Return of the Fear

Kiali was lucky enough to be born 200 years after the Titans were killed and only knows about the Titans through school, at least she thought she was. No one expected the them to return, nor did they expect them to evolve...and yet they did. Titans have returned stronger than ever and Kiali is forced to flee to the inner walls with her best friend Jacob...leaving everything they once knew behind and Living once Fear.


7. Choosing Teams

    Jacob turned his back and stormed off, snapping branches and leaves as he went, each snap feeling like a wound to me. I stood up and started to follow him, grabbing his arm. His eyes were mad and he was breathing hard. "Save it Kiali, I don't want to hear it. Go back to Josh and beg for attention, I don't care anymore." He tugged him arm back and swung around, my heart shattering. "You ran to him, not me, even though I've been there every single fucking day for you...and you just met him." My legs seemed to stop working as he left, leaving me there to hold myself. My best friend...I had never seen him that mad, now he hated me...Everything seemed to collapse around me.

   Dawn came to early for my liking and the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake. For a split second I thought it was Jacob and I smiled, before I realize it was a guard. Tears filled my eyes and I got up, got dressed, and left the room with him. I had left my hair down and didn't even bother placing a new band aid on my wound...I had given up. I was almost tempted to turn and run away, leave it all behind but something kept me rooted on my path until I had reached the field again. Jackie, Jason, Lisa, and Jacob were already there standing with their hand over their hearts, none of them looked at me as I took my place next to them. Not even Jacob. A second later Jack stood up along side Josh, who spotted me and smiled, but I looked away and he frowned. "ALRIGHT YOU FIVE, TODAY YOU JOIN YOUR TEAMS AND HEAD OUT." Jack looked down at us. "You will pick your own teams, and we will start with Jackie." S mile split his face and he walked up, then turned. "I pick Lisa Greg and Jason West." Jack stood for a moment, then spoke. "And the last?" "Four? In that case," His eyes narrowed at me, and I knew who he would pick. "Jacob Darek." My heart dropped as I saw Jacob smile and nod, lifting his head. Jack looked down at me, knowing that me and Jacob were never apart, something had changed. "Kiali...that leaves you."  My chest had tightened and I nodded, feeling warmth reach my eyes. "You will be placed on Josh's team." His voice had changed to kindness as he spoke to me, and I guessed he felt bad, I nodded again.

"Dismissed." We all saluted and I turned to Jacob only to find him already with his new team, shaking hands and laughing. "Kiali?" Josh was standing behind me, looking a little disappointed. "Let's go, the feast is starting." I nodded and followed behind them, my arms wrapped around my shoulders. Once in the great hall we took our seats in the front, beside the other team. Josh sat beside me and placed a plate in front of me. "Here, so you don't have to see them. Well, I should allow the others to introduce themselves." I placed my elbows on the wooden table and looked at the other two in front of me. "I'm Dylan." A man with drown hair and hazel eyes waved at me, showing brightly white teeth. I nodded and looked to the other one, waiting. "Right, I'm Conner. Nice to meet you Kiali." He had curly brown hair with green eyes, and he didn't smile. He seemed irritated and I guessed it was because I was on his team now, and I didn't blame him. I would have hated it too.

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