The day society broke down

In a world where society has broken down and is in ruins after major technology fuelled wars broke out, one teen must fight for who he loves, or face the consequences of sacrifice.


5. And boom goes the dynamite

We were over the desert, on our way to the battleground, when a tremendous explosion pulled apart our transport, thrusting it towards the ground. Our hair was singed, some of us injured, others dead. The only ones who came out of the initial explosion un injured were me and the man across from me. The only one who came out of the metal twisting, bone shattering crash un injured, was me. This led to suspicion, which I had to clear up by proving my presence in the registration centre was constant. Still, I think they suspected me, even after that. Out of 51 men, 10 died and 40 were injured, 15 seriously, 25 not so seriously. Out of 51 men, I was left fine. 

Sleeping that night, I went over that thought many times in my head. Why me? Out of 51 men, why was I here, out of pain and still in life? I didn't sleep until about 2 AM, when I finally came to the conclusion that I was just lucky, and should be grateful. Before that though, I also looked back on what I'd seen, trying to figure out who planted the bombs. All of the men sleeping around me, whether for the night or eternally, were always in the registration centre, and so was I, so it couldn't be any of us. Could it?

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