Return of the Fear

Kiali was lucky enough to be born 200 years after the Titans were killed and only knows about the Titans through school, at least she thought she was. No one expected the them to return, nor did they expect them to evolve...and yet they did. Titans have returned stronger than ever and Kiali is forced to flee to the inner walls with her best friend Jacob...leaving everything they once knew behind and Living once Fear.


12. Behind The Walls

   ~3 months later~


   It had been 3 full months since I started speaking and I could now have full length conversations with my team. Doc. Matthews couldn't have been happier, she kept asking me questions and timed my respondses trying to help me speak better. "I think tomorrow we will be able to go back home, now that our mission is a success." She set the timer down and gave me a huge smile, her eyes sparkling with happiness. "How do you feel Kiali?" I looked down at my hands, trying to come up with a truthful answer that wouldn't hurt her. "I-I feel happy..." My voice still had the shakiness it had held when I first spoke 'No' and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of it. "Time for dinner guys! Then we pack up and head out." Josh had stuck his head in the room, smiling at me with his warmth that always made me stutter worse than I already did. "Be r-right there sir." Standing up I knocked a few lose cobwebs off my pants and grabbed my few things, which I placed in my bag, and headed for the door. The whole room seemed to be alight with the aura of happiness and warmth, everyone was smiling, laughing, joking, and talking aloud. When I entered the room they all looked at me, then got up and ran over; desperate to hear what I had learned today. "W-well I guess we c-can all say I'm okay n-now..." Cheering echoed through room and they slapped me on the back before thrusting a plate of food into my hands. My stomach turned at the sight of the food and I placed the plate down before turning to walk out into the street, sitting down on an upturned bucket, staring up at the wall hidden in fog. "What's up Kiali? You didn't stay and eat with us, Conner just lost an Arm Wrestling Fight to Doc. Matthews." Josh sat down beside me, placing his jacket over my slim figure and putting a plate of food down in front of me. "Can you believe we go back seems unbelievable to be honest. How far you've come I mean, I'm use to being out here for long periods of time. Only 3 months ago you never spoke, now you talk like...well like a normal person." My eyes looked at his as he finally stammered into silence, looking up at the large wall, and I could almost see his pale cheeks turn red. For no reason as all I let out a laugh and soon Josh had joined in, and for 5 minutes we couldn't stop laughing.

     The next morning we were all up before dawn and had packed our bags, ready for the 4 hour ride back to the Wall. Doc. Matthews and her team was heading back out farther into the Titan filled lands and they left before us, wishing us good luck and hugging us tight. Once they had gone Josh looked at us, his eyes back to their normal coldness. "Saddle up, we leave in five." And he turned away, leaving us to saddle the five horses ourselves. 4 hours later we arrived at the Wall Gates, my heart beating loudly in my chest. Snap, crunch, click click click. The sounds hurt my ears and I looked up to see the gate moving up, and shouts and cheers suddenly rang out, it seemed the whole town was there waiting for us. Kicking his horse Josh sped up, racing towards the entrance, a smile lining his face and soon his friends had done the same, leaving me behind. "It's time..." I muttered, then patted my horses side and followed after them. The sight was amazing, everyone was there. Smiles on both the young ones and the older ones, kids were cheering and the women threw flowers in the walk way, the men clapping and holding up their kids for them to see. Tears filled my eyes and I smiled at a few kids who ran up to the horses, handing us gifts. Josh had received a box of Cherry Flavored Pox, Conner had been given a handful of pure white roses, Dylan a book and I had been handed a teddy bear that wore a Scouting Jacket. "Thank you." I nodded to the kids, who broke into screams and jumped up and down. At the end of the road stood the other scouts, and my heart dropped. Jacob stood along the line of the others, his eyes avoiding mine. His hair had grown out to reach his eyes and he seemed to have gotten stronger, he didn't seem to smile though. Riding up to them Josh hopped off his horse and gave a nod to us, and we followed suit. "I assume your mission was a success as you have returned?" Jack had stepped forward, looking the same as he had always done, terrifying. Josh pulled me forward and spoke. "It has, show him Kiali." Everything seemed to slow down and I could almost feel every eye on me in that moment. "J-Jack sir." I placed my hand over my heart, giving him the salute. "Reporting f-for duty sir." His eyes widened and he smiled, then looked back behind him to the other teams. "HEAD BACK TO HQ FOR THE MEETING, NOW!" Team after team rushed from his sight, even the biggest ran for HQ in fear of his anger. Looking back at Josh, Dylan, and Conner and titled my head. "A-are you going to s-stay here or leave for a n-new mission?" They all smiled, then laughed at me, Conner wheezing. "Kiali, we're a TEAM, that means where you go, we go and where we go, you go. We're staying with you from now on." They suddenly stopped laughing and looked firmly behind me, Josh's eyes narrowing. I knew who was standing there, and the thought made my heart tighten. "Kiali." His vice sent shivers down my back as I slowly turned around to stare into Jacob's bright blue eyes. "J-Jacob...." I stuttered, feeling terrified of what he might do now that I could talk. "You can talk." His voice was cold, un-liking, and made my eyes heat up. "Y-yes...I can...Josh h-helped me..." His eyes narrowed and he growled. "Of course he did, I'm sure he was a big help. Tell me, best friend, how long did it take?" I could feel Josh and the others move closer to me, ready to push Jacob away if need be. "I-it's not like that Jacob...I s-swear!" Giving a cold laugh that made the tears now fall he looked down at me. "You're swears mean as much to me as you do now Kiali, NOTHING." My heart seemed to shatter as he went on. "I spent years trying to get you to talk and the one time Josh comes along you talk! How stupid do you think I am?" His words were like knives to me and I could feel myself start to shake as I looked down, the tears hitting the ground below. "You're worse than I thought Kiali, I can't believe you. We will never be best friends again. Ever." And with that he turned his back, walking off with his team who smiled and slapped his back. "Kiali..." Josh placed his hand on my shoulder, his voice soft and sweet. Conner and Dylan were whispering behind him. "Such a dick..." "To think they were once inseparable..." I gave a weak cough and pushed Josh's hand off and turned, running far away. The boys voices followed me as they ran after, but after years of training I was finally faster than them, and they soon gave up; Josh still calling me.

But I didn't stop running...

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