The day society broke down

In a world where society has broken down and is in ruins after major technology fuelled wars broke out, one teen must fight for who he loves, or face the consequences of sacrifice.


10. Sacrifice

"We have one of your men's mother, squad Britain. We propose two things. You give up this war, and we let her go safely. Or you give up one of your men, and we let her go safely. Actually, we have another two options. You run at me to try and get her, son of this mum, and we shoot her and you. Or you carry on fighting, and we torture her over live video chat with your country, and then kill her. Your choice." The man shouted. None of my team seemed to respond, so I chose. Placing my gun against my leg, it healed the bullet wounds. And then I jumped over the cover and ran at the man, quicker than he could react. Or so I thought.

He delivered on his promise, he shot my mum in the head, and I saw her body fall to the ground, dead weight now. I came to a sudden stop and kneeled next to her, crying and holding her close to me, while her blood trickled down her forehead and onto my shoulder. Then the man aimed his gun at me, loaded it and said "goodnight saviour boy. Too bad you couldn't save her". 

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