The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


6. Chapter 6: Attack

After a rugged car chase with some evil men, we had managed to lose them. Not for long though, Michonne says the Governor knows where the prison is.

            As we sit in our new ride we discuss what we should do, we are practically out of gas. We don’t have enough to get to the prison, but we need to get back to warn everybody. Things are about to get rough, for all of us.

            Michonne taps the steering wheel with her fingers. Daryl’s awake and a bit confused. Michonne finally speaks up, “I’ll go find some gas.” I shake my head at her; “Are you sure?” she nods opening the door.

            I watch as she walks away in the distance, I have faith in her.

            I turn around to see Daryl is casually poking his wound. My eyes go wide at the sight of his dirty hands. “Daryl! Don’t do that.” He stops for a moment and looks at me, “What are you gonna do mom? Ground me?” I roll my eyes in return to another one of his snarky remarks.

            “For someone who has just been shot you’re sure in a good mood.” I look out the windshield and notice I have lost sight of Michonne. I hope she will be okay; I have horrible anxiety about everything.  “Yeah, cuz I’m alive.” Thanks to me. I think to myself.

            I start to fiddle with the radio for old time’s sake.    Daryl watches intently from behind me. My heart drops when a voice comes out over the radio. I look back at Daryl who seems just as shocked as I do. “I’ve heard this before.” He sits up in his seat, listening with me. “We have a sanctuary, food, water, shelter, and people are all here. Located on the outskirts of Washington D.C.” I talk over the radio, “Sounds heavenly.”  Daryl hushes me. The man’s voice repeats itself over and over again.

            I turn off the radio and stare at Daryl who is staring back at me, “Washington D.C.” He says quietly. My mind wanders to thoughts of a safe haven. I crave society, people, and happiness. I miss it, “Isn’t that a long way to transmit?” Daryl shakes his head yes, “But it isn’t impossible.” I am suddenly filled with a little joy.


            My day dream is broke by Michonne knocking on the window. I instinctively jump and put my hand on my gun, but as soon as I realize it’s her I sigh in relief. She is carrying a can of gas, thank god.

            We reach this prison before Philip does. Everyone is safe for now, the Governor will attack soon. It might even be today.

            Rick rushes to the car to great us. I help Daryl out of the car; he has for the most part regained his strength.

            For an instant we all glare at Rick. Then in the simplest way Michonne tells him, “He’s alive.”

            Ricks blue eyes go huge and he brushes his hand through his hair. “Now what?”

            Michonne pierces her lips, “When he gets here, I’m gonna kill him.” With that she walks away and even from a distance I can feel the hate radiating off of her.

            I sigh, why do things have to be this way? The moment I find a group there is another one threatening it! “Daryl. I think you should go gather the council, I will fill Annabel in.” Finally I’m going to get some answers. Daryl slowly walks ahead of us by himself.

            “You think he will be okay?” I ask. Rick looks out at him, “Yeah, he’s a tough one.” I smirk knowing Rick is right, he’s tough.

            Rick and I walk up to the small farm and kneel down next to a tomato plant. He starts fiddling with tomato leaves. “Whatever you remember about the Governor… well you need to forget it. He has killed too many people to count, and he hates us. Things are going to get bad, I’m sorry we’ve brought you into this.”

            I focus on his calming voice. It’s a wonder that somehow even in times like these; he manages to stay that way. I nod in understanding. “We have an exit plan if things get too bad, but hopefully it won’t come to that.”

            I smile pathetically at Rick, “I hope.”

            Rick and I walk up to the courtyard where a lot of people are talking attentively about the situation. It occurs to me I only know two of the people standing in the courtyard, Rick and Daryl. It saddens me to think that I could die today and I will never know these people’s first names. Michonne is nowhere to be seen.

            It’s probably not the best time for introductions. A tall brunette speaks up, “How’d you find him?!” she sounds like she was born and raised in Georgia. Daryl nods over to me, “Annabel had a lead.” The woman shakes her head, “Who’s-“

            I step forward to introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Annabel.” Her face is blank, but then anger rushes over it. “Are you helpin’ him?! Are ya?!” she steps closer to me, and Daryl and Rick come to my aid. “It’s not like that Maggie.” Daryl says while pulling her away. Maggie closes her eyes for a moment and then speaks. “Sorry Annabel. It’s nice ta’ meet you. Thanks for helpin’ us.” I nod back at her and step to the side with Rick.

            “Someone really close to her is sick; she doesn’t want anything bad to happen.” I nod and cross my arms over my chest. It seems like wherever I go trouble follows.

            Unexpectedly something catastrophic happens, nearly 50 feet from us a guard towers explodes. We all dunk from the falling debris. I look in the direction from where the madness came from, and standing at the gates is a bunch of people. They are all led by the one and only Governor.

            They have a tank, multiple cars, way more people, and some pretty heavy machinery. “We’re screwed.” I mumble to myself, beside me Rick sighs loudly.

            The Governor barks, “Rick, come down here. We need ta’ talk.” Everyone looks to him, so Rick awkwardly slides his hands in his pockets. “I don’t make the decisions any more. We have a council.”

            The Governor walks to one of the trucks and pulls out an old man, Maggie and a young blonde gasp in shock. I make an inference that the old man is there father. “How bout Hershel? Is he on the council?!” Rick looks like he is holding his breath. The Governor pulls another person from the car, ‘What bout Michonne?” I glare in shock.

            Rick looks back at his friends and a few of them nod in approval. He begins to walk down to him, I have confidence that Rick can convince the Governor there is another option.

            I walk to Daryl, who is standing with a boy around the age of 14, although I am older than him, he is just as tall as me. “Who are you?” he asks as Daryl, the boy and I slyly walk over to a basket of guns. “Annabel. Yours?” Daryl reaches into the basket and hands the boy a gun, “Name’s Carl. You a good shot?” I nod and Carl hands me a gun.

            More of our people come to grab guns and we all line the fences focusing in on our opponent’s. Philip has Michonne’s katana raised to the old man’s head, we can’t hear what they are talking about, but it doesn’t look so well.

            Carl speaks up, “I could shoot him, I’m a good shot.” Daryl shakes his head, “No, just let your dad handle it.”

            Philip lowers the sword and for a moment I think Rick has convinced him, yet I am dead wrong. He takes the katana and swings it into the man’s neck, the cut didn’t go all the way through, but enough that the man will die. The old man’s shirt within seconds is covered in blood. I close my eyes at the gruesome sight. Maggie and her sister scream in horror, I’ve been where they are; it’s not a good place.

            Rick screams “NOO!” he pulls out his gun and shoots. This is the shot that started our war. Everyone on both sides takes this as the signal to take action. Gun shots ring out over the entire prison. Adrenaline pumps through my veins at the sounds of chaos. I shoot one of the Governor’s people down, it causes me to stop and stare, and I’m sickened once again by me killing someone. “Keep shooting Annabel! Stick with Carl! I will be back.”

            I scream while I shoot, it’s the only way to keep me sane. “Follow me!” as Carl says this, the tank breaks through the fences. People start to scatter from our battle positions. I follow Carl. People around me are being shot down, their screams piercing the air. It’s very unnerving.

            The tank is moving closer to the courtyard. “We need to find my Dad!” Carl says as we take cover in some shrubbery. “I’ll go find him, you cover me.” I quickly make my way over to Maggie who is with two other people; the man she is with is injured. They look like they are getting ready to leave. “Maggie! Have you seen Rick?!” She shakes her head no, “He might still be where we last saw him!”

            I sigh, “Do you need any help?!” Maggie and another woman, Sasha, begin helping the injured man up, Maggie calls him Bob. “No! We got it. Have you seen my sister?” I pause for a moment, “I think I saw her with Daryl! Good luck.”

            I run down to where I last saw Rick, he is being strangled by the Governor. His face is turning blue and he is covered in blood; I pull out my gun and prepare to shoot. It’s hard to get a good shot when they are moving around, but then like a ninja to the rescue Michonne skewers the Governor. I practically leap with joy, this place is being overrun by the turned, and we need to move quickly.

            I rush down to Rick who is screaming “Where’s Carl.” He is beaten to a pulp and is limping. I call out to him, “I know where he is. Follow me!” I stop only for a moment to watch as Michonne stares down at the suffering evil man.

            I lead the way to where I left Carl and of course he isn’t there. “CARL! CARL!” Rick screams wildly for his son. Two of the turned emerge from around one of the cars, I grab Rick’s arm in fear. We need to go. Then mysteriously the turned are shot, they fall to the ground and behind them is Carl. He runs into his father’s arms.

            Another one of the dead starts to limp for us, but Carl shoots it again and again, clearly angry. “Judith?! Where is she?” Rick asks. Carl shakes his head, “I don’t know.”

            We begin to look for her; this place is crawling with the turned. A few feet ahead is a baby carrier, Judith is a baby, oh god. The carrier is empty and there is blood in it and near it. Rick and Carl break down into tears, “No..No..” Rick cries out.

I give them a moment, it’s important to cry. When they are ready we make our way out of the prison. We find a torn down area of the fences and make it too the forest. As we walk up the hill Rick says, “Don’t look back Carl, just keep walking.”

            Truth is I don’t know where we are going or what’s going to happen to us. All that we can do now is keep walking forward.

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