The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


28. Don't be such a Donna Downer

Chapter 1:


Donna and Alice stood at the top of Ojibwe hill over looking the beautiful vast forest land of the Ojibwe Indians. Donna who was a 27 year old real estate agent had never been on a camping trip in her sweet little life. Alice the other hand grew up going camping and enjoying the outdoors. It was Alice’s  idea and she was rather adamant about going, saying it was part of life to ‘rough it’.

"I can’t believe we are doing this. We’re gonna die." Donna said as she stared around the forest, she looked rather out of place and scared. She was wearing a pair of Sperry’s, skinny jeans, and a blouse. She wore a small back pack packed with unnecessary things. Her long brown hair made its way down to her rib cage and her big gorgeous brown eyes pierced the area around her, scrutinizing every angle.

"Don’t be such a Donna downer. Live a little." Alice said smiling up at the bright blue sky. Alice wore a larger red bag packed with all the essentials for this weekend retreat with her best friend, they had been friends since the 7th grade, 8th for Donna who was 5 months older than her. Alice had her blonde hair up in a high pony tail on her head and her blue eyes doused with a layering of mascara.

"Did you just say Donna downer?" Donna said turning to look at Alice who was still admiring the sky. "Yo, earth to Alice?!" She finally glanced down from the sky and smiled at her friend.

"Yes?" She said happily as if she didn’t hear her friend speak before.

"Bitch." Donna joked and began to walk forward on the mile hike to the campground. Donna was secretly quite excited for this camping trip, she just didn’t want to let Alice know that. She really just needed some time to get her mind off her ex-boyfriend.

"Jerk." Alice smiled jogging to catch up with Donna. This was something they did, be completely mean to each other but not mean a lick of it. She caught up with her and walked casually for a moment before bringing up a sore spot, "So you doing okay..? No, Carl on the mind?"

Donna’s cheeks reddened and she felt her stomach do a little flip flop, “What no? Of course not. I’m done with that loser.”

"Good." Alice said casually, "Does it worry you that five people have gone missing here in the past week?"

Donna stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face Alice who was just a few paces behind, “WHAT?!” She yelled her eyes widening.

Alice continued to walk on, they had been planning this trip for 3 months, she didn’t want to cancel it just because some dumb-asses had gotten lost in the woods. She knew her stuff and wasn’t going to get her best friends and her lost.

"Oh yeah, nothing big. Just some idiots getting lost." Alice said her heart pounding, she half wished she didn’t tell Donna, but she felt obliged to.

Donna stood there for a minute and pondered this, she really did need this weekend. Plus since she had become a real estate agent she just didn’t find herself having as much fun as she use too. One time her and Alice got an itch and drove all the way to New York so they could see some Broadway Musicals. That was one of the funnest moments in her life.

"You know what Alice, I don’t care. I want to have a good time this weekend." She paused, "And I’m not going to let 5 missing people in this area get in the way of that!" She said proudly as she stomped on.

This statement made Alice stop, she had never seen her best friend so calm about something. She was always worrying about being kidnapped and dying, but it made her smile to know Donna was just not going to worry for a while. Alice threw her fist up in the air, “HELLS YEAH. That’s the spirit!” She laughed.

They walked and talked the entire time, smiling and laughing, basically just having a good old time. There wasn’t a care in the world until 2 tall men came emerging through the trees. The both looked a little older then them. The taller one had a broad build and brown hair that fell in a casually elegance a little above his shoulders. It may have been long, but it looked good. His face was covered in a little stubble and he had hazel eyes.

The older and a tad shorter had a duffel bag thrown over his shoulder, he too had a broad build but his dirty almost brown-blonde hair was shorter and gelled up a bit at the top, he also had face stubble, and anyone couldn’t help but notice his striking green eyes.

They seemed to be approaching Donna and Alice with a stone look upon their faces. The two girls slowed their walk at the approaching men.

"You brought your knife right?" Donna whispered quietly as both her and Alice came to a complete stop.

"Yeah, 3 of them. And my shotgun." She replied quickly fumbling around in her cargo pants for her trusty ol’ pocket knife. They couldn’t help but be a little weary, 5 people had gone missing.

"Can we help you?!" Alice asked assertively.

"Because we really don’t like the way you’re approaching us." Donna added sticking close to Alice’s side.

The two men finally reached them and both of the girls couldn’t help but stare, they were damn fucking fine. They thought they looked good far away, well you should see them up close. Alice closed her mouth when Donna casually bumped into her.

"Well what are two pretty ladies like you doing alone in the woods?" The shorter one asked smiling slyly at the girls.

Donna let out an uncomfortable cough and they both stepped back a little.

"Dean.." The taller one scolded shaking his head. "Sorry about him. I’m Sam and this is my brother Dean." He gave them a half smile and nodded down at them. His height was towering compared to the two girls, they were both quite short.

"Hi Sam, Hi Dean." The girls said together awkwardly exchanging the same look of confusion.

Dean clapped his hands together and grinned, “Well let’s quit this chit chat. We need you to vacate these woods” He said abruptly.

Alice about choked on her breath, “What?! You’re kidding me?!”

"You can’t do that, we will not take order from you." Donna huffed crossing her arms over her chest and standing as tall as she could make herself.

Sam put his hands out in front of him, “Please, it would make our jobs a whole lot easier.” He looked quite sadly down at the girls but they wouldn’t budge. The stood there with crossed arms with their lips pursed tightly together.

"No." They said simultaneously. Alice was clutching the knife tightly in her hand, it was hidden but she would be ready on a seconds notice to go all ninja on them.

Donna stayed close to Alice, she was surprisingly more calm about his situation than her best friend, ‘miss calm and collective.’

Dean rolled his eyes, “Come on two pretty girls like you shouldn’t be out in the woods alone anyways. If you haven’t heard 5 people have gone missing here in the past week. The parks closing cus’ of that so it would make our job a whole lot simpler if you’d just leave.”

"He’s right." Sam added quirking an eyebrow.

Donna stiffened a little but Alice called their bluff, “Listen. We may be short naive’ looking girls but we are not dumb.” Alice looked at Dean and cocked her head to the side, “And if you think for one moment we would believe you, you’re the real idiots.”

"Alice.." Donna whined quietly.

Sam looked a little upset but Dean looked rather impressed. Alice held her gaze with him until he smirked at her. “How bout this,” He said, “You guys leave and in a day or so me and my little brother will take you out for some drinks.”

Sam actually seemed like his mood got better for he smiled, this entire time he was staring directly at Donna, “Sound okay?” He asked continuing to stare and smile.

Donna blushed and she couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. Alice was even rather flattered that such handsome men would ask them out for drinks. Not that they weren’t pretty, but now? Of all times. Alice wasn’t going to let them ruin this for her though, she and Donna both needed this camping trip.

"Sorry guys. But we’re booked for the next 3 days." Donna said hitching her bag higher on her back and walking along. Alice looked at Donna’s back for a moment before following.

"You heard the lady." Alice said flipping her hair over her shoulder.

Sam grabbed Donna by the wrist and Dean grabbed Alice by the shoulder spinning both of the girls around to face them. “Look, we don’t want you guys to get hurt.” Sam explained solemnly.

Dean looked at Alice and raised his eyebrows, “No matter how tough you think you are. The thing that is doing this is stronger.” He said and he couldn’t help but grin down at her.

"One we don’t believe you." Alice said placing a hand on her hip and staring Dean right back into those beautiful green eyes.

"And two we’re still going." Donna said.

"So what are you gonna do about it?" Alice asked tilting her chin up and giving Dean a cheeky grin that made Dean chuckle inside.

Sam and Dean exchanged a quick glance before they said together in their deep booming voice, “We’re coming with.”

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