The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


21. Potions Class.

Chapter 2:
 You know who I really hate? Sirius Black, that's who.

What's his problem?

I must have gullible written on
my forehead .

I'm not gullible at all. Not one little bit.  

Okay, if we're being honest I'm a little gullible, but don't tell anyone that.

If you are wondering what I'm talking about it all began in potions Monday morning, the very first day of my 7th year. I wanted it to be a good day. But no, people can't respect the idea that a good start means a good year. They just have to go and ruin it.

That's exactly what Sirius did. Ruined it, and now the whole year is thrown off balance. That stupid git is going to hell, I swear.

Am I exaggerating?

Maybe a bit, but that's me over exaggerating since I was five and told my mum that there was a snake the size of a house in the back yard.

It was only a garden snake, she was a little mad.

She hates snakes.

That dreadful Monday morning I rolled out of bed and sleepily got dressed while Lily happily hummed beside me in the mirror. I kept glancing over at her and giving her death eyes.

Morning, not a reason to hum.

Monday also not a reason to hum.

I think I have problems.

Lily laughed and smiled at me in the mirror as she began to put on some foundation. She really didn't need any, he skin was perfect. She's perfect. Well we all have our quirks, but without a doubt she is my best friend through and through. Except when she hums on a monday morning, then not so much.

"Whats got your wand in a twist?" She asked as she uncapped her mascara.

"Monday morning." I said with a shiver.

She stopped battering her eyelashes and glanced over at me, cocking her head to the side she said knowingly, "You'll have a good day. I promise you."

Ha, yeah right. YOU WERE WRONG LILY.

I didn't mean to sound so rude.

Never mind yes I did.

Don't you just love me?

I bit my bottom lip and turned to face her, "You really think that?" I paused thinking about the right words, "Because you'll be with James all day and I'll be the loner that I've come to be."

Lily giggled and said nonchalantly, "I guarantee you'll find a guy. With your looks and-" She stopped and grinned mischievously, "Not so much your personality, it's a little bit on a turn off." She winked at me and went back to her make-up.

Me? Having a bad personality.

Well that was a lie.

I had the best personality ever. Like the personality.

Sure I was a little mean, but you know. People deal.

I placed a hand dramatically over my chest and the other one on my forehead, "Oh how ever am I going to live when Lily Evans thinks I have a bad personality!" She rolled her eyes so in return I threw my wand at her.

That wasn't a good idea.

Red sparks shot out and almost hit Lily in the back. She stared at me unhappily and put her hand on her hip, "Cass." She said in a mother like tone, "Control yourself."

Pst. I can control myself.

I just have a tad bit of anger issues.

Oh and I'm REALLY clumsy.

I'm a horrible drunk, like woah you don't want to see me after I drink Fire whisky.

Then of course I'm gullible.

Wow, I really am a strange concoction of a person.

Lily handed me back my wand hesitantly and shuck her head before beginning to pin her gorgeous hair back into an elegant bun. I flipped my head forward and tied it into a high pony tail. I put on a little mascara and called it a day.

I'm lazy, I know.

I leaned against the doorway looking at Lily thinking if she really meant what she said about me having a bad personality. I mean, I know I am lot to deal with and a dork but did other people think that too? Nah, I'm probably just over reacting.

But I have to ask.

"Lily?" She turned to look at me her beautiful green eyes locking onto my face, "Do you really think I have a bad personality?"

Her facial expression softened and she came and stood right in front of me, placing a soft hand on my shoulder she smiled and said, "Of course not sweetie. I think you have an absolutely wonderful personality. It's perfect. You're are funny and can secretly be sweet, you are also my best friend aren't you?"

I nodded at her, she honestly always knows how to make me feel better.

Way to go Lily.

You be da' best.

"Thanks Lils." I replied smiling at her.

"No problemo Cass. Any guy would be lucky to have you. Just have a good first day and the rest of the day will be great." She gave me the thumbs up before coming to my side and linking her arm in mine, "Breakfast?"

"Sounds great. I'm starved."

I like food.

Breakfast really isn't my thing.

But I eat it anyways.

We walked out of the dorm and down the stairs to the common room where the four Marauders were waiting for Lily. I guess me too, but I don't really count. If it wasn't for Lil's they wouldn't be waiting.

I need more friends.

Ha, never-mind that's not going to happen.

I'm lucky I have Lily.

We stepped down the last few steps and Lily threw herself from me and ran into Jame's open arms. Barf. I still haven't gotten use to it. It's just so strange. I mean, we've hated these people (except Remus) the entire time we've been at this place.

I rolled my eyes, "Get a room." I scoffed.

Sirius came and joined me at my side. He snaked an arm around my shoulder and I fought off the urge to smack him. "Actually, " He said looking at James and Lily, "I'd prefer you didn't get a room, because we share one. I think that's even worse." He grinned.

The common room was as red as ever and was pretty much empty except for a few first years anxiously double checking their packs to make sure they have all the books. Aww. I remember when I was a first year, how the times have changed.

I couldn't take it a second longer, "Get off me Black," I said with a shrug but he held on.

"Not until you say please Cassy." He replied with a smirk.

"Please get your filthy arm off of me." I said toneless.

He laughed, shaking his head as he removed his arm from my shoulders, "I don't get why ya' hate me Corbin."

Maybe because you're a toerag.

And always will be even if my best friend is dating yours.

I walked to Remus and linked arms with him. He was soo much taller than me. He smiled down at me, he looked even sicker than the day on the train. My heart goes out to this poor feller. It seems like a week out of every month he starts to look really sick.

"How you doing Cass?" He said taking my book bag from my shoulder and putting in on his.

Aw, how sweet, he's such a gentlemen.

"Thanks Remus." I said with a big smile, "And I'm fine thanks for asking.How bout yourself? You look a little peaky."

Before Remus could answer Sirius popped up in front of us with his arms crossed over his stomach. "What's he got that I haven't?" He pouted.

"He's taller than you." I answered simply, smiling slyly at Sirius.

As much as Sirius seems like a tough guy (Which for the most part he is) he gets really offended. Which is like super funny. I like to offend him. There was this one time on one of the Lily and James dates where I was sitting with Sirius drinking some butterbeer. We were actually having a pretty civil conversation, it was nice I guess. Well anyways this guy came up to me and asked why I was sitting with someone like Sirius when I could get so much better. The look on Sirius' face was actually pretty upsetting. The guy asked me to get a drink with him but I turned him down.

I was so mad at myself.

But in truth I actually did feel a bit upset about Sirius.

His face made my heart hurt.

He stood there with his eyes narrowed into slits he crossed his arms and stood up very straight. The last 1st years were just leaving the room and us 6 were the only ones left. Lily was on James' back and they were laughing over something he said. Peter was sitting on the couch staring intently at James. They seemed oblivious to the conversation between Remus, Sirius and I.

"We're the same height." Sirius said stepping forward so we were toe to toe. It made it hard to breath and I found my heart rate actually speeding up. "See." He said looking at Remus and then back down at me.

I let up a small cough and backed away almost tripping over a pulled up piece of carpet. Just as I began to topple over Sirius grabbed my waist and pulled me quickly back up and into place. My cheeks turned red at his touch, but I pulled away.

"I didn't need your help Sirius." I snarled, refusing to look him in the eyes.

"Well Cass, it's not the first time a girl has fell in my present." He joked grinning from ear to ear. Remus was looking uncomfortably down at his feet and I was trying to come up with an excuse.

"It happens to just be a simple act of my clumsiness. I was stepping back to get a better look at who was taller." I paused and smiled, pulling myself back together, "And you know what? Remus is still taller."

He laughed dryly and shuck his head, "I can never win with you Corbin."

"Don't count on it." I said with another smirk as I pranced back over to Remus. I linked my arm into his and he smiled kindly down at me. I threw my head back and looked at Lily and James, "Let's go dorks! I don't have time for you guys!"

Lily rolled her eyes and linked hands with James who stuck his tongue out at me like the child he was. Lily and him were doing really good right now, but I knew its just a matter of time before they get into their first fight. I've been preparing myself for it and I think I'm ready.

Maybe not.

I'm not the best with feelings.

I blame my parents.

I can't stand crying. I'm not looking forward to a fight.

The 6 of us then walked down the many moving stair cases making our way slowly to the great hall. Even after all the years at Hogwarts those stairs always get to me. I get winded really easily.

"Remus, can you carry me?" I whined slumping over as we trudged down some of the last stair cases. "James is carrying Lily. It's no fair."

He laughed, "If you really want me to I'll try."

I smiled, "Nah, I'm just kidding. Thanks though!" He nodded and I began to skip stairs. This is taking way to long. I stopped and caught my breath, thank Merlin the great hall is just down the corridor.

Sirius joined me by my side and said, "God you're out of shape. I'm going to call you huffy puffy." He chuckled to himself and matched my stride as we walked.

"That's not very nice." I said walking quicker but he continued to walk with me.

"Well neither are you."

He has a point.

I'm not.

At least not to him.

"Fair enough." I tilted my head forward and glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.

He looked accomplished.

I shouldn't of given him that.

Darn me.

"I'll race you to the Great Hall." I said and with that I was off towards the hall. I knew Sirius stood there for a moment before he too took off after me. I could feel him close behind but I was ahead. My heart was beating and I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I felt his presence very near, damn he is fast for a Quidditch player.

A tall figure in a pointed hat turned the corner and stood right in my path leering directly at me. Professor McGonagall. I halted, practically falling over onto her. Sirius stopped at my side and was also looking at McGonagall who was about his height.

She scared me.

I mean she's a great teacher, but merlin she packs a punch.

"Ms. Corbin, Mr. Black." She sneered raising an eyebrow and looking at Sirius and I. "Running in the corridors is not allowed. You should be aware of that speaking you're 7th years." She shook her head, "I excepted better. I suppose because it's the first day I'll let you off, but both of you are on THIN ice."

Sirius draped an arm around my shoulder before he said coolly, "No need to worry Minnie." She scowled at him before walking away in a rush. Probably to go begin to make the Gryffindor time tables.

"I blame you." I said as I finished into the great hall.

"Me?" He scoffed, "It was your idea."

He had a point, but I chose to ignore it.
Lily and I were on our way to Potions, it was our first lesson of the day. I didn't like potions all that much, but it was better than Ancient Runes which I refused to take with Lily.

"So what's the down low on you and James today?" I spoke quietly. The four of them went early because they ate quicker, leaving Lily and I with some alone time.

"Perfect. It's just.."

"Just what?" I asked looking quizzically at her.

"Other girls, I can't help but notice they are looking at me like I've stolen their wands." She said looking quite upset.

"Well they're just jealous." I said confidently loud enough for a few staring girls to hear me.

'Yeah.. But it's not like it was James was theirs to have." She frowned staring down at her feet as we walked.

"Do you want me to hex someone?" I joked shaking her shoulder slightly.

She laughed and finally smiled at me, "No. But thank you Cass. What if James gets tired of me though.. Like he has a choice of almost every girl in the school."

"So? He has the best one. Don't worry about it now. Focus on the present."

"You're right. So you and Sirius?" She said adoringly with a giant smirk on her face.

My jaw almost dropped, "You've got to be kidding right? Me and Sirius, that's a laugh." I said jokingly half angry that she would even think that.

I mean me and Sirius?

That could never happen.


"I was just observing." She said slyly skipping ahead to Slughorn's classroom. "By the way, I'm sitting with James!" She called over her shoulder.

My heart dropped into my stomach.

Great now I have to sit next to some stranger who hasn't talked to be for 6 years.

I walked slowly into the classroom and scanned the room for a friendly face, but it didn't matter the only seat open was one next to the one and only Sirius Black. I held back a groan as I threw my books onto the desk. "Don't talk to me." I said without looking at him.

I was mad.


"You can't stop me." He said saracastically.

I once again ignored him, my day wasn't going so swell anyways.

"Hello, Hello class. Another fine year, thank you all for taking potions." Slughorn said jubilantly. "Today we will be making a growth potion, its something simple for the first day. Page 14 in the books. You may begin."

"Okay, you go get the ingredients and I'll began reaing the directions." I ordered at Sirius.

"Fine." Sirius moaned as he got up to go to the supply closet. He took a look at the ingredients before going to get them.

He returned and I slid the book over to him I gave him a small smile, "Lets do this. What's first?"

I swear I saw him grin mischievously but I brushed it off as my imagination.

"3 cups of water and then 1/2 cup of dragon blood." He said glancing down at the book.

I did what he said and stirred it 4 times counter clockwise which was the only stirring direction for this potion. I looked back at him for the next items.

"Rose petals and then stir." He said smiling at me.

I grinned back and added the rose pedals. But instantly regretted smiling at him.

That son of a bitch.

BOOM. The potion exploded everywhere, getting in my hair and on my clothes. All over Sirius too, but he was laughing at me.

I stood up dripping with the orange potion, nothing seemed to be happening but I was sticky, very sticky. Sirius was practically falling off his seat laughing and by now we had attracted the attention of the entire classroom.

"YOU EFFING LITTLE GIT." I screamed throwing myself onto him. We both hit the dungeon floor with a thud but I couldn't even get one good punch in because Slughorn was pulling me off him.

I was raging.

Absolutely ready to pull out his precious hair.

Oo. That's a little evil Cass.

"MISS CORBIN." Slughorn shouted, " I could of excused the potion miss hap, but this?! Fighting in my classroom?!" He looked down at Sirius who was laughing on the floor, "You think this is funny? Well both of you will be rolling on the floor when you're in detention for the rest of the week."

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