Not even death could part us.


2. waking up

"Babe? Babe wake up." Calum whispered gently into my ear. Slowly, I opened my eyes to a blurry scene. When my vision finally cleared, I could see Calum lent across me.

"Shit," I said rubbing the burning area of my head. "What, what happened?" Calum sighed. "A car, it just kinda went into us..but it's fine. You're fine. So don't worry about it." He replied.

I shook my head. "Don't worry about it?! Calum, where are we? My head kills. I need to hospital." I said, trying to pull myself up.

"Honestly babe," Calum said. "You're home now. It's fine." He kissed my forehead soothingly. "No." I replied. "How, how did we get home?" Calum pulled away from me.

"Layton, you've been asleep for about a week. I've spent every minute of that trying to wake you." A sudden expression of sadness filled his face. "What?" I asked. "What do you mean, asleep?"

"Just, sleeping." He replied. "But I was terrified, Layton. After the accident, they took you to hospital. You've got minor head injuries, a fractured wrist and a fair bit of bruising, I'm afraid." I looked at Calum, confused.

"What about you? I tried to wake you, but, I guess I past out." Calum grabbed my hand. "Lay, you wouldn't have woken me, no matter how hard you tried." I could see a tear forming in his eye. "In the crash, well, I hit my head pretty hard. Enough to knock me out. And my internal organs, well they kinda crushed eachother. Babe, I love you. And I promised I'd never leave you. And I mean that. Never."

I let go of his hand. A million thoughts span through my head, but none wanted to come from my mouth. He wiped away a tear, as I stated emotionlessly back at him. "Layton, say something!" He screamed, letting every emotion out. "I died, in that crash, Layton! And you can't even say anything?! I'm still here! But for you! Layton say something!" His sadness mixed with anger.

"I..I..Calum, I'm, I'm sorry.." I stuttered. "So, so are you a g-ghost?" I asked, hesitant. He shrugged. "I don't know what I am. I thought I was alive for a few days. Until I saw your parents bring you home, and they literally looked right through me. I've lay with you- everyday. I love you, Layton. And the fact you're okay- that's all I want." He kissed me.

"But, how can I see you? Feel you?" I cried.

"I guess we loved eachother enough- maybe all soul mates can do this. I love you, Layton."

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