The Complete book of Hope's Unfinished Works

This book has every one of Hope's unfinished stories. She thought it would be nice to have all of her stories documented into one big book. So here it is.
Life in a New Standpoint
Tale as Old as Time
Thrown for a Twist
What to Do with the Wotters
The Tale Untold
Trouble in Paradise
The Divine


14. Am I clear?

Chapter 3:

Daryl shakes his head and rubs his eyes, clearly not believing what he was seeing. In truth I didn't believe it either. "Cass..?" He and I slowly walk towards each other; he shakes his head as we hug tightly. I place my head on his chest as tears begin to fall down my red cheeks. He rests his head on the top as mine.

"I knew you were still out there. I just knew it." I say as I pull away from Daryl. He holds me by my shoulder as he looks me up and down. The last time I saw him we were hunting and we had this really romantic moment, but the next day I was shipped off to basic training for some unknown reason. I wasn't supposed to go for another month, so I thought I had time to talk to Daryl about how I felt. The feelings haven't left, but anything he was feeling for me was probably gone.

Daryl grins at me at says, "Last I heard you were in Special Ops?" I nod to him smiling lightly. I turn to see everyone staring at us. The blonde Daryl was in the car with is over by Maggie. I also recognize her from the family pictures; I think her name is Beth.

I meet eyes with Mike; he has his hand on his hip and is staring at me with a disproving glare. "Mike. Don't look at me like that asshole." He throws his hands up in the air as he walks to the house to inform the others.

I turn myself to face Daryl again; he and his friends really don't look so good. "What happened?" I ask shaking my head in question.

Daryl wipes the sweat from his forehead and turns to look at his friends. "Some bad people attacked the place we was staying at. They killed an' destroyed." I cover my mouth in shock and disgust.

I shake my head, "I'm sorry Daryl… Well welcome to the group. Anything your group needs my groups here." Beth comes and wraps her arms around Daryl's waist.

I furrow my eyebrows and almost step back in shock. "How do you know each other?" She asks sweetly staring up at Daryl. We both look at Daryl waiting for an answer.

He opens his mouth to talk, but stops. I cross my arms over my stomach and tilt to the side. "Yeah Daryl. How do you know me?" Daryl looks from Beth to me.

"She was ma' best friend of 5 yers'." He says finally. The woman who I suppose to be his girlfriend looks up and smiles at Daryl again. My heart aches a little, but I'm happy for him.

"Friend of 6 years." I say piercing my lips and turning around to see Mike walking out of the house with the rest of the group. They all look pissed. This isn't going to go down well. I turn back to face the new arrivals, "Stand your ground. This might get ugly."

Lucas leads the angry tired people as the sun begins to peak over the horizon. He shouts out to me, "Yo Cass! What the hell is your problem? Letting strangers in our group?" His voice rises in anger and hatred.

I give Mike a dirty look for making it seem like a bad thing. "Asshole." I mouth to him. He rolls his eyes as he walks behind our group’s fat bastard Lucas.

He gets all up in my face, "Why Cass? Huh? Why?" His face is inches from mine and I can smell his rotting breath. I bring my hand back and sock him in the nose. He tumbles backwards holding it.

"Mike, get him the fuck away from me." I say shaking my hand in pain. I begin to pace in front of the group, thinking of what to say to them. I face them and stand in the "at ease" position. "Listen guys. I have kept you alive this long. You have to have faith in me, if I didn't think these people were safe I wouldn't let them stay with us. One of their people is a... friend of mine. We can trust them. Two of the girls use to live here; we are doing the right thing. We are rebuilding society." I pause looking out at the sorry faces; somehow whenever I talk to these people they come to their senses. "DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" I scream out assertively.

My people nod to me and slowly walk back to house. All except Mike who walks to me with the "you always find a way to amazes me." look on his face. He stands in front of me and I playfully punch him in the stomach. "You son of a bitch. You know I hate doing that."

He chuckles to himself and shakes his head, "That's why I did it. Now introduce me." I take his hand and bring him over to Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. They are all leaning against the car now staring at us.

"Mike meet Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Guys meet Mike, he's my co leader." They each shake his hand reluctantly. I stare up at Bob's bleeding shoulder. "We have a nurse here, she can check out your shoulder." He nods to me in thanks.

I move my head in Daryl and Beth's direction, "That's Daryl and Beth." I say quietly. Mike looks at me in question. We back off and a shout to them, "Come on. We'll get you situated in the RV." They all quietly follow me to the old thing. We found it when we got here.

Daryl touches the side of it and looks to Maggie, "Dale…"

I open the door and turn to face them, "Was Dale the owner? It was over by a burnt down barn when we found it." Maggie, Daryl, and Beth all look to the ground; Dale must be dead, just like everyone else. I take it the rest of the Greene family is probably gone too. I lead them into the RV and let them take a seat at the old table.

My reunion with Daryl was less than expected. Too bad to sad I guess. I lean against the wall across from the table as the depressed people look at each other. I yell out to Mike, “Go get a few bottles of water!” I hear him hop off the ladder as he walks to the house.

“We need to find Glenn.” Maggie says holding her hands together in front of her.

Daryl shakes his head, “We need to find everyone. Rick, Carl, Judith, Michonne, Tyreese. The damn bus had almost all our people on it.”

Sasha runs her hands through her hair, “They’ve got to be out there. We can’t lose hope.” Mike comes through the door with water bottles. He hands them to me and I set them on the table in front of them, without thanks of course.

I didn’t expect them to bow down before me, but some appreciation would be nice. I listen to them bicker back and forth, I can’t take it. I break in, “I will go find them. I could do it; it was my job in the air force.” They all look at me in a strange sense. “God damn. Stop looking at me like that. Now where can I find them?”

Daryl stands up grabbing his crossbow, “I’ll go with ya’. You don’t even know what you’re looking fer’.” I okay to Daryl as we begin walking out of the RV. Beth stops him grabbing his arm, “Daryl. Be safe.” She pulls him down and kisses him on the forehead. Daryl nods to her as we leave the musty smelling vehicle.

We get about 20 feet before Maggie calls out, “Cassandra!” She stands at the door of the RV staring out at us. “Thank you.” She says as she covers her eyes from the sunlight. I nod to her smiling casually.

I turn back around as we walk to my military vehicle. It seems like we are going nowhere with all these people stopping us. “Cass?! Where ya’ goin’?!” Mike yells as he runs to me.
I shake my head and roll my eyes. I pat Mike on the shoulder. “I’m going to help find their people. You’re in charge for now.” He slowly nods to me as he walks off.

I spin back around and stride forward. Daryl puts an arm around my waist and pulls me close. “Seems like little Miss Cass is a big mean leader now.” He says amused.

“Yeah, I am.” I smile largely. Not because I’m proud of being a leader, but because the way Daryl holds me sends a wonderful chill through my spine. Whether it is friendly or not, I missed him, more than you can imagine.

We hop in my car and set off on a journey to find his group, while butterflies danced in my stomach.

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