Return of the Fear

Kiali was lucky enough to be born 200 years after the Titans were killed and only knows about the Titans through school, at least she thought she was. No one expected the them to return, nor did they expect them to evolve...and yet they did. Titans have returned stronger than ever and Kiali is forced to flee to the inner walls with her best friend Jacob...leaving everything they once knew behind and Living once Fear.


2. Back Inside


  "Come on Kiali, let's go." Jacob grabbed me by the waist and placed me on his back, running faster now, down the street toward my house. Home...mother...father...I shook my head, thinking about the good. They couldn't be dead, father was a fighter, he knew what to do. We halted to a stop and Jacob swore under his breath, then headed a different direction, leaving me to see what he saw. "No! NOOOOO!" Tears filled my eyes as the sight of my home crushed under a rock became clear. Blood covered the rock, and mothers upper half was visible under it. My stomach turned and I dropped my head, throwing up into the street, the street covered in blood and rocks. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was the Wall, the Wall covered in Titans. Titans crawling over it.

My eyes fluttered open and I groaned, staring into a bright light and turned over, knocking into something hard. Pain shot through me and I sat up. The first thing I noticed was that there were about 20 people in the room looking at me most of them in the same uniform as father. The second thing I noticed was that I was laying in a bed inside a beautifully decorated room, a chandelier was hanging low, the floor seemed to be made of marble, and the bed could have fit five of me. One of the men spoke, and the voice seemed familiar. "Kiali, Kiali can you hear me? Do you know who I am?" I blinked, and the action sent pain through my head but I nodded. "To which one?" I nodded again, and he sighed looking around at the others. "Well we know she can hear us but I don't think she will respond any time soon." Another man scoffed. "After what she saw? Doubt she will ever talk again, know I wouldn't." There was a smack and the man growled. "Just sayin..." Someone sat down beside me and took a deep breath. "Let's try this, if you understand me, move your left hand." There was a moment of silence before..."There ya go, she understands!" A round of cheering and applause broke out, causing my head to spin. For a split second I saw my mother, and Berth being killed, an I was screaming. All cheering broke off and then jumped to their feet, staring as I gripped my head, the scream becoming louder.

   "Someone shut her up!" "What happened?!" BANG. The door slammed open and someone ran in, someone covered in bandages and wraps. He flew to my side before placing his arms around me and pulling me to him. My screams slowly became weaker and I was soon sobbing into the persons chest, my hands still holding my head. "It's okay, you're safe, I'm  here with's okay..." The voice seemed to send warmth down my body and I nodded taking a deep breath, and sitting up again. The person was Jacob, and his eyes wide with fear, his body shaking. "Sir you need to leave while she rests, your wounds need to be tended to as well." Jacob growled, a full blown growl, and shook his head. "I'm not leaving her side, understood? I will stay here and that is not going to change." The men around looked at each other, then shrugged. "He did calm her down Hayden, let him stay." I let the men talk, zoning out of their conversation, and stared at my hands thinking. "Kiali? Did you hear a word I just said?" I looked up blinking and shook my head. Hayden smacked his hand to his head. "You are going to need to listen if you aren't going to respond, got it?" Jacob stood up, standing in front of me. "Watch how you speak to her mister, she may not be able to talk but that doesn't mean I can't and I am not afraid of you like everyone else seems to be." They stopped and looked at each other, neither daring to make the first move, and one of Hayden's friends grabbed his wrists, pulling him back. "Whatever. She is to report to training in one moth. If she isn't better by then, oh well, she will have to deal." We both looked at each other then to Hayden, obviously confused. "Training? For what may I ask?" Jacob asked, looking at him. Before Hayden shut the door he looked back, then smirked.

                                                       "For the new Recruits. You are both joining."

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