Au pair (Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil Fanfiction)

I finish school and I'm completely lost and do not now what I want to do with my life. So I have decided to go to England as a au pair for a year. All I know is that I'm going to be living in London. Tomorrow I will be going and I can't contain my excitement. I have already packed my things and I'm ready. My mom is sad and happy for me, so that is going to be the hardest to say goodbye to her.

Ella is a girl on 20 who just finish school and now is going to London as a au pair for a year. She has no idea who she is spending a year with, but the surpice hits her hard. When the two youtube stars Dan Howell and Phil Lester pick her up at the au pair agency. But Dan and Phil dont have any kids so her stay is going to be a bit different to others.

This is my first English FanFiction, so be gentle on my spelling ;)
Hope it sound interesting and something that you would want to read :)
- Seline xoxo


5. Chapter 4

The time went my quickly and before I knew it, I was sitting at a restaurant with James. "So tell me about your familie" he said smiling at me. "well they are super sweet and I totally feel at home with them. They made a whole bedroom for me and yeah I'm being a part of the familie now." I said smiling at him. He smiled. "well thats good" he said. I looked down at my salat that I had not even touched yet. I looked at up at James. "What about your job" I asked smiling. "Well its just the same" He said. It was a bit weird being on this date, because all I was thinking about was Dan and the way he looked when I said I was going on this date. "Is there something wrong?" James asked. "You haven't touched your salat and you are barely talking" he said. "I'm just not feeling that well tonight i lied" Do you want me to drive you home?" he asked and took my hand. "Yes please" I said. We paid for our food and drove me home. 


"You're home early" Phil said standing in the bathroom when I came home. "Yeah I'm not feeling that well" I said faking a smile to you. "Take off your makeup and I will make you some tea" he said. I found my makeup remover and face wash and cleaned my face. "Do you want milk in your tea or do you not drink tea like that in Denmark?" Phil shouted. "milk is fine" i answered. I left the bathroom and went upstairs. The sound of a Piano hit my ear and I knew it was Dan. I walked down to his room and slowly opened the door. He was sitting and playing and didn't notes me so I sat down listen to him playing.


"Omg" he said when he turned around and looked surprised. "Sorry I thought you didn't mind me listing and I did want to disturb you." I said smiling. "Well I kind wanna be alone right now if you dont mind." he said with a weird look on his face. "Okay" i said and left his room. "Your tea is ready" Phil said. "I just need to change" I said smiling. I went to my room and sat down on my bed. My phone vibrated in my hand and I checked it. It was from Dan. "I'm sorry for being so mean, I just need some time" Time for what? why was he like this. Why was I like this. "Here is your tea" Phil said standing in the door. "are you okay, do you wanna talk about it?" he said smiling at me. "No but thank you" I said smiling at him. "Oh you received a big package today also I totally forgot" he said leaving the room. "Dan will you please help me bring the package for ella up stairs." Phil shouted downstairs. I sat down my tea and walked outside to the stair. " What is that even?" Dan asked. "I really dont know" I said. They sat down the package on my bed. "Well open it" Dan said curries. 


I opend the package and inside was my piano, my microphone, and all the ekcetment I use for my songs. "Wow" Dan said and looked at all the things. "You do music?" Phil asked. "Yeah I do but I have not put anything on the internet but I love writing songs and producing it." I said. "Let us hear" Dan said sitting on my bed. "I thought you just wanted to be alone right now?" Phil said and I nodded in agreement. "Well I have been by my self now" He said. I sat up my things and turned my computer on. I found a song called "Not that girl" and played it. "wow your really good" Phil said and Dan just looked at me. "well thank you". "Shall we take the box with us" I nodded. "There is a letter in the bottom." Phil said. "Are you coming Dan" he said giving m the letter. "No I want to listen to more song" he said laughing. "Okay" Phil said leaving the room. I opend the letter and read it. The package was from my mom. "hey darling. I was thinking of what we talked about and I don't want you to forget the music just because you moved to England so I need you to start publics those fantastic song. I believe in you and Love you. Mom" the tears started forming in my eyes. "What is wrong?" Dan looked up from his phone. "Are you okay?" He was by my side before I knew it. "Yeah, The package is from my mom" I said. sitting down on my bed. "So you are okay?" Dan asked sitting down by my side. I looked over at him smiling and nodding. "Good" He said. 


I looked down putting the letter on my bedside table. I looked over at Dan who looked at me. In that moment time stopped, and we just looked into each others eye. Some of my hair was in the front of my eyes so Dan pushed it behind my ear. I looked down and blushed. Before I knew it Dan lead forward and our lips colieded. His hand framed my face and before I knew it. His lips were gone again. He looked at me then got up and left the room. 


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