New Years Party

Isabella went to her cousin's New Year's Eve party what she didn't know about was the guest that were going to be the entertainment.

That's where the story all begins.........


1. Chapter 1.

Isabella's POV:

Hi I am Isabella Carpenter.I have a mom and a stepdad.I used to have my real dad but him and my mom got into a huge fight so he lives in California.My mom and I live in Sydney,Australia.My stepdad live about 30 minutes away.I don't have any friends really.Just my really close friend,Sara.Me and her do everything together.My favorite band is 5sos,and my favorites are Luke and Micheal.I love the way Micheal changes his hair color depending on his mood.I like Luke because of his peircings and voice.I looked at my phone to see I got a text from Sara.She asked what I was doing tomarrow.I totally forgot tomarrow was New Year's Eve.I told her that I had to go to my cousin's party.Her parents are never home.They are always on vacation so she always has parties with her friends.She has parties a lot but who could blame her she's 16.I told her she could come and I said don't worry about the way you dress because I was going casual.I noticed it was almost eleven-thirty so I went to bed.


Luke's POV:

Calum,Ashton,Micheal and I were practicing for our gig at a party tomarrow and that we could stay as guest.Calum said,"I wonder if there's going to be any hot girls?"I playfully smack him and say that it doesn't matter if their hot it matters what their personality is.I always tell them that but me and Micheal have always belived that.I told them that was enough for tonight and we all went upstairs and went to sleep.


So guys how you like it?I want a co-author so if your interested contact me in the comments and I will get back to you.Thanks for reading and there will be more to come!! -musiclvr123-




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