Broken Promises

"It's a promise she can't keep, her promise to protect me, part of me already knows it"

*Entry for the 'There will be lies' competition*


1. Promises

Some think that promises are a childish game. That to break a promise

will be taken lightly and therefore no-one should be subject to any pain or

heartbreak. They're wrong. A promise isn't to be taken lightly. It isn't a joke,

nor is it a game. To promise is sacred and can mean so much from so little.

If you can reach the stars then promise a star. But if you promise the moon,

the star is no longer good enough. Shattered promises can lead to shattered hearts.

By breaking a promise you are effectively helping break the person themselves.

Anger, jealousy, pain. All brought about by untrue words and foolish actions.

A promise can mean everything to a person, but once it's broken it's too late.

Sorry means nothing. So why do so many make promises they are unable to keep.

To give your heart to someone is to promise them forever, to give them an infinity

with you. But unfortunately, some infinities aren't as big as others and some people

aren't as true as others need them to be. 

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