Calum,And You:

To:Ash:Calum:Hey Micheal said we were fine but I wanted to check in with you guys...Do we need to practice or do you guys think we're down with it? -Luke the Penguin-

I got reply's instantly...

From:Ash:If you guys are confident then yeah!!!!

From:Calum:Sure but next time you wake me up I will hurt you!!!! XD

I laughed and did my daily routine.....

Isabella's POV:

I woke up late in the morning. I got up did my morning routine and headed over to Sara's house. I couldn't wait until the party later. When I drove by Sara's house she was gone. I texted her and she said she was shopping so I told her I would meet her there. We went to a lot of stores to get party supplies for my cousin and an outfit for it.I couldn't wait to find out who her entertainment was.I noticed it was 7:30 pm so we got into our party outfits and headed out.When I got there I hugged my cousin and went and talked to people.


Hey guys so how you like the chapter??There will be a lot of cliffhangers in this book just to let you know.I decided I am not going to continue on My Love so I will delete it.I am so sorry if you liked it but I am not interested in continuing it.Please forgive me and I will write a lot of stories in the furture.Thanks!!! -musiclvr123-



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