The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


33. I'm Fine

Chapter 2

I walk up my steps and unlock my door walking into my house. The place I was trying to get away from. I drop my keys on the table and sit down across from the two men.

"So you aren't going to offer us any pie? How rude?" The shorter one smirks adjusting himself in the seat. His partner smacks him on the arm and gives me a worried smile.

"I'm Brian Johnson and this is Dave Evans. Now we are just here to ask a few more questions." The shorter one by the name of Brian directs.

I bite my lip thinking of where I have heard those names before. I can't exactly put my finger on it.

"Before the night of the suicide was Elizabeth acting strange? Said she heard things. Maybe saw things? Anything strange happen the night she night she died?" Dave asks folding his hands.

This questions sparks my interest a bit. "If I tell ya' the truth you promise you won't call me crazy?" I fold my arms across my chest.

The corner of Brian's mouth tilts up, "Aren't we all a little mad?"

I roll my eyes once again but Dave gives me a reassuring nod. "Now this is gonna sound crazy, but I want you to hear me through it." I say blinking a few extra times

Both of them lean forward on the table eager to listen. "I don't think Liz killed herself, I think she was murdered by someone or something. Nights before this happened she complained to me of feeling watched. I brushed it off as nothing, and we continued on. I came out of my room that night because I heard noises and there was a man, who was bleeding from the chest, he was pale, young and down right scary. He told me to Never leave, freaky right?

Then he just dissipated. Well my friend according to the cops stabbed herself in the heart and then hung herself. That just doesn't seem possible to me, so I started doing some research. Yesterday another girl my age killed herself, hung and stabbed in the heart. Something both of these girls have in common is they had just both broken up with their boyfriends. I called the other girls ex-boyfriend who found her and he also claimed that he saw the man. Both times cops said there were no signs of break in. I just don't get it. How's that for an answer?"

I stare down the two guys who I just basically admitted my insanity to. I wait for them to talk but they stay silent and give one another a look. I run a hand through my hair and sigh.

"Okay guys, go ahead take me away to the loony bin. I know what you're thinking."

They shake their heads and lean back, "We believe ya' sweet stuff." Brian said grinning at me.

Then it all comes to me in a flash, Brian and Dave are both lead singers from ACDC. I get a sudden feeling that these guys aren't cops. I bite my lip trying to stifle my outburst that I want to have.

"Hey Brian. How bout I get you that pie?" I smile largely staring at the imposers.

"Yeah, totally! Dave and I need a moment alone anyways."

I get up out of my chair and walk to the kitchen pulling out a knife. I walk over to the fridge and pull out a slice of my homemade Boston Cream pie. I don't want them to know I'm on to them. I hold the knife behind my back and carry the slice to 'Brian.'

Once I sit back down I slam the knife onto the table, startling both of them. A piece of Pie almost falls out of Brian's mouth.

"Hey Brian, hey Dave. Go on any world tours lately?" I grill them keeping my hand near the knife.

The shorter one coughs and the taller one smacks him in the chest, "I told you we should of picked different names."

'Brian' talks with his mouth full, "I didn't think some chick would even know."

"Well I'm not 'some chick'!" I yell. "Now who the hell are you?!"

The taller one puts his hands out in front of him, "We're here to help okay? We also think something else is going on! That's why we're here."

"Then why didn't you just tell me that? I thought I was going crazy!" I announce lowering my knife.

"I'm Sam, he's Dean,, brothers. We're going to figure this out." He says looking at Dean.

Dean smiles and waves pathetically while still stuffing his face full of my pie. I look at Sam seeing the assurance in his eyes. Something in me wants to believe him, but this just seems so far a fetched. I frown an place a hand on my head.

"How can I believe you? I mean seriously, you guys just show up as soon as this shit starts happening?" I request an answer while staring Sam down.

"We believed you, can't you believe us? This is what we do, hunt things, bad things. We save people, I know it sounds crazy but it's what we do." He explains looking at his brother who is finishing his pie.

Dean licks his fingers, "Damn that was good. Listen then honey, what he's saying is true. You've made our job a hella' of a lot easier. We'll take it from here."

I run a hand through my long blonde hair and bite my lip thinking about this whole situation. "I believe you, but I'm not handing this over to you, I can help."

Dean shakes his head, "Blondie that's what they all say until they have a damn ghost coming at them. Then we have to put out asses in the line to save you." He flashes you a toothy grin thinking he's made his point.

I cock my head to the side, "Listen. Smart ass. I'm not like that. Plus, I can help in different ways, I know the town, the people and as an added bonus I can hack into anything you want me too. No more fake identities and shit." I plead my case to him.

Sam chuckles and looks to Dean,, "She has a point."

Dean leans back in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest, "Fine but I swear if does anything to ruin this she's out."

I roll my eyes and grab the knife and Deans plate taking it into the kitchen. I lean against the counter and look up at the light fixture where Liz was, I take a deep breath and wipe a tear that rolls down my face. "I'm promise Liz, I'll figure this out."

"Did you say something?" Sam shouts from the dining room.

I wipe eyes with the back of my hand and push off the counter, "No! I'm fine."

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