The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


31. Prologue

My eyes spring open to a strange noise, I blink a few times adjusting to the dark bedroom light. I rub my eyes and look around my room, I must of just been imagining things. I yawn and lay back down on my pillow closing my eyes. It was probably just my roommate going to the bathroom.

I just finished college and am waiting on my calling. I have a bachelors degree in computer science and software engineering. I love computers and I love software, but I just feel like I should be doing more with my life. I don't want to be sitting at a computer desk programming apps and video games. I want to make a difference, but I guess I went into the wrong profession for that.

The same noise echo's through my house. I sit up and lean against the backboard of my bed. I flip on my light and reach into my drawer. I pull out a pocket knife that my father left me. Made of pure sliver and our family name engraved on the handle. ''Brett.'

I am surprised my roommate hasn't come running to my bedroom yet. These past few night's she has been really on edge. Since she broke up with her boyfriend she hasn't been sleeping, she just comes into my room and cries to me. Claiming that she feels like he's watching her or something is watching her. I told her she is just being a dork and that as long as I'm hear nothing will happen.

The next thing I hear are footsteps walking down the hall. My eyes go wide and my mind jumps to the worst case scenario, that someone has broken into our house. My eyes flicker over to my closet where I keep my pistol, it would take me to long to dig the case out of the mounds of old clothes. Knife it is then.

I clutch the old knife in my right hand and travel out of my bedroom. The sudden shuffling occurs again and I turn around to discover a young man standing before me. He is pale and blood leaks from his chest. My heart pounds fast in my chest not understanding the situation.

I raise my knife at the man, "Who the hell are you?" I demand an answer my voice quivering.

The man touches my cheek and a burst of cold air rushes over my body. "Don't ever leave.." He whispers his cold touch lingering on my face.

I bite my lip and stare at him, there something about him that's unreal. I get ready to stab him but he brings his hand up stopping mine. His bonny fingers clutch around my wrist. I lower my hand my body beginning to shake.

He releases my hand and brings his white finger to his lips. He then points out behind me, towards the kitchen. I slowly turn my head around to get a glimpse of my best friend Elizabeth hanging from the light fixture in the kitchen,. A kitchen knife lodged in her chest, right around the area of her heart. I drop my knife on the ground and cover my mouth with a shaking hand.

"NO." I scream out. I turn around to face the intruder but he is gone as if he had vanished from thin air. I was only looking away for a moment, it almost seems impossible that he got away that quickly without even the slightest sound.
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