The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


29. Tall Dark and Handsome

Chapter 2:

"Alice, this is crazy. We’re going to die. They’re gonna murder us and leave us to the maggots." Donna said while hyperventilating. She was sitting in a camping chair with a hand over her chest, she was taking deep breaths and looked as if she was going to die. 

"Suck it up and Chill down." Alice replied while beginning to pitch the tent. Sam and Dean were setting up safety precautions around the camp sight. The two girls didn’t quite understand these safety precautions either because the men were drawing a large circle around the camp sight and drawing strange symbols in the circle. 

They couldn’t believe that these two guys actually followed through and coming with them. Alice and Donna both thought that they had called them on their bluff, but nope, here they were. They kept having these private talks, that were making Donna uneasy, Alice could care less. 

"They’re drawing devil worship symbols, Alice." Donna said looking back at them and biting down on her lip. 

"They’re not devil worship symbols dork. I’ll give it to you, I don’t believe that bears are repelled by anti bear circles, but whatever floats their boats." Alice laughs while pounding a stake into the ground. 

"You do realize that’s is from sponge-bob right?" Donna replied while kneeling down next to Alice. 

Once again Dean took Sam aside, (out of the perimeter) and began to talk to him in rushed whispers. Alice looked up at Donna, “Really? I had no idea.” Alice said sarcastically. 

"Shut up." Donna said while popping back up and strongly walking over closer to Dean and Sam. Sometimes Donna really had her Gryffindor moments where she was braver than most. 

Alice and Donna got quiet and began to listen to the boys conversation, it was like both of their brains were connected and they knew to shut up. It was something they had always been able to do. 

"No Dean, I’m fine. I promise, I feel completely normal." Sam said looking down at his older brother with a fixed and determined expression on his face. 

"Are you sure man? I mean, a Wendigo hunt is a tough thing to start back up on. The trials and everything.." 

"I’m fine, Dean." Sam said forcefully. 

His brother held up his hands in defense, “Okay. Okay. These symbols seem good, lets go hunt ourselves some Wendigo.” He patted his brother on the back and turned back around to the girls. 

Donna and Alice fumbled to make it look like they weren’t listening. Donna jumped back into the chair but ended up causing it to tip over. Alice hit her hand with the mallet and squeaked with pain. Both of these events happened just as the men reached them.

The men stopped and looked at the girls, who were looking back at them. Donna and Alice exchanged some awkward eye contact, did they know they were eavesdropping? 

"Are you guys, um okay?" Sam asked raising a large eyebrow at their nervous faces. 

"Well, we’re a little confused-," Alice said looking from Donna back to Sam.

"Two tall men have decided to follow us into the forest without good cause, then draw devil worship signs in the dirt." Donna finished sitting the chair upright and taking a seat. 

"It’s going to protect you." Dean broke in with a stone look on his face.

"You’re damn crazy. We don’t know you and we would prefer if you just took your madness and left." Alice said standing up and crossing her arms over her chest. 

Donna came and stood by her side, she too crossed her arms and they both didn’t break eye-contact with the men. The thoughts running through the girls heads were a cross between totally nervous and really pissed. These men just walked right into their lives making strange claims, and it was fucking weird. 

"Okay, we’ll leave." Sam stated bending down and grabbing the duffel bag that was next to the girls tent. 

"We are?" Dean asked his brother in an astounded tone. 

"Yup. Get your stuff." He replied but he wasn’t looking at his brother he was watching the girls faces. They both didn’t think it was going to be that easy, so they both looked very surprised. 

Then Sam looked over at Dean and they exchanged some eye-contact that was loaded with un-spoken words. Sam tilted his head down a little and Dean raised an eyebrow, then Dean nodded his head as if he finally understood what Sam was getting at.

Alice and Donna once again looked at each other, they were still slightly off guard, and after seeing the two men have a conversation in with their eyes, they were even more confused. 

"Okay, girls, we’re leaving. Have fun being torn apart by a beast." Dean said smiling and beginning to walk off. 

"Dean." Sam scolded again, he then looked back down at the girls, "If you need us we’ll just be a camp sight away." He said this particularly to Donna, letting his eyes linger a little longer on her face. Donna nodded slowly in return. 

"And Alice, if you feel cold and want to cuddle, I’m just a camp sight away." Dean said winking at her, she looked back at him with wide eyes. 

"Never in a million years, Dean." She replied, wanting to laugh, but deciding she wouldn’t.

She was very surprised that someone she had known for only an hour would say something like this too her. It was usually Donna who got all the men pining after her, but she’s been off the table since she’s been in a long term relationship, but now that she was out of it, she was already back in action. When they went to Bass Pro shop to get supplies she got two men to give her their numbers without even trying, while Alice was watching with an un-amused look on her face. She had never had luck with men, and never felt the need to be in a relationship. So when Dean said that, she couldn’t help but feel really happy even though the situation couldn’t get any worse, or so she thought. 

The men then walked out of the camp site being sure not to mess up the strange symbols they had drawn in the dirt. Alice waited until the sound of branches crunching under their feet had faded before she went to erase the weird symbols. Just as she was about to rub her foot across the dirt Donna grabbed her by the shoulder. 

"No, let’s just leave them.." Donna said staring down at the drawings. 

"Why..?" Alice asked raising an eyebrow.

"I don’t know, it just makes me feel strangely safe." Donna bit her lip and sat back down in the chair, "Thank god they left thought right?" 

"Right." Alice took a seat in the camping chair across from here and brought her legs up to her chest, "It’s kind of strange though, don’t you think? 5 people going missing and then strange men showing up and telling us to leave like it’s the most important thing ever." 

It was true, the guys words had struck a little bit of fear into the girls. Five people did go missing, was it a coincidence? Or could the strange men’s story have any truth to it? That was part of the reason they left the symbols up, one could never be safe enough.

As it began to get darker the girls decided they would roast some hot-dogs over the fire, while they listened to the soft moan of the bugs. They had soon begin to forget about earlier and the fear that was struck into them. They laughed and joked, drunk some beer, played cards, and were just having a good time. 

That’s until something like a quick burst of wind sped by their tent. It was so fast and strong in put out their fire. The bushes ruffled wildly, and the girls froze in their spots. What could of moved so fast? Then it happened again but on the other side of the guarded perimeter, it was quick, very quick and they couldn’t make it out in the dim light. 

"Alice.." Donna whined coming to stand close to her friend that was already on her toes, "What was that?" 

"I’m not sure.." She replied her voice shaking a little. 

It happened again, but this time the tree’s above them swayed and a few branches came tumbling down. They both screamed and Alice rushed for her shot-gun, Donna was staying by her side. 

"We should call for the boys, we need them." Donna said quickly. 

"No, we’re fine." Alice shot back in a hushed but serious tone, "Just be quiet." She was now searching the tree’s above her waiting for the slightest movement that could give her means to shoot. 

But instead a voice rung out not to far away, “HELP.” It screamed. 

"Did that sound like-" 

"SAM." Donna shouted taking off in the direction of the yelling, her friend quickly behind her. 

"Donna no!" Alice shouted chasing after her friend in a mad dash.

Donna was a lot quicker than her and it was hard to keep up with a loaded shot-gun in her arms. It seemed they were always in situations that they didn't need to be in. Like that time Donna accidentally punched a cop and ended up in jail for a day. Thank god she didn't punch to hard and Donna's Dad was the Police Chief. Or that one time Alice got wasted and ended up in California. All of which are stories for another time.

Those crazy stories all had one thing in common, men were involved. Men were always a bad thing in their lives, whether it be taking you across country while you're drunk or convincing you it'd be fun to punch a cop, they were the source of their problems. Now too. Men were the reason they were running through the woods in the pitch black while a fucking monster was probably hunting them.

Alice was behind Donna immensely and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't catch up. It actually seemed like Donna was getting farther ahead.

"Donna, wait!" She yelled, her voice straining. 

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