The day society broke down

In a world where society has broken down and is in ruins after major technology fuelled wars broke out, one teen must fight for who he loves, or face the consequences of sacrifice.


9. The great battle

I stood up out of cover and noticed something. We couldn't know who these people were! They were either wearing masks or helmets, dressed in black from head to toe and all of them carrying laser shocker Gatling guns (lsGg) one of them saw me though, and fired his at me. But to my amazement, the laser was black too! It was like they were determined to be kept hidden. I looked around me and saw the bodies of others who had tried to kill these guys. They stunk of decay, their bodies were rotting down. The guy next to me's hand was a skeleton.

However, without thinking, I stood up out of cover again and fired at them. I saw a few drop but not all. Not nearly enough. They started firing at me while I was in cover, destroying the barrier I was behind. So I made a break for it and ran to another cover, gunshots behind me all the time. I was just about to get behind it when I felt an excruciating pain in my heel and crashed to the ground. Others in my team started firing bullets at them, trying to help me get to cover before I was killed. Wracked with pain, I started pulling my body, now feeling like dead weight, across the ground towards the nearest cover. I felt another of those awful laser bullets enter my calf muscle and screamed in pain, every nerve in my body screaming with me. It was the worst pain anyone could feel. Then I realised I had to get up behind cover and shoot for my life.

Getting up, I realised they had minimised from about 50 to ten, whilst none of my team had died. Working with my team, we cut them down to about five and got behind cover again. Then, when we stood back up to kill a few more, I noticed something. Holding her at gunpoint, one of the men had my mum.

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