The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


37. The Divine

Chapter 1:

It was a Thursday afternoon when Alexander Corbin stumbled upon his 3 year old daughter Cassandra, sitting Indian style whilst hovering three feet from the blue carpet in her room. This was just one of the very unfortunate events that had happened on that stormy day. This just happened to be the very event that sent him completely off his rocker and into the loony bin.

His day started as any other middle aged business man’s day should. It was a rainy morning and he wanted nothing more than to stay wrapped up in his blankets next to his wife. Though this was his yearning, his alarm still went off at 6 o'clock sharp and he still rolled out of bed.

Alexander swore under his breath as he hit the floor with a thud, he looked up at his wife to make sure he hadn't woken her from her slumber. She still laid there with her bright wavy blonde hair in her face, covering her gorgeous blue eyes. He met Kayla his Junior year in college and they have been in love ever since. Alexander smiled at her solemnly; he loved nothing more than his wife and daughter. They were his life.

He walked groggily to the bathroom. Once he mechanically closed and locked the door, he switched on the light. It was a tiny bathroom, painted pink with pictures of flowers on the walls. He wouldn’t have chosen this as his dream bathroom, but it was what made his wife happy.  It was his wife’s decision; he didn't really have much of a choice did he? Getting ready in a pink bathroom wasn't really his fort’e, it made him feel rather feminine.

Although Alexander was anything but that, staring back at him in the mirror was a stocky man of six feet. While his nose was rather large and his mustache untamed, he wasn't a bad looking man. His hair stood up every which way and he had to comb in three times before the mangle of brown hair finally stayed flat on his round head.

He hurriedly fixed his tired state by brushing his teeth and smiling back at his reflection in the mirror. He thought he looked rather charming for someone who had just gotten out of bed. Turning the light off , he walked out of the bathroom back into the morning glow of his bedroom.

He quietly pulled a suit from his closet and a tie from his dresser. He laid them out on the side of the bed and silently began dressing himself. He watched his wife as he fixed the tie around his neck. The gentle rise and fall of her chest comforted him.

The rain still poured outside. He glanced at his watch and quickly picked up the suitcase from the side of his bed and walked around to his wife. He watched her once more for a moment before bending down, moving the hair from her face and gently kissing her on her forehead.

"I love you sweetie." he whispered as he pulled away from her.

He stood up, straightened his tie and walked out of the room in a hurry. He reached the staircase and stood there for a moment, pondering what he had forgotten. He was a very forgetful man. It then occurred to him that he hadn't said goodbye to his daughter.

He walked slowly down the hallway and peaked his head into his daughter’s bedroom. Sleeping in a tiny twin sized bed laid a little girl of three years old. She had inherited her mother’s looks, curly blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. He tip-toed into the room and stood over Cassandra for a moment, he loved his daughter very much. He bent down and gave her a small peck on the head before exiting the room.

He always was one for goodbyes, he never felt satisfied with himself unless he had said goodbye to his loved one, whether they knew it or not.

He hopped down the stair two at a time taking another quick look at his watch his stomach gave a jolt. It was fifteen minutes until he had to be at work, so he would have to skip breakfast this morning, but would be back for a good lunch.

Alexander worked for an accounting firm in the town that he and his family lived in Clearfield, Utah. It wasn't exactly his dream job but it paid the bills. There wasn't very many things that were to be enjoyed, when sitting at a desk for eight hours.   

The moment he stepped outside into the storm it was like a great weight had fallen down onto him. He had been overcome by a strange feeling of forewarning and felt as if he was being watched. He stood underneath the overhang on his front porch and looked around the front yard. When nothing sinister came into his view he halfheartedly opened his umbrella and fully emerged himself into the storm. He walked quickly to the car and got inside, yet he still couldn't shake this unease that had conquered him.

He began his drive to work and was constantly checking his rear view mirror, as to make sure no one was following him. He couldn't explain this feeling but he couldn't get rid of it either, so he pretended that it was his imagination and went on with his day.

He arrived at work five minutes to seven, grabbed his briefcase, and quickly exited the car. The strange feeling was still lingering over him, and it was causing him unease. He leaned against his car and surveyed his surroundings. The rain had stopped and people all over the parking lot were exiting their cars and heading into the rectangular building. He sighed, straightened up, and walked casually inside.

He slid into his seat at the conference table with no time to spare, his boss Mr. Travers had just walked in. He looked up as his boss started to speak.

"Ah. Hello, hello, hello!" He said clapping his hands together in front of him. "Very eerie today isn't? Well, wipe those frowns off your faces, because we have work to do!"

He held back a groan, he hated his bosses cheery attitude and smile, as if life was perfect. Today he sure didn't feel that way, even if he couldn't explain it.

"Now, if you could please turn to page 14 in.." Mr.Travers said, his voice was fading away because Alexander was looking out the window as it started to rain again. Mr.Travers seemed to notice Alexander’s dead stare out the window, "Alexander, if you will please turn to page 14, I do not want to say it again." He said pointedly, but still with that happy bounce in his voice.

He nodded and turned uncomfortably to page 14, he stared down at the page, he still wasn't listening. As he tried to focus his mind kept drifting back to the strange feeling that had been with him ever since he left the house. He couldn't explain it nor could he get rid of it, and this really bothered him. The meeting dragged on for an hour until finally they were released.

He sat down at his desk and turned to face his partner Bob.

"Boring meeting today wasn't it?" he asked taking a pen from his drawer.

Bob looked up at him surprised, "Not that you really listened though. You usually have a lot more input." He replied and began scribbling things on his notepad.

Alexander gave a slight chuckle and said, "That noticeable eh?" He shook his head frowning to himself.

"Very. Everything okay with you?" he questioned, still not looking up from his notepad.

He pondered this question for a moment before finally answering, "Well, kind of. When I left the house this morning I had the strangest feeling." He glanced over at Bob, but he didn't even look up from his work.

"What type of feeling?" He inquired nonchalantly.

Alexander furrowed his eyebrows and frowned once more. Should he tell his friend what this strange feeling is, or keep to himself in fear of being judged? He decided the former because he needed to get it off his chest. "I don't know.." he spoke slowly, "Like I’m being watched. I know it sounds crazy."

This time Bob did look up and he had a very disappointed look on his face. Alexander instantly regretted telling his friend this. Bob looked like he was searching for the right words.

When he finally spoke he said quickly, "That's what you are worrying about? I thought it was something serious. It's probably just your imagination." With that he returned to his work.

He stared at his computer screen and beamed at his screen. His wallpaper was a picture of Cassandra sitting on his shoulders smiling at the camera, he was smiling at Kayla and she was smiling up at Cassandra. There was snow on the tree's in the background and all three of their cheeks were rosy red. It had been last years Christmas card. This picture seemed to calm him a bit and he worked quite peacefully.

It was 11:15 and Alexander was happily typing away on a report when Susie, Mr.Travers assistant, came running up to his desk out of breath. He stopped typing and looked up questioningly at her.

"What is it?" He asked looking at her through wide eyes.

She took a deep breath, her cheeks were flushed red and she looked worried. "Your wife." She began, "She called saying it was an emergency and needed you home."

He was instantly on his toes, he had an even worse feeling in the pit of his stomach as he picked up his jacket and swung it around his shoulders. "How long ago did she call?" He asked.

She looked down at her watch, "Maybe 5 minutes ago."

As soon as she gave this information Alexander was off, scurrying through cubicles. His heart rate increased as he stood at the elevator. He knew there was something more to this strange feeling he had, he just wished he would of acted on it. Kayla needed him, something urgent was happening and he knew it. As the elevator took its sweet time coming to the 6th floor, he briefly thought about using the stairs, but decided otherwise as the door dinged open.

He got in and jabbed the star button multiple times and the doors, painstakingly shut slowlyt, leaving his office behind. He paced back and forth as the elevator descended to level one. He couldn't even cope with the thought that something might be wrong with his wife. The look on his face was a mix of determination and fear. He wouldn't let anything happen to his family, he would die trying to protect them.

The doors finally slid open and he rushed out into the lobby and through the French doors. It was like a torrential downpour, but Alexander didn't care. He set off through the pounding rain and reached his car. He fumbled around in his back pocket, but finally pulled the keys out and opened his car. He jammed them into the ignition and, the car sprang to life.

The clock read 11:20, and he silently worried to himself. This was taking too long, his wife called at 11:10 and he wouldn't be home until 11:30 at the very earliest. He put his car in reverse and tried to back out as fast as possible, but a suited man stood facing the back of the car, His face was hidden under his black hat. It was almost as if the man was watching him. He slammed on the breaks and slapped the horn with such force you could bring down a full grown man.

He shook his head, yelling loud swear words, and when he looked back up the strange man in the suit had disappeared, almost as if into thin air. On any other circumstance, Alexander would of stopped and figure out what he had just witnessed, but his mind was too blurry to think about that. All he could think about was Kayla and Cassandra. He finally backed out of the parking lot and was back on the road. This was going to be the longest 10 minute journey of his life.

He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel nervously and he chewed on the corner of his cheek. He tried to calm himself and say that maybe his wife just wanted him to come home. Or maybe Cassandra was sick and Kayla needed a little extra help. But then again, Susie had sounded so urgent when she gave the message to him. What on earth could be going on? These thoughts haunted him the entire drive home.

He pulled into his driveway and stared up at his house, trying to block out the horror that may lurk inside. He gripped the door handle tightly and pushed open his door with a shove. The rain was still coming down hard, but it didn't matter to him. He hunched over and jogged over to his front door. He was slightly covered by the overhang, after a moment and stuck the keys into the lock, but it turns out the door was already open.

He stared wide eyed at the door handle for a moment, Kayla always locked the door when he wasn't home. He then toppled inside the house with a fright, he looked around, scared of what he might see. He was dripping water all over the entryway.

      "KAYLA" He shouted running into the living area, "CASSIE?!" He shouted as he walked into the dining room.

      "In here sweetie!" Called the sweet voice of his wife.

Relief flooded his body as he poured through the dining room and into the kitchen to see his wife happily chopping carrots. She didn't look at him for a second, but when she finally did she had a disappointed look on her face.

"Well good gracious Alex!" She said as she walked towards him, "You might as well of brought the whole storm in with you." She looked past him at the trail of mud and rain water, "You're cleaning that up. I always tell you to bring your umbrella. And what do you do? Not bring your umbrella." She shook her head and smacked him with a towel.

      She went back to the counter and began to chop carrots again. Alexander stood there dumbstruck for a moment. His wife was perfectly fine, what had the emergency been about.

      Before he could speak his wife broke in, "And what are you doing home so early?! It's still a half hour till lunch!"

      He let out an uncomfortable cough, "You- You.."

      "I what sweetie?" She said looking up at him with a little bit of a softer expression. Her voice calmed him a tad, but there were even more questions on his mind.

      "You called the office saying you needed me home. That is was an emergency!" He half shouted. Kayla jumped a little and turned to face him.

      "I did no such thing." She said questionably. The look on her face made Alexander know that she was telling the truth. But if she hadn't made the call, then who did?


There was a loud noise from the front of the house. It sounded as if the front door had been blown off its hinges. Both Mr. and Mrs. Corbin looked quite startled. Then it hit Alexander, this was a trap, a trap to get him home. He knew he must get his family out of this house.

      "Kayla sweetie. We need to go, get Cassie and leave through the back door." He said quickly glancing from his wife to the door that lead to the dining room. It was the only way to get into the kitchen.


      "NO BUTS KAYLA. GO." He shouted, but it was too late. The dining room door burst open as if it were pushed from powerful force.

      Two people emerged from the doorway, the black suited man Alexander had seen earlier and a women dressed in black tights and a slimming black shirt. Her nose was long and her lips pursed in a firm frown as she surveyed the kitchen. The two people wore a pair of midnight black gloves. He moved so he was standing directly in front of Kayla.

      "I'll have you know we’ve called the cops already." He lied trying to sound as strong as possible."

It was as if they had saw right through him, because the two people dressed in black let small devilish smiles form across their faces.

"Awe, little hubby wubby protecting his wife." The man chuckled, "You think we're afraid of cops?" They both laughed again.

      He felt his wife shove past him as she went to stand in front of him. His heart plummeted into his chest. What on earth was she doing? He tried to pull her back but she shrugged him off very forcefully.

      "I don't have what you seek Lassiter." She spoke firmly, standing tall.

      She knew them? How was that possible, Alexander had never even seen these people in his life. "You-you know them?" He asked in a stunned voice.

         “Oh shut up you little prick." The women snarled. She then flicked her right hand and with such force he flew off his feet and slammed into a wall. He tried to scream, but he couldn't, he tried to move, but he couldn't. All he could do was glance worryingly at Kayla. His mind then wandered to the fact that this woman flicked her hand and managed to completely incarcerate him to the wall. He didn't have room in his brain to think much on the matter, a series of events were about to unfold before him.

"You let him go!" Kayla shouted looking enraged. This was a side of her he had never seen.

      "No. When you tell us the information we need we will let him go. And you can go on living your little perfect life." Lassiter said.

      "Like I said Lassiter, I don't know the information!"

      "I don't believe that sweetie." He replied with that same evil grin on his face. Alexander wanted to scream and shout, but he just couldn't no matter how hard he tried.

      Alexander saw his wife slowly reaching for her back pocket, he caught a glimpse of something white as she pulled out 2 pearly white gloves. She spun around and ran around the counter slipping on the gloves in the process she then had both of her hands pointed at the intruders.

      What on earth is going on? Alexander thought as he watched intently, for that was all he could do. The women was quick too she had her hand pointed at him and Kayla let a worrysome look spread across her face. Another thought occurred to him, he had been led home so he could be used as collateral. Collateral for what though?

      "Don't you dare." Kayla said slowly.

      "Lower your hands and take off the gloves or he dies." The women growled, her upper lip twitching.

      "You are well aware that I can still channel my powers even without my gloves." Kayla said her voice returning to a strong manner.

      "Sure ya' can sweetie, but they’ll be no match for us when we’re wearing gloves." Lassiter drawled.

      Kayla took a deep intake of breath and slowly withdrew her hands from the air, she slid the gloves off and let them fall to the floor. Alexander could tell from the look on her face she was trying to figure out what to do. She bit down on her bottom lip and her eyes narrowed at the two people.

      "Happy now?" She said sourly. Lassiter and the woman began to carefully walk closer to her, the man kicked the gloves aside as if it had been a gun. Kayla watched their every move and glanced over at Alexander, defenseless on the ground. She gave him a slight nod before returning to the matter at hand.

      "Peachy." Lassiter said backing away, "Now, this whole mess can be over if you just tell us the information. We know the angels trusted you with it."

    Mr. Corbin's stomach did a little dance, he was starting to think he was going crazy. Did that man say angels? And that they trusted his wife with some type of information?

      Kayla looked like she thought about what he said for a moment before she held her head up straighter and said confidently, "If you must know Lassiter, that information is trusted with level five and up communicators. I'm only a level three."

      "Yes, yes. So we thought also." He said his eyes twinkling, "But an inside source says you were promoted to level five a month ago."

      Kayla physically gulped, her eyes widened and for a moment she looked defeated, "I'm afraid your information is wrong." She said hesitantly licking her lips.

      He laughed and walked closer so that the two of them were toe to toe. Kayla didn't back down, she stood there looking into his cold grey eyes.

      "Don't lie to us." He said quietly, "My patience is growing weary, tell us now. Or I will resort to the last option." He paused looking down at Alexander and then at the woman, "We'll torture your daughter."

      Alexander felt as if he was going to die right there on the stop, listening to this, and not being able to do anything about it was making him go angry. His heart pounded against his chest as if it was to burst out any second.

      Kayla backed away an inch and stared Lassiter down, "You wouldn't." She said steadily, blinking rapidly, holding back tears.

      "Oh we would Darlin’, We've been giving strict orders." He said slyly, turning to the woman who nodded fervently.

      Kayla furrowed her eyebrows and her eyes widened and she looked to the ceiling and slowly closed her eyes. It was 3 long second before she brought her head back down and grinned at the two people. They looked confused, and if it was possible angrier.

      She brought herself back up to her full height and continued to grin, "I think you're forgetting one important piece of information." She said, re-closing the space between her and him. For a brief second he looked scared, but held his ground.

      "And what's that?" He asked slowly.

      "That I'm a communicator." She said simply, "And within the next 2 minutes a dozen soldiers will be on your ass."

      The woman gasped and Lassiter stepped back, "You little-" He began but the woman pulled him away.

      "We can't! We have to go, we can't get caught!" She whined, pulling him back. She looked genuinely scared, "You know what they do to people like us!"

      "Fine!" He screamed, "But not before I do this!" He snapped his head back over to Kayla, and clapped his hands together. Kayla grunted and grabbed her stomach, blood was beginning to spill from her. Whatever he had done with his hands had caused Kayla stomach to begin to bleed. Lassiter smirked and within a blink of an eye he and his accomplice were gone.

It took Alexander a second of staring mindless at his bleeding wife to realize what ever had been keeping him in his place had lifted. Kayla fell to the floor, becoming paler by the second. He took a deep intake of air and crawled over to where Kayla laid. Tears trickled down her once rosey cheeks and blood had begun to pool around her, but he didn't care. He pulled her up and propped her head up on his lap.

      "I'm so sorry.." She whispered weakly, staring up at him.

      He brushed a piece of hair behind her head as the tears began to roll down his face also. She reached up and touched his neck.

"Co- come on.. It's gonna be o-okay." He sobbed touching his hand to her face.

      "No honey.. It isn't.." She said, "There's not much time to explain.." Her eyes slid closed and opened again.

      "You don't have to explain, I just want you to stay with me." He said pulling her a little further onto him.

      "Shh.." She hushed him, "I work for god sweetie, I'm what is called Divine. I have powers, a gift really, so did those people. They-they just didn't choose the right side."

      "Baby, stop talking save your energy!" He directed, becoming more and more choked up, seeing his wife in such a state.

      "No.." She said simply, "You see they were trying to get very valuable information out of me. Information that could cause devastating problems." She paused taking a short breath, "Cassie, she'll have these powers too. So when she's 16 I want you to give her my white gloves, okay?"

      "Whatever you want." He said rocking her back and forth in his lap.

      "Good, make sure Cassie knows I love her." She said her eyes closing, her breaths were becoming shorter and then her body fell limp. Alexander stopped breathing, he just froze.

      "Kayla..?" He asked gently shaking her body. "No.. Please, Kayla please..don't leave.." Tears were rapidly flowing from his eyes. He held her body close to him and hugged her tight.

     "Please..I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. Just come back back." He mumbled into her hair, "I love you honey.. I love you so much."

      He stayed there for a few minutes holding her still warm body to his. He then, with all his might picked her up, and brought her into the living area. He had stopped crying, but was shaking and taking deep breaths. He set her down onto the couch and crossed her arms over her stomach. He couldn't believe that just this morning he kissed her goodbye, and now she was laying dead on the couch.

      He got up and kissed her gently on the forehead, "I love you.." He whispered one last time. He couldn't help but think even laying limply on the couch she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He walked into the kitchen picked up the pair of gloves and stuffed them into his back pocket, staring at the wall he tried to convince himself he had just imagined all those things. He planned on throwing away the gloves and telling everyone it was burglars that had killed his wife, because who would believe what he really witnessed? So the more he told himself that is what happened, he actually started to believe it.

      He walked out of the living room and then up the stairs. It had occurred to him that Cassandra was here the entire time. What had she been doing? He dragged his feet up the steps, his thoughts swimming he tried to hold back more tears. How was he going to tell his 3 year old that her mom was murdered..

      He walked down the hallway and stopped just outside of the room as her gathered himself together. His daughter would never know her mother, he will have to raise her all by his self with no female help. It hurt him to think about this, so he pushed it aside and walked in. He stopped dead in his tracks the moment he walked inside. There sitting Indian style, floating 3 feet from the blue carpet in her room was Cassandra nonchalantly watching Spongebob.

      All he could do was stare and think more and more about the fact he is going crazy. He must be right? Who really witnesses all of these crazy things and isn't crazy. Alexander coughed uncomfortable, and Cassandra lowered herself to the ground. She whipped around and gave her father a heartwarming smile. She ran over to him and through her arms around his legs. He was very hesitant to hug her back.

      "Dada? What was dat?" She asked as she looked up and her blue eyes pierced into his, there was so much of Kayla in her. More than her knew.

      "Sweetie, I have to leave." He said suddenly, "But I want you to know that mommy loved you okay?" He reached in his back pocket and pulled out the pair of gloves.

      "Dada? Where's mama?" She said with a look of dread as she pulled her tiny arms away from his legs.

      "She's in a better place." He said simply, pulling a notepad and a pen from his shirt pocket. "Now I want you to stay in this room and do not, under any circumstances leave. Do you understand? Uncle Jack will be here to pick you up."

      "Uncle Jack?" She said happily, her eyes shining, she didn’t understand the situation.

      "Yes, Uncle Jack. Now like I said don't leave this room till he gets here, it shouldn't be long." He knelt down so he was almost on her level. "I love you baby girl. Be good." He kissed her on the cheek before getting up.

      "I love you too dada." She said as she went to go sit in front of the television like the good child she was.

      Alexander took a deep breath and scribbled onto the little notebook paper,

Dear Jack,

Give these to Cassandra when she's 16. Raise her well, I'm sorry Jack.

He folded up the paper and set the gloves down on the her dresser and the note casually next to it.

      He walked out of the room, down the stairs and found himself once again standing under the overhang on his front porch. Like the other two time he had done this today he had felt a sense of dread, but as he stood there now nothing but sorrow and confusion. For today had not been a typical workday at the office. He pulled out his phone and dialed his brother Jack it took 3 rings before his younger brother picked up the phone.

"Hey Alex, It's actually a bad time. I'm prepping for a dorm party right now." He said his voice causal.

      "Kayla's dead."

      "What?" He screamed, there was a loud bang over the phone like something had fallen over, "What happened? Do you need me there."

      "Yes, I need you to come get Cassandra and get the cops to come here. When they asked for me tell them I've checked into Salt Lake Mental Institution." He said staring up at the storming sky.

      "What.. No dude ,think about this. Cassie needs you now. You'll be fine." He replied to brother hopefully.

      "No I won't be fine. I'm going crazy. Can you come or not?" He said anger wrapped in his voice.

      "Yeah sure man. I'll be there right away."

      "Thanks." He said plainly and before his brother could get another word in Alexander hung up and began to walk leisurely to the car. He didn't cry or think about it anymore he just knew he had to get away from this house.

      He got in the car and stared up at the house for one moment longer, thinking of all the good memories he had in it. He smiled to himself one last time before he stuck the keys into the ignition and pulled out of the driveway.

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