The day society broke down

In a world where society has broken down and is in ruins after major technology fuelled wars broke out, one teen must fight for who he loves, or face the consequences of sacrifice.


4. Pride's walk

So, after signing up, all new recruits were told we were being picked up by the VTOL carrier ship, and headed out of the town hall, to a sea of smiling faces, some cheering, some just enjoying the moment. Eagerly looking over the crowd, I saw my mum standing there, the biggest smile of pride on her face. It warmed my heart, making me walk a little taller, and feel a little stronger, even though I was the smallest and weakest there by a huge margin. I looked in the direction we were going, and saw a huge, majestic airship, with four flaming rockets on the end of its wings, along with two flashing lights. Strangely though, there was a third, right on the centre of the second engine I could see. 'Odd' I thought, but I carried on walking. After all, I'd signed up for whatever happened, and I had to carry on, no matter what I felt. Then, as I got closer, I saw many more flashing lights, just like the first one. And they were beeping. They looked like thermonuclear remotely controlled bombs (TRC-5s), the ones that stick to things. Unfortunately, I couldn't hesitate, as we were already boarding, but I did say to the man behind me "it looked like there were a lot of TRC-5s on the VTOL before we boarded", but he just told me it was a way to be more visible. I just shrugged it off and kept quiet. I wish I hadn't.

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