Return of the Fear

Kiali was lucky enough to be born 200 years after the Titans were killed and only knows about the Titans through school, at least she thought she was. No one expected the them to return, nor did they expect them to evolve...and yet they did. Titans have returned stronger than ever and Kiali is forced to flee to the inner walls with her best friend Jacob...leaving everything they once knew behind and Living once Fear.


11. My Name

   Hey, I think she is waking up....

   My eyes fluttered opened as voices sounded around me, eager anxious voices. "Kiali, Kiali can you sit up?" I groaned lightly and rolled my eyes. "No.." Everything thing went silent, and I gasped, sitting up. "D-did you just..." My heart was beating hard against my chest, I wouldn't have been surprised if they could have heard it, and I smiled. Doctor Matthews was clapping her hands and jumping up and down, then hugged her teammate. "She spoke! She said something! Even if it is one word it's progress!" Someone knelt down beside me and took my hand, looking up I saw the green eyes of Josh smiling down on me. "You did it, somehow you did it." "No." He blinked, tilting his head at me. "Yeah you did..," "No." I nodded at him, standing up. Josh rubbed the back of his head and looked at Doctor Matthews, shrugging. "So far this is all she can say, she'll learn more later on." "Ahh, okay." "It won't be long now and you'll be speaking non stop girly!" Someone slapped my on the back, making my knees buckle under, barely managing to stay up straight. Everyone around me so seemed so happy and a sudden flash back hit me, causing me to fall to my knees.

~6 Years ago~

   "Jacob! Jacob guess what!" My tiny feet ran as fast as I could over to the eagerly awaiting Jacob, his jacket at his side. "What's the rush butterfly?" His laugh always made me smile widely and my cheeks flush, which normally only made his laugh more. "Daddy brought me to the top of Wall Maria!!" His eyes widened, his hands pushed him off the rock upon which he had been sitting on, and his mouth dropped opened. "WHAT?!" DID YOU REALLY?!" Strands of blond hair flung across my face as I nodded quickly, then reached into my bag to show him something. It was the Scouting Patch that had fallen off one of the older jackets, he gasped and took it in his hands, looking over every inch of it. "T-the real thing..unbelievable! You're so lucky Kiali!" I rocked back and forth on my heels smiling brightly up at him, my dress fluttering in the wind. "Daddy says I can go with him any time now. He has some buddies up there that take shifts with him or after them. Most are really really nice but I think Berth dislikes me for some reason..." We sat on the rocks for hours just talking about the Wall and the outside world. Something seemed to have been lit inside him and he gripped his hand tightly. "When I'm old enough," He said over the wind, his brown hair blowing in the wind and my eyes widened at him; he seemed so cool! "I'm going to join the Scouting Regiment and help travel outside into the real world!" He punched the air and cheered, closing his eyes and looking up. I giggled and covered my mouth, then caught his eye. "I am too." My voice was barely a whisper but he heard and looked utterly shocked. "What? Why you? You have everything to lose but nothing to gain." "I want to prove to everyone that I'm not just daddy's little girl...I'm my own person and I'm strong." The grass seemed to bright as I looked down, my feet crossed and a single band aid on my left knee. "I want to be something to someone..." Lifting my head I stared at him, and he seemed to know I wasn't joking. "I want to be someone special."



   The feeling of my heart pounding hard against my ribs brought me back and I was gasping, leaning against a wall o what was once a small library. "Are you okay Kiali?" Someone shook my shoulder then squatted down in front of me...Josh looked almost terrified. I nodded, digging my hand into the damp dirt under me and then smiled. "No..." He smiled, then stood up. "She's okay!" I turned my  head to the person who I knew would be so happy about me talking, only to find emptiness. Jacob had left...

                            He was gone for good.

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