Return of the Fear

Kiali was lucky enough to be born 200 years after the Titans were killed and only knows about the Titans through school, at least she thought she was. No one expected the them to return, nor did they expect them to evolve...and yet they did. Titans have returned stronger than ever and Kiali is forced to flee to the inner walls with her best friend Jacob...leaving everything they once knew behind and Living once Fear.


1. Wall Maria

"August 5, 1029,

   Hey again, it's me. As I write today I am sitting on Wall Maria with father, watching him work. I always found it so much fun to see what they do to protect us from the Titans. The Titans haven't been seen for over 200 years so I doubt they will return again. Father says that in a week the wall will be taken down and we will be able to leave and travel again, I can't wait. Mother thinks we will try to return to where our family came from...I think it's called England, who knows. Brother returns tomorrow from the final scouting trip to make sure everything is okay~"

   Someone shook my shoulder and I looked up to see my dad smiling, his brown hair slicked back into his small ponytail. "Time to go home, the other team has arrived." Looking behind him I saw my dads friends Berth Levind; tall dark haired and bulky, Chanse Yet; slim blond haired, and Timothy Brander; bulky and black haired, waving at me. "Evening Kiali, How was the wall today?" I smiled back, standing up and placing my journal in my patched and torn bag. "All quite as usual, nothing to report sir." I placed my fist over my heart and they returned the salute, then turned to talk. Father took my hand and we started off down the wall and past other team members who waved and smiled at me. "Did you fix the cannon or does it need to be replaced?" I inquired, remembering the discussion he had had earlier that morning with his team. Father scratched the back of his head and nodded to the man in the office box. "The pump had busted from lack of use but we fixed it while you had your nap, we will check the others tomorrow." We headed down the street toward home, passing our friends as we went. The evening air was full of life and love, the flowers had just started to grow in as Spring was approaching in only a few weeks. Kids ran past us playing with toys or heading home for supper. "Hey Kiali!" I turned to see my best friend Jacob come running up to us, his face alit with his smile, a single dimple on his left cheek. "Jacob!" I smiled back and looked at father, pleading. "Alright, don't be too long and I'll stall your mother." Hugging him tightly I said bye to father and turn to run off with Jacob, laughing loudly. We ran for a bit, stealing a few apples from the barn, before stopping on the bridge connecting the two parts of the city, and Jacob sat on it, puling me beside him. "How was the wall? Anything wrong with it?" His words tumbled out and I knew  he had been waiting to ask me. Jacob could never not ask about something he wanted to ask, it was a blessing and a curse.

    "Haha, well Berth got his hand stuck under a cannon and father nearly had to cut it off; he was terrified. The wall itself is still stable, no cracks or scratches." I stated, looking at him brightly. He nodded jealously, his blue eyes searching mine. We sat in silence for a while, watching the sun drop and the people around us talk and go home, then it started to get chilly. Goose bumps rose on my bare arms and I wrapped them around my body, shivering. "Cold?" Jacob unzipped his black jacket and threw it at me, his thin grey shirt sticking to his skin. "Thanks..." I said, pulling it on and laughing, my hands didn't reach the end. "I should walk you home, your father wouldn't like me if I-" The ground suddenly shook madly and we both dropped into the water below, then the sound of a cannon being shot and a man screaming. Water flooded my mouth and I couldn't breath nor see for the life of me. Fear shot through my body and I could feel myself sinking. Jacob appeared sputtering and coughing, water reaching his neck. "K-Kiali!" He called out, grabbing my hand before I went under, and pulling me out onto the grass. The ground shook again and a large rock came flying overhead, slamming into the building across from us.

"DUCK!" Everyone around had dropped down as more rocks came flying over, and dread filled my body as another rock dropped in front of us. "Father...mother!" I screamed, struggling to my feet and tore across the street, Jacob at my heels slowly catching up. My body shook as I saw Berth run past us, his head bloody and his arm limp. "Berth! What's going on?!" He stopped quickly and looked back, his eyes wide. "They've evolved," Was the only thing he said, his voice shook and the next second a rock landed right on top of him, splattering Jacob and I in his blood. "Your dad." Jacob took my hand and pulled me along, pushing people out of his way as he did so. I couldn't think, my mind was blank and I was terrified. What did Berth mean they've evolved? My head had been down so I didn't notice Jacob stop, but I slammed into him, knocking my head into his. "Why did y-" My word go caught in my throat and I froze, looking up at the wall. "N-no...that's impossible...It can't be.." The sun seemed to have hidden in the clouds as I'm sure every human wanted to at this moment and shadows covered the ground, throwing our fear into greater depth.

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