The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


26. The Story of How Not to Mess with a Malfoy

Chapter 2:

I sat in the great hall as McGonagall said her last words of the opening speech and then the food appeared onto the table.  I grip my fork tighter in my hand as I watch James Potter and his crew in the middle of the table. They’re laughing, and smirking, as they pass around a small piece of cottony material.


Also known as-MY THONG.


James tosses it to my brother who practically slaps it over to Albus, who takes it lovingly into his hands. He admires every detail, Merlin. I at least thought little Potter had more class. Fred now snatches it from his hands and puts it on his head like a hat. They all laugh loudly attracting even more attention.


If I wasn’t already fuming I was now. I was about to rip out James Potters insides and tie him up by his intestines. All 90’s horror movie style. Was that a little too dark? Elliot Wood takes the thong from Freds head and uses it as a slingshot to fire it at Scorp.


I changed my mind, what I said wasn’t dark enough.


My poor little bro looks like he is about to cry. I feel bad for him for about a second before he looks over at me in disgust and throws the thong back at James who slips it carefully back into his pocket.


Oh my! How nice it is to know he’s taking good care of it. Hence the sarcasm.


The three of my friends snuck over to the Gryffindor table, because I think they feared I would attack James as soon as I saw him. People had become so accustomed to having Wotters from the other  houses come sit at our table, that I think my friends sitting here didn’t bother them.  


Bea pats my back as she takes a bite of red gelatin, “Stop staring like you’re crazy, it’ll give away the illusion.” She laughs and slurps another piece of jello.


“I say we just go pummel him right now, muggle style.” Layla pipes after taking a sip from her goblet.


“I agree.” I growl cracking my knuckles and standing up from my seat. Liz forcefully pulls me back down and gives me a stern look.


“What did I say? We make a plan of attack.. One that will ruin his precious reputation. We can’t act too soon or we’ll all be caught.” Liz remarks knowingly.


I mean, she right, but I don’t want to admit that.


Here’s the thing about Liz, she unknowingly smart, like really, really smart.. She just doesn’t notice it.


I do. Sure, half the time she’s making out with some new douchebag, but the other half she’s with us, being a dork, and secretly smart.  


I reach forward and grab a chicken leg forcefully pulling it back and taking a large bite. I stare at the wall in front of me, trying to plan the perfect murder in my head. Gloves, yes, I’ll need gloves.. A muggle gun, that’ll do nicely, oh and a-


“Andromeda, I need to talk to you. Now.” Scorp scolds as he walks past me with Albus plastered to his side.


Oh no, he called me by my first name, this can’t and won’t be good.


“My master calls.” I groan as I swing my legs around the table and walk as slow as I can to the boys who are waiting at the main door for me, impatiently, may I add.


Scorp leaned against the nearest wall, tapping his foot, and Albus was just staring at me with smolder that could melt a girls panties off.


But, he’s already held mine. So what’s the use?


I couldn’t help but notice, but from the moment I got up James eyes followed me all the way to the door. It was a penetrating look, and made me feel rather uncomfortable. Someone needs to give these Wotter boys a lesson on staring etiquette.


When I finally reach my brother he rolls his eyes and they wanders off somewhere into the corridors, obviously wanting me to follow him.


I walk slowly behind my younger brother, silently screaming at him. He thinks he can boss me around because he’s some popular Slytherin, best friends with the boy who lived son. That shoudn’t mean anything right? But yet, it does. Oh, it means everything, especially at a cliquey school like Hogwarts.


We walk down a quiet corridor, Albus and him stop by a statue, turning to face me. I walk slower than I was before, just to piss him off a little more.


“Hurry the hell up, Andy! I haven’t got all day!” Scorp yells interrupting the beautiful silence in this area.


I finally reach him and stand before him with an unamused look plastered on my face. I know he's getting ready to whine to me like he always does. He's such a brother. Al has stopped staring crazily at me and is instead looking at me as if I'm a puzzle.


I'm going to slap them both.


"Yes, my dear brother?" I say my voice dripping with sarcasm.


He puts a sassy hand on his hip and tilts his head, "Don't take that tone with me."


I roll my eyes, "Okay, Dad." I quip and Al laughs, making me feel slightly accomplished with myself.


I glance outside one of the windows, the sky is twinkling bright with stars and the crickets chirp, making a peaceful sound. Unlike in here, Scorp taps his foot, causing an uncomfortable echo in the somewhat peaceful hallway. Oh, how I wish to be a cricket.


"You can't do anything about it, ya' know that right?" Scorp asks with a small amount of sympathy in his voice.


Um, why is he feeling sympathy for me?


It's not like I feel any for him.


Is that mean? It's kind of mean.


Oh well.


"About what, dumbass?" I question, quirking a brow and crossing my arms over my stomach.


As soon as I do this, my brother looks beyond annoyed at me. I don't know why he's being so damn irritable. Albus even looks worried. I swear someone needs to slap these boys. It’s usually me that’s all worried and having panic attacks.


I’m serious. I have really bad anxiety, but Mums been helping me cope. She’s great, really.


“James.” Albus finishes for him , nodding slowly at me. James? Why are they warning me about James? I can do whatever the hell I want to do about the no good, panty stealing, asrseho-


My thoughts are interrupted by my dear brother once more.  “If you try to get revenge, because let’s face it.. You want too.”  I rolled my eyes and nodded my head.


I wasn’t going to lie. I did want to get revenge.

“The thong was quite soft by the way.” Al remarks smiling at me, his eyes wide with that stunning green color.


I shoot him a pair dagger eyes. A pair that even Voldemort himself would have feared. See, that’s the thing about me.. I’m so nice, I’ll smile all the time, laugh at your not so funny jokes, comfort you, all that jazz. But the second you piss me off, you’ve pissed off the wrong person.


This one time in 5th year, there was this really, really dorky guy. Like, glasses that magnified his eyes, bowl cut, and he didn’t know when to stop talking. He didn’t have any friends.. and it wasn’t like he was a bad guy. So I was friendly to him, let him sit with us every so often, engaged him in conversation. I was being human. I’m not a bitch.




He told anyone that would listen that he’d been shagging me. Yeah.


He doesn’t go here anymore.


It’s not even my doing either, I just have good best friends.


Al’s cheeks go crimson as my eyes burn into his face. If my eyes were lasers, he’d be dead. OH. Now I kind of sort of want lasers for eyes. This would make the whole James’ situation a lot easier. I could like laser his head off.


Too dark? A little, but who cares.


“I’m trying to protect you Andy.” Scorp says a little softer, looking at me with that look he gives Dad. Oh dear Merlin, not the eyes. NOT THE LIP. Now the head tilt, I’m going to die.


“I get that.” I snap and instantly feel bad because he actually jumps. I need to watch myself.. I can’t be just going around yelling at people. I’m supposed to be nice remember? God dammit James, you have got be all fucked up. “He’s just going to get what he deserves, and then we’ll be done. Even Steven.”


“That’s what you think.” Albus remarks shaking his head and looking at my brother with worry ridden on his face. They are acting like James’ is the new dark lord, but he’s just some cocky ass Quidditch player who finds it necessary to steal random girls thongs. That git.


“I don’t care what you guys think. Just go and slytherin up to your common room and leave me and this situation be.” I command


Ha, I’m funny.

Scorp sighs looking defeated. He glances at Al and they have some kind of super secret conversation in each others mind. I do that sometimes with Liz. It’s fun. Occasionally something gets um.. miscommunicated.


“Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Andy.” Scorp adds as he and Al stalk off down the corridor.


Yeah, yeah.. I can make dramatic exits too. Watch this.


“DIDN’T NEED YOU ANYWAYS.” I yell down to them as I swiftly turn around and storm off in the opposite direction. My common room is the other way, I just don’t want to walk with them.




Have I mentioned to you yet that I’m a walking hazard? You know what, I don’t think I have. I can take any normal situation I’m in and accidentally make things ten times harder for me. It really is a problem and I think I need to see a counselor.


This one time in transfiguration, Mcgonagall was trying to get us to change our partners eye color. Well, I have no fucking clue what happened to this day.. but I accidentally turned myself green. The spell wasn’t even meant for me, and yet I got the bad end of the stick. Mcgonagall was furious, it was slightly funny. Except the 2 foot essay I had to write. That wasn’t.


So why did I tell you this lovely story about how dumb I am? Well, I’m currently roaming the corridors of Hogwarts. Completely lost. I guess I thought I was down a different corridor, and then took all the wrong turns.. because I’m so utterly confused right now I’m going to break down crying.


You think living at a school for six years prior to this, you would know your way around. Well, not me. Like I said. I’m a damn mess.


It was late, I could tell you that. I think I’ve been walking around for about two hours. I bet my friends think the castle swallowed me whole. Only if they’d come looking for me.


I am just about to give up and crawl under a tapestry when I hear a deep male voice, echoing across the corridor.


“Lost, are we Malfoy?” James asks his voice etched with sarcasm.


I swiftly turned around just in time to watch him slip an old piece of parchment into his back pocket. Hmm, I wonder if my thongs in there.


“No.” I lie firmly, freezing in place.


Im so lost, bloody hell, I need help. BUT. Not from James Potter.


“Mhm.” He chuckles, one that resonates deep in his chest. “You sure about that, love?” He walks along side of me now, and it’s not very hard to keep up with my strides. You know, he’s 6’2 I’m 5’2, it’s quite a joyous experience to walk along side a giant.


I should write a movie.




Starring: ME.


Sounds great.


“Yes, I’m sure.” I say trying to sound civilized. You know, this way when I get my revenge it will be a surprise and he won’t know what hit him. I’m so smart.


“Well then, if you’re sure you want a quick snog in the nearest broom closet.” He says smirking down at me as I froze in my tracks. EW. NO, I don’t thank you very much. “I’ll try to make it quick, but no promises. I’m quite bored, and obviously so are you, so we might get carried away.”


I turn to face him square on and poke him in the center of his chest. Yes, I did just poke James Potter. “No.” He looks slightly taken back by this and smirks again. I’m going to slap him.


“Fine then.” He says somewhat gently, “Well, I’m going to the kitchens. Care to join me?”


DID HE SAY KITCHENS? What is this witchcraft. We have a kitchen? Why have I never been to this kitchen. I’m so mad right now. What’s with Potter knowing everything.


“No.” I repeat once more, my stomach growling. I feel like I’m a broken record when I talk to him.


He laughs and casually bumps into my shoulder, “Well fancy bumping into you here, but I’ll be off then.” He says, repeating what he said to me on the train. Quite clever that boy.


I roll my eyes and I continue mindlessly walking towards my non-existent destination.


James stops when we reach another corridor and turns to face me, “The common room is two left turns than a right. You can find your way from there.” He affirms with a nod, walking swiftly down the corridor.


I don’t say anything to him, but rejoice silently in my head,


Thank Merlin.

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