Return of the Fear

Kiali was lucky enough to be born 200 years after the Titans were killed and only knows about the Titans through school, at least she thought she was. No one expected the them to return, nor did they expect them to evolve...and yet they did. Titans have returned stronger than ever and Kiali is forced to flee to the inner walls with her best friend Jacob...leaving everything they once knew behind and Living once Fear.


14. Saving Now Part 1

Hey guys the next few chapters are going to be in Jacobs point of view just for clarification.

     ~In Jacobs pace~

     I woke from my sleep drenched in sweat, my hair sticking to my forehead and my chest heaving. The dream had seemed so vivid...but it wasn't. Kiali was perfectly safe with her new boyfriend Josh...I knew it and the thought made me sick. Throwing off my quilt I stood up and walked over to the bathroom, pulling off my shirt before throwing it with the rest of my clothes. She was probably telling him all about outside the wall and her hopes and dreams as she had once done to me...I stepped into the cold water and stood there, my eyes closed. Why did I have to think of her? Why couldn't it just be over with and her gone from my memory? Once I had dried off and changed I grabbed my jacket and saw a glint of gold, the locket. I had given Kiali a similar one on our one year of friendship but I had also gotten me one without her knowing...I use to always wear it, at least until that night in the woods. For some reason the locket seemed to give me a bad feeling until I shook my head and left the room, headed for the training hall. No one was ever up this early except me so I always had the hall to myself. About thirty minutes into training the doors burst open and three people ran in, causing me to growl. Josh and his two buddies, but then I frowned, Josh seemed upset about something and after spotting me he stormed over, grabbing my shirt. "WHERE IS SHE?!" My eyes widened and I pulled back, glaring at them. "Where's who?" "DON'T LIE TO ME BOY! WHERE'S KIALI?!" My heart seemed to freeze at his words and I looked at him. "What do you mean? Isn't she with you?" Josh ran his hands through his hair, which was already on end, and snapped at me. "She ran off after you yelled at her and she hasn't been seen since Jacob. Now where is she? Did you have her hurt or taken?"

     Before I knew what I was doing I had Josh pinned to the ground, my eyes slits. "I would never hurt her or have her hurt, even you can't be dumb enough to think that." "You hurt her yesterday you bastard, she ran off crying! We think she left the wall!" My body tensed up at this and I shook my head. "She wouldn't, she loves you too much." His two friends pulled me off of him and then helped him up, both staring at me. They seemed equally worried about her as I was feeling about her, like their world had just vanished. "Look, as I said yesterday I don't want anything to do with her. You guys can go save her, if she's still alive that is. Chances are she's dead; she left the wall." I brushed dirt off my pants and sighed, then fixed my hand bandages and began to train again, only to be stopped moments later by Josh, who looked madder than I had ever seen him. "You're coming with us to find her. You've been ordered to by Jackial. I wouldn't disobey him." He held up a slip of paper saying I was to travel with them to the outer wall in search of Kiali. "Fine. Whatever, when do we leave?" "Now." I blinked, looking at him in shock. "Now? As in this minute?" Nodding his head Josh tossed me my jacket and turned, walking off with his two buddies, he called out to me. "Hurry up, we have the horses already saddled."


     Half an hour later I was sitting on a pure black horse along side Josh, Conner, and Dylan heading off into Titan Land. This time no one cheered or clapped, no one smiled or gave gifts, they all seemed to think we wouldn't return. And I feared the same thing. As the gates opened and the city folk moved out of the way I gripped the horses reins  tightly and growled under my breath, this was all Kiali's fault. If she hadn't run off I wouldn't be stuck here...but she wouldn't have run off if I hadn't yelled at her...shaking my head quickly I put that thought out of my head, none of this was my fault. I was a victim. Josh kicked his horse and started off, leaving us to follow close behind him, I kicked hard because the moment the other two left I was dead last, they knew how to ride. It was difficult to keep up with these guys that was for sure, I was out of breath 30 minutes after racing and the others hadn't even broken a sweat! "So where do we start looking?!" I called over the galloping horses, hoping to be heard. "We're going back to where Kiali started to talk! Maybe she went there looking for answers or maybe just to get away!" Was Josh's answer from ahead of me, and Conner and Dylan kicked harder, catching up to him, speaking low as so I couldn't hear. For so long we rode in complete silence, my eyes roaming the land we passed and thinking the strangest thing...I felt that I knew this place. After I think what was about 3 hours I saw Josh, Conner, and Dylan all slow their horses, so I pulled back too. We were standing in front of an old broken building, two houses  (one crushed by a rock) and a small barn. Tilting my head I tried to shake the feeling I was getting from being here, I didn't like it.

     "Okay split up and search, she can't have gone far." Conner left for the east, Dylan the west, Josh the South, which left me the North. Tapping my horse she began to trot slowly allowing me to look around. This place gave me the creeps, but a moment later when we turned a corner I let out a gasp, it was Kiali's home. We had been in the town center...We had been home! My heart was beating faster than ever as I ventured forward, small flash backs of me and Kiali playing in the yard, of us stealing apples from the barn, us climbing the trees came flooding back to me, and I felt like I couldn't breath...Closing my eyes I tried to block out this images, I was suppose to hate her! She had hurt me! So why was I the hurting so much? My eyes suddenly flew open as I remembered where she would have gone, the place we met...the school. "I know where she is!" I called out, hoping the others would hear me, then kicked my horse hard and headed back around, toward the school, praying she would be there. Josh and the others soon met up with me and they spoke. "Where is she?" "I think she may have gone to the place where we first met, the school..." A clap of thunder rang out and rain began to fall in heavy drops hit all of us, making it harder to see. At last we reached it, half crushed by rocks and covered in blood. Then I noticed something odd, a change in the back corner like the mud had been moved. Jumping down off the horse I made my way over before hitting something with my foot and upon looking down I gave a small was the locket.

Half cracked and covered in blood.

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