The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


25. The Story of James Winning my Thong

Chapter 1:

I hear yelling, then some banging, possibly something exploding. Mum must be trying to make breakfast again. I snuggle deeper into my blanket, covering my head and putting my hands over my ears. Please, please don’t let it be that time already. More banging, oh and there’s Dad’s loud yelling now. It’s time to wake up, the worst part of any teens life, going back to school. Not that I didn’t absolutely adore Hogwarts, but dang, I liked sleep. 

I pull my knees up to my chest until I’m a tiny little ball. It should be any second now that Dad comes knocking on my door with that commanding voice of his. Merlin, I hated that voice. Next door to my brother was still snoring away, completely sleeping through the racket Mum was making. I swear, he would sleep through the next wizarding war if he could. 

Then without a warning my dear old Dad’s fist is banging against my door, “Andy, wake up!” He shouts although I can hear him regardless. I don’t reply, I would like to sleep a bit longer. 


I should of been expecting that, but I never am. The severity of his voice makes me jump and someway, somehow, I fall out of bed hitting the floor with a thud. As surprising as it is, that is not the first time I’ve ever fallen out of bed. It happens on multiple occasions. 

“I’m up.” I groan into the floor, the carpet muffling my words. 

I hear my father sigh and then go to my brothers door next to mine. He knocks lightly on his door, “Scorpius, time to wake up.” He orders in a friendly fashion. 

Yes, you guessed it. I’m the daughter of the one and only Draco Malfoy. You know the guy they talk about in history books, he aided Lord Voldemort, was the sworn enemy of Harry Potter. Great guy, my father. Mother was a different story but, it’s not like she’ll be around for much longer.. 

When Scorpius continues to snore loudly I listen as Dad goes quietly into his prized sons room and shakes him awake. What a lucky bastard my brother was, father didn’t treat me like that very often. 

Scorp is like his prized possession, it was kind of a way for him to relive his school years without having The Dark Lord whispering things in your ear. It’s not that I don’t understand that, it’s just you think he would care about his daughter a little bit more. 

Like possibly telling me congrats when I took all N.E.W.T level classes. He was just in a constant bitter state over the fact that I was sorted into Gryffindor. 

Stupid house rivalry.

And of course, a year later when Scorp came to Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin only to be held higher in my Fathers eyes. Mum didn’t play favorites though which was a relief speaking how blatantly obvious father was about liking Scorp more.  

I am entering my 7th year and am 3rd in my class oh what joy it is going to be, speaking that James Potter is ahead of me without even trying. He is so full of himself that he would be likely to write a movie about himself staring him.

Even though we’ve been in the same year and classes for 6 years, I don’t think he actually knows I exist. I am Malfoy, but people often seemed to forget speaking I’m a traitor who’s a Gryffindor. 

I pry myself from off the floor one limb at a time until I’m finally standing. I hear the groan of my brother next door meaning he is also up. I sleepily walk up to the mirror and my terrible reflection stares back at me. 

Dear god, what do I do when I’m sleeping?

My normally blonde pin-straight hair is ratted and I have bags under my eyes the size of Russia. Seriously, what in the name of Merlin do I do when I sleep? I honestly must live a double life, like the double life of someone who wakes up in the middle of the night just to ef’ up my hair. 

Something loud falls over in the kitchen and I assume it’s my mother again. That woman just can’t cook as easily in a wheelchair, but insists on trying. 

Before I have time to even begin to ready myself my brother bursts in, looking just as bad as I do. He flops onto my bed burying his face into my blankets. 

“Kill me now.” He moans turning his head to face me and frowning. 

I turn away from the mirror and face him, quirking a brow I say, “Gladly.”

This is oddly out of character for him, he usually stays tucked away in his room, secretly reading muggle comic books. Or, up dad’s ass acting like a good pureblood son. 

Unlike me. I am a terrible pureblood.

Or to my dads standards I am. And don’t forget my father is Draco freaking Malfoy. 

“At least dad wakes you up nicely, I just get yelled at.” I chuckle taking a seat on the bed next to Scorp.

Little Bro here, really got a kick out of dad treating him the way he does. It honestly gets really old, even he gets annoyed by it sometime. 

He flips over and sits up, looking me straight in the eyes, he gives me one of those signature smiles and says, “It’s because I’m the golden child.” He does a little hand flourish. 

I push his shoulder giggling quietly, “Oh, shut up.” 

“Whatcha gon’ do about it?” He questions pushing me back. A little too hard, may I add. 

I fall face first onto the floor once more, wow, I should be getting use to this by now. And of course of all times dad has to come by my door he comes by now. He steps into my room slowly as if taking in my patheticness. 

“Real barmpot she is Dad.” Scorp states shaking his head to at me. That little wanker is going to get it. 

I flash him a dirty look as I prop myself up to face dad, “Yes, Daddy?” I ask as sweetly as I can. 

“How old are you?” He quips placing a hand on his hip. 

Damn Dad, stop being sassy. 

“17.” I grumble cutting my eyes over to Scorp who looks like he’s going to break any second. 

“That’s not how a 17 year old should act, Andromeda. Now get up off the floor and come to breakfast, you can fix yourself afterwards.” With that he left storming down the hallways of the giant Malfoy manner. 

When Grammy and Gramps decided the house was too big for them, they gave it to Dad. Frankly though, I think it’s too big for anyone. It changes sometimes too and that doesn’t help. Of course Dad would never think about getting a modern home. 

Honestly though, he wasn’t always like this. He use to be more easy-going, but ever since Mum got sick he acts like he has some standard to uphold. It’s been 4 years now since the news, 4 long years of her battling it. 

My brothers laughter breaks through the air as he rolls around laughing on my bed. I throw a nearby sock at him as a warning that I’m bout’ to beat his ass. 

“Git.” I snap pulling myself off the floor again. 

“Takes one to know one.” He snickers strutting out of my room, me just a few paces behind.


The wind is rushing through my hair as we race through people at King Cross Station. Father is having an aneurysm because we were running slightly late. And by late I mean we still have 20 minutes till 11. Father just likes to show off his not so perfect family to the masses. Trust me, I know, it makes no sense.  It only takes us longer to get here now because we can’t apparate with mum in a wheelchair. 

So, guess what?

We drive in a muggle car, to fathers utter dismay, I got my license and I drive mum wherever her ageing heart guides her. He doesn’t dare want to be seen getting out of it so he makes us park a million miles away from Kings Cross and walk the rest of the way. 

My tiny legs, aren’t meant for walking. I’m a witch for a reason. Scorp likes to play a game of obstacles as he races mums wheelchair through the crowds. Although father playfully scolds him, mother laughs, and smiles brightly. 

“I’m going to win!” I shout back at them as my hair flies over my shoulder and I bump past a man holding a coffee mug. 

It goes flying out of his hand right after mother and Scorp race past him, getting dads suit completely covered in brown. I don’t have time to fret over the scolding I’m about to get. I must win.  My trolley shakes under my hands as I make a sharp turn to avoid hitting a pregnant woman. I can see platoform 9 ¾ just ahead. 

I whip my head around to see where my opponents are, they’re stopped and Scorp is checking mum’s breathing machine. I slow my roll and watch, oh merlin, please let her be okay. So, I do the honorable thing. 

I fall. Now mum needs to win. She has to win sometimes. I mean, how much of a bitch would I be to beat someone in a wheelchair. 

Get a life, Andy.

That’s me, incase you didn’t know. 

Both of them look up at me, slowly picking myself up from the ground. Thankfully they see it as an opportunity because mum nods to Scorp. She adjusts the breathing tube around her face and they take off again, it doesn’t take them but a few moments to pass me, and I’m still not far behind. 

They zoom through the platform wall, not even bothering to check for muggles. Luckily no one looked like they were about to faint from shock, so I took that as a good sign. I stopped at the platform and waited for dad. He was quite a ways back, speaking he stopped fast walking when he got coffee spilt on him. 

My bad. It’s too sad. 

No, it’s actually pretty funny. To me at least. 

When dad finally got to me he was wearing a different suit, one without a stain on him. The hell? Of course, leave it to him to bring another suit. His mouth was fixed in a firm line and his brows pointed in as he looked wearily at me. 

“When did ya’ change?” I ask nodding at him as I looked him up and down. 

“There’s no need to change when you’re a wizard Andromeda.” He replies harshly his lip twitching slightly. 

I nod at him sarcastically, glancing down at my wrist watch. This will stop working as soon as I get to Hogwarts. Sigh. As much as I love Hogwarts, I wish they would modernize it a little. I mean, no wiz-fi for many months at a time. It’ll be the death of me, I tell you. At home I usually steal our neighbors wiz-fi, it’s painfully slow, but worth it. 

“You know you didn’t have to so obviously let your mother win.” He drawls pushing me through the platform and into the bustling Hogwarts madness. 

“Mhm.” I sneer as my favorite noises fill my ears, uplifting my mood a bit. 

I watch as Scorp kisses mum on the head and rushes off in the direction of his best friend, Albus Potter. Funny right? I think the only reason dad doesn’t throw a hissy fit is because little Potter is in Slytherin. Unlike his older brother James, pure hearted Gryffindor and Captain of the quidditch team. If only daddy dearest knew that Scorp was hanging out with all the Wotters not just Al. 

I find it slightly hilarious that he is friends with their entire family, but not one of them knows I exist. As far as I know.

Albus and Scorpius bro hug while James, Elliott Wood, and Fred Weasley emerge behind a pillar also greeting my little brother. I see dad’s eyebrow twitch slightly. 

I pat him hard on the back, “Who’s the golden child now?” I laugh as I walk towards mom. 

She smiles down at me as I lower myself onto my knees. I rest my hand on her knee and smile solemnly back at her. 

“How are you feeling madre’?” I questions, trying to not let my voice waver. 

“The best I’ve felt in years.” She lies through her teeth, bringing a soft hand up to touch my cheek.

“That’s what you always say, mom.” I muse patting her leg and trying not to let the smile fall from my lips. 

“That’s because it’s true, darling.” She remarks patting my cheek, “You’re just so beautiful, I did such a good job on you.” 

When I was in my fourth year some ex death eater attacked the manor and put a curse on mom, it made her heart slowly age from the inside. We’ve hired the best curse breakers that are known to man, but none have been able to help. So here we have mom, slowly dying from the inside, and dad can’t do anything about it. I think that’s what drives him up the wall. 

“I love you mum.” I say happily, bringing myself up to kiss her forehead. 

Keep smiling, be happy. Don’t let her see you cry. 

I turn around to dad and nod at him before taking off in the direction of the express. I hold back tears as I walk past my brother. My trunk gripped tightly in my hand, he see’s me and he knows. He waves and I shake my head in return. 

“Who’s that hottie?” James asks obnoxiously, I can feel his eyes burn into me as I walk towards the doors. 

“Does she even go here? Because I feel like I would of seen that tail before.” Fred adds. 

If I was in a better mood I would of hexed them.

“That’s my sister you git.” Scorp replies smacking him on the back side of the head. I can’t help but giggle to myself as I step inside the train in search of my friends. 


It’s true, I changed my appearance slightly since last year. I got red streaks in my hair, made sure it was always pin straight and guess what? I actually started making an effort to do my make-up. I even dressed in less lazy clothes. I don’t know, I just felt like I should try a bit harder, it being my last year and all. 

I didn’t expect my friends to react this way at all, so when they did it honestly came as a shock. 

“Wow Andy, Rocking that red.” Liz announced as I walked into the compartment.

“Eyeliner is on point.” Bea chimed in as she took in my appearance. 

“You know, you actually have a nice ass.” Layla declared as I took a seat next to Liz. 

These were my three best friends. Also known as huge ass dorks, but who really cares anyways.

Liz, was a 7th year like me, but a Hufflepuff, she was snogging a new boy every other day and always, and I mean always sleeping. She had long brown hair, and big green eyes that were just perfect. 

Bea was a 6th year Ravenclaw who could outsmart Harry Potter himself. She had long sleek black hair and brown eyes that sparkled every time she got something right, which was often. 

Then Layla, she was one of my favorites. She was so blunt, that sometimes you need to tape her mouth shut. She’s a 7th year like Liz, and I, but Slytherin. She one hell of a beater, and a lesbian who could charm the pants off of most girls. She had round blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that fell to her ribcage, the bridge of her nose was covered in freckles. 

Yup, 4 girls, for different houses. 

“Guys,” I shut them up, “It’s not that different.”

“Hell yeah it is, I mean just look at your-” Layla began but got cut off by Liz.

“Your beautiful sense of style.” She finished, whilst staring at Layla who rolled her eyes and slumped lazily into her seat, pulling out the daily prophet. 

“What changed?” Bea asks curiously leaning forward setting down her advanced potions book. 

I rolled my eyes, “Well, originally it was so dad would stop calling me lazy. Then it kind of just stuck. 

“Thank merlin for Draco Malfoy.” Layla chimes in from behind the newspaper. 

“Anyways.. enough about me. Tell me about your summer.” I say quickly before another word about my new style could be said. 

“Well, Edward and I have been dating for two weeks now. AND, I’m actually making him wait.” States Liz happily as she flips her hair over her shoulder and looks expectantly at me. 

“Good job, that’s a week longer than Jerry.” I scoff rolling my eyes and bumping her playfully on the shoulder. 

“I kissed Mariah Goldings of Puddlemore United Quidditch team.” Layla says nonchalantly from behind her newspaper. 

“She’s engaged.” I gasp my eyes going wide. 

“Mhm.” She replies coyly. 

That woman never ceases to amaze me. 

“I got all Outstandings on my OWLS.” Bea boasts holding her head high. 

“No? Really?” The three of us reply in mock voices as Bea rolls her eyes and returns to her potions book. 

And so begins our ride to Hogwarts.


We have about 30 minutes left on our ride, and my knickers will not stop causing me an uncomfortable wedgie. It’s about time for me to change into my robes anyways. I’ll just head to the bathroom and do both. 

I dig around in my trunk for my robes and a thong, which will be a nice relief. I finally find them in my jumbled mess of a trunk. 

“I’ll be taking a pee and changing into my robes.” I announce to my friends as I turn to walk out the door. 

I slowly prance my way down the aisle, humming a popular muggle song. I wonder what the foods going to be like this year. I heard they might do some weird health reform. I’ll probably cry if they do that.

I make it about half-way to the bathroom when a tall body and a mop of black hair comes flying out of the compartment I was just passing. The man knocks me to the ground and my clothes and provocative thong go flying into the air. 

The guy takes a tumble too, but instead of trying to land somewhere else, he decides falling on top of me will do. It knocks the wind out of me and it takes every ounce I have to not scream. 

When this tall and may I add muscular guy turds his head to look down at me, I almost gag. James Sirius Potter. HE’S LAYING ON TOP OF ME. MERLIN. 

“Well hello there, love.” He teases blinking slowly, “Fancy bumping into you here.” 

I roll my eyes and push him off of me. I quickly stand up and begin to dust the non-existent dust from my skinny jeans. 

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. 

“Bloody git, you could of killed me.” I mumble staring angrily up at him. 

His big brown eyes stare intently down at me, he has quite the height advantage. His hair fell with a sort of casual elegance to his eyes. I couldn’t help but notice his large quidditch muscles that were almost staring at me like a 3rd eye.  

“Actually, the names James. And I believe you’re Scorps sister? Andy?” He says smoothly almost as if he’s said it a million times. 

Hmm, it only took him six years, a wardrobe change, and being smacked by my brother to figure out who I am. 

I say progress. 

“Yeah.” I sass looking around for my clothes which have been scattered about. 

I grab my robes from behind me and glance around the remaining floor. Dammit. Wears my thong? James eyes twinkle as he pulls it from his back pocket and holds it above my head. 

“Why, aren’t you a dirty girl?” He chuckles twirling him around on his pointer finger. 

My cheeks go bright red and I clutch my wand in my pocket. 

“James Potter, I will ask you nicely. Please give it back.” I ask my voice quivering with slight fear. This is not going to go over well. I've avoided him for 6 years and I'm not going to start having problems now. 

He stops twirling and looks down at me devilish, “No.” 

“Please.” I plead, I really don’t want to hex him.

Well, I kind of do.

“Everyone is going to love the story about how I charmed the underwear off the new hot girl, it’s brilliant.” He purrs slipping back into his compartment. 

My eyes go wide. What was I going to do? March in there and demand my thong back? That’d go over well with my brother. I shouldn’t of had cold feet about hexing him. I guess this only means one thing, war.

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