You Cant Keep That Promise

When Selene's sister makes the promise that she will always make sure she's ok.Selene knows that she cant keep that promise. But she pretends that for now everything will be fine


1. Selene


I could hear the wind chimes tinkling in the wind. And that was when I finally allowed myself to cry. I missed her such much she was always their for me.I turn to Emily and I wonder what she thinks of our mother's insanity and how she now has to stay in the asylum after swearing that me and my sister weren't human. We knew it was true but we also knew that the town couldn't know that. She takes my hands looks me in the eye and lies. She tells me that no one will find out our secret and that shell always protect me.After I'm sure she's asleep I close my eyes and feel myself transform. I fly out of my window and towards the forest to meet the other fairies. I know that its dangerous this time of season but I need to get to the tree to strength my powers. Besides at least I'm going with a group so that the muddies couldn't capture us.As I'm flying I suddenly feel a heavy weight bring me down to the ground. I hear excited chatter and I realize that the muddies have capture me.I don't know what else to do so I send out my magic to Emily and pray that maybe she could save me.But a part of me my Po Ka side says that Emily won't be able to make it in time because her magic has become weaker without our own Hana tree being with us.                    

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