Not even death could part us.


1. The car

"Mum, I'll be back in an hour, me and Calum are going for a drive. Love you." I yelled as I stood by the open front door. 
"Where are you going?" Mum asked cautiously, as she tapped the banister with her right hand.
"Only to the beach I think, just to have some time together before he goes on his trip."I replied, tucking a piece of unwanted blonde hair behind my ear.
"Oh, tell him I said good luck! He's an amazing footballer, he'll fly through it." She smiled. I waved back to her, before swinging the heavy door shut,.
I paced eagerly towards Calum's silver ford, with him waiting patiently in the front seat. He was wearing his navy blue Hollister shirt, with black skinny jeans sunglasses to complete his look. He looked amazing. "You ready babe? I want this to be perfect, if I'm not gonna see you for a month." He frowned, and stuck out his bottom lip like a sulking child.
"It'll be over before you know it." I leaned into the car, and kissed him, before strapping myself into my seat. Calum started the ignition, and pulled out of my drive way, and headed off towards the beach.
"So, what have you been up to today?" He asked. "The usual, tumblr, netflix. Oh, and I finished my art course work. It took me so long to get the right skin tone, you're such an awkward colour, Cal." I laughed.
"Um, thanks?" He laughed. "I'm sure it looks amazing, don't work yourself up about it so much. You're an amazing artist, Layton. I've seen your work. You're gonna pace this course with flying colours and sell your art work for millions, or at least enough to buy us a mansion." He winked at me.
He always gave me such a confidence boost. As usual, I painted him for my course work. We were told to paint something we loved, so I did. I know, it's crazy. To say you're in love at 17. But I knew from the day we met we were going to be together for along time. And three years wasn't too bad for a couple of teenagers.
"Layton, you look amazing." Calum smiled. I was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a turquoise jumper, with my hair pulled back into a messy bun. "Thanks, I do try." I laughed. It was too cold to wear summery clothes, yet the beach still looked stunning, despite how cold and windy it was.
We drove down the narrow street, past a group of Calum's football friends. He beeped the horn aggressively, and shouted at them out of the window. I smiled, seeing how excited he was to go away for his tournament. "I'm so happy for you Cal." He clutched my hand. "I can't believe it. I'm gonna miss you so much though, Layton. Just seeing you everyday is perfect, so not seeing you for a month, man. I don't know how I'll cope." He sighed. 
"I'll FaceTime you every day. I promise." I said, squeezing his hand tighter. He let go, so that he could turn round the corner towards the beach.
"I don't know what I'd do without you. I hope I'll never have to find out." Calum smiled. This made me go red, causing him to smile even more. "I love you, Layton." He smiled, turning his head to kiss me.
"I love you too." I lent forward to kiss him, and it felt like our first kiss all over again. The fireworks, the butterflies. Man, I loved him. He pulled away, and looked back at the road ahead.
Suddenly, a cat ran across the road. Calum slammed down on the breaks, causing us to be throw forward. I rubbed the mark the seatbelt had left across my chest. "Are you okay?" Calum asked, removing his seatbelt in order to check on me.
"Yeah, it's just a bruise." I said. Calum's faced dropped. He threw himself over me, and screamed. Before I knew what was going on, I felt the car jolt sideways, and tip onto its side. Another car spun in front of us, causing the car to topple completely over. I as shaking, and I could feel the warm blood trickling down my forehead.
Calum lay across the left side of the car, blood running from his nose. "Calum? Calum wake up!" I screamed, terrified. Silence. I shook him again. And again. I could feel my body going numb, and could hear a high pitched ringing noise in my ear. I let out on final scream for Calum, before giving into the pain. 


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