The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


8. Chapter 8: The Guy in The House.

Rick leans against the front wall of the house catching his breath, in deep long intakes of air. Carl is walking around the house looking for an entrance and any sign of walkers. The town is quiet, so quiet it is unnatural I stand with my gun in hand and my heart beating in my chest. 

I step to Rick who's eyes are shut and drooping. I place the back of my hand on his sweating forehead. I pull my hand away at the touch, he is burning up. I am sure now more than ever that his gun shot wound is infected. I grab his hand tightly. 

"Hang in there Rick. We're gonna get out of this." I say, trying to hide the worry in my voice. 

Rick grunts and tilts his head forward. I can only imagine the pain he must be in right now. I listen at the door for any signs of shuffling but it sounds clear. "Carl!" I whisper shout and he comes running around the corner. 

"No easy entrances. Not unless we want to break a window." He explains his eyes flash over to father. 

"No, we can't do that. We want the house the be locked up tight while we stay here." Carl nods to me and I rack my brain for a way to get into the house. I scratch the top of my head and then I get it, literally. I pull a bobby pin out of my ratted hair and smile down at it. "I think I've got it." 

Carl draws his attention away from his father and back to me, "Can you really pick a lock with that?" He questioned in bewilderment. 

"I use to pick my father's safe all the time to get a little extra cash. This should be a cinch." I say pulling the bobby pin apart and getting down on my knee's. 

I jiggle it around in the lock and within a minute we are stepping into a large living room. The walls are painted a sickly green and abstract pictures line them. The place is strangely clean, besides the stained floor and occasional piece of trash. Sitting near the window lay a checkered green couch with orange stripes. Carl and I lead Rick over to it and lay him down on the couch. 

"Check the house for walkers.." He murmurs, his eyes staying shut. "No guns." 

Carl and I exchange a glance as we pull knives from our pockets. Down stairs all that lays is the living room, kitchen, and a small closet. I pound against the the door of the closet, I press my ear against the door and listen, nothing. I open the door half expected something to till tumble out, but nothing does. 

We make our way into the kitchen and do a quick glance around, but nothing is anywhere in the down stairs part of the house. I glance over at the dining room table, and something strange catches my eye. I grab Carl by the arm and lead him over. 

"Is that an apple core?" He inquires astonished.

I lean in closer and take the fruit core in my hands. I give it a sniff, "Yeah it is. And it's fresh."

Carl eyes grow large, "Someone's here." I bring a finger up to my lips and we slowly walk towards the entry way upstairs. 

We make are way along the staircase, 14 red carpeted steps lead to a hall. Along the hall lay 5 doors. 3 I suspect are bedrooms, 1 bathroom and another closet. Carl checks the first room and the closet and I check the 2nd room and the bathroom. We both emerge, having seen no people or walkers. There is one room left. 

We inch towards the door, slowly and cautiously. I bang on it and press my ear on the cold door frame. There is sudden shuffle of feet, but not like the turned. Like the actually sound of human feet.  I reach for my gun and Carl does the same. I feel like a dumb ass for pounding on the door. I step back and kick the door in.

There sitting on a bed that is facing the door is a boy that is a few years older than me. He leans against the back of the bed, half sitting on it half not. He has a half ate red apple loosely in his left hand. He is tall with a very presence 5' o' clock shadow. He smirks at us taking another bite on the apple. 

"Do you always go around kicking people's doors in. I'll have you know it was unlocked." He says continuing to smirk. 

My cheeks go red and I raise an eyebrow, "Who are you?!" I ask furiously. 

"Who am I? Well you're are in my house.. So shouldn't I be asking you you are?" 

I looks down to Carl and he looks up to me, just as confused about this man strange approach. "Um.. Well.." I begin but the man cuts in. 

"Well. My name's Will." He pushes himself off the bed and walks towards Carl and I but we straighten up raising our guns higher. 

He holds his hands up in defense and laughs, "Woah. No need to be getting defensive eh?" Everything about him screams cocky. 

I lower my gun just a bit and walk towards him. I hold out my hand and he willing takes it. "My name's Annabel.. I guess it's nice to meet you." I say hesitantly. Carl still stands back with an angry glare on his face. 

"Yeah it is. By the way you've got a bit of blood on your head." He mentions, leaning in and wiping it away with a napkin he was holding. I flinch at first but slowly become aware that this guy means no harm. Yet. 

He grins and I give a weak smile back, "Thanks.." I look back at Carl who looks a bit more relaxed. "How can we trust you?" 

He shrugs his shoulders, "You can't. But I'm willing to try if you are."
I let out a small laugh, something about him seems oddly trust able. Plus he is real attractive. He reaches under the bed and pulls out a large first aid kit. "I saw that man you were with through the window, he looks pretty bad. I was an EMT, I wouldn't mind giving him a look." 

"He was shot." I blurt out. 

"Oh.. well I can still give him a look and see what I can do." He says. "Is he your guy's dad?" 

I cut my eyes over to Carl, "His dad. My friend." I explain. 

THUMP. A loud bang echo's through the house, it came from downstairs, which only means one thing. Something has happened to Rick, and it didn't sound good. "RICK!" I yell running out the bedroom door, Carl and Will hurrying out after me.

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