The day society broke down

In a world where society has broken down and is in ruins after major technology fuelled wars broke out, one teen must fight for who he loves, or face the consequences of sacrifice.


2. The city hall

The journey to the city hall wasn't pleasant. Not only did I see burnt smouldering rubble, presumably houses once, with screams of pain or cries for help coming from beneath them, but I was heckled with insults, ranging from "you're stupid" to "no one ever loved you, you pretentious, low life scum." I had to keep walking, and take the insults with a pinch of salt, but sometimes it was hard, especially now. No one helped me with the bullies, like no one helped the ones trapped. They were left to die. That's when I realised that humanity was nowhere to be seen in these times of technology. As we had gotten more technologically involved, we became less humane. 

When I finally got to the town hall, I noticed that half of it still stood. This was because of the invention of explosion proof metal, which protects against natural disasters and nuclear explosions, which is what has happened now. Seeing as I lived in a wealthier city, I paid more taxes, which led to putting this metal on the city hall. The poorer ones paid less taxes with less money, so therefore they had less city hall remaining. However, they may have had less money, but they had twice the spirit than the city I lived in. 

As more of the city population arrived, the mayor stepped forwards towards the microphone podium and raised both her hands into the air as a way to silence the rabble. The control she had over this city was amazing. Clearing her throat, she began. "I realise that this is a shock to you, but we must address the present. We have been bombed by an unknown country, but we do know that we need soldiers to fight for us. This nuclear explosion has destroyed everything but human life, and we need to know how and why. Anyone who wants to take part in this war, volunteer yourself now, and the rest of you are to stay here until further notice. We have sleeping bags for everyone, and until this is sorted, your neighbours are here, as well as your home. Thank you"

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